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Diet for gout


Gout, one of the today’s diseases of affluence, is associated with an unbalanced, more meat-containing diet, and alcohol consumption. Gout in addition to other diseases of the forms of rheumatism. A healthy diet can affect the course of gout positively and symptoms of this rheumatic disease even reduce.

Effect of uric acid on gout

The consequences of gout are not insignificant. Therefore, early preventive measures should be in the area of nutrition – taken. Causes of gout increased levels of uric acid are mainly. Especially food of animal origin encourage the production of uric acid in the body, what generally leads to increased uric acid levels. The elimination of uric acid via the kidney, and is inhibited by consumption of alcohol.

Excessive consumption of alcohol, beer in particular, is not generally recommended, should be avoided in gout as much as possible as part of the diet. The kidneys play a particular role in gout. So-called kidney cures, and regular Detoxification of the kidneys can positively contribute to the course and the development of gout. A regular drinking water treatment, it is a extract of the medicinal plant Solidago.

Nutrition: Healthy eating for gout

In General, the optimal diet for gout and to Prevent gout on the following factors: a Little animal products, low-fat preparation, a little sugar, fruit and vegetables daily and drink a lot. This Form of diet is generally beneficial for gout but can also help already, gout and other illnesses.

Animal products are not included in the daily diet of the gout patients. This applies especially to meat, sausage and fish. It is advisable to ensure that your diet to eat a maximum of once per day, approximately 100 grams of selected varieties of meat or fish. Complete should patients with gout should avoid the consumption of offal, especially sweetbreads.

In the case of gout food high in purines to avoid

Some varieties of fish, such as trout, sprats or herring, contain very many Purines. These produce uric acid and have a negative impact on the course of gout. This also includes the skin of the poultry as well as pork and goose meat. Other animal products such as milk, Butter, cheese, yogurt, and eggs, are in moderation is acceptable as part of the diet for gout. They do not directly affect the course of gout, but rather the weight of the body. A too high body weight can affect the course and severity of the gout.

With the exception of legumes, such as peas, beans and lentils, and cabbage, spinach, asparagus, and rhubarb all fruit and vegetables can be eaten safely, and daily. The use of yeast should be avoided as much as possible, because yeast contains a lot of Purines. As an Alternative to yeast baking powder.

Food: tips for diet for gout

They prefer the consumption of bread, especially whole-grain bread, while eating nuts, almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts are advisable. If fish are on the menu, plaice, sole and cod. A craving for meat is Wild can be the best choice of diet for gout. And in the case of cereals and carbohydrates of wheat flour, rye, semolina, rice, and noodles for victims of gout, you want to pay attention to your diet.

There is food, which is said to be able to even against gout. These include food, strawberries, carrots, tomatoes, celery, plums, Cranberries, and onions. As juice, dessert or salad to at least one of these ingredients can be optimally integrated in the daily food plan. The juice from Cranberries has a positive effect on the body and especially the urinary tract. The best of 100% is juice, nut juice, called, from the reform house.

You drink every day at least two to three liters of water or herbal tea. A detoxifying effect on the kidneys, drinking the uric acid flushed from the body and also improves General well-being. Therefore make sure as a Affected of gout on a healthy diet and gout proper food.

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