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Diet for pregnancy diabetes


Pregnancy diabetes, gestational diabetes, is how it says the name already, Diabetes that occurs only in pregnancy. He usually disappears with the birth of the child. Nevertheless, it must be taken into account and can be managed by conscious and healthy diet. Often a change of diet is even sufficient to fix Diabetes during pregnancy.

Gestational diabetes prevention

For every expectant mother and, above all, every child a healthy balanced diet is the basic requirement. Obesity and an unhealthy unbalanced diet are the most common causes for gestational diabetes. Therefore, these factors should be excluded, if possible, in advance. As movement, sporting activities, and the healthy, well-balanced and tailored diet play the crucial role.

In pregnancy sporting activities are sometimes only possible to a limited extent. A walk in the fresh air of at least one hour per day makes for a good healthy feeling for both mother and child. You are best to start even before the pregnancy with the healthy conversion of your diet and you to prevent in time of gestational diabetes.

The with each pregnancy-associated “eat for two” is simply wrong. In the first half of Pregnancy the energy requirements are not increased, in the second pregnancy half only 100-300 kcal. Therefore, you may hear to the signals of your body and the feeling of satiety during the meal. As soon as the pregnancy is diagnosed with diabetes, you should also be in Terms of food individually and on your blood glucose levels tailored advice.

Healthy eating for Diabetes in pregnancy

The renunciation of sugar is a well-known criterion for Diabetes. Meanwhile, there are numerous products and foods in the supermarket that are “suitable for diabetics”. But be careful, sugar will be replaced in these products with sugar substitutes, such as Fructose,, the share of calories and fat, however, is increased. The better and healthy Alternative, have fruit, with the exception of wine grapes and over-ripe, sweet fruits and vegetables or whole grain products.

Avoid with pregnancy diabetes (gestational diabetes), in principle, any type of sugar, such as sweets, chocolate, grapes, sugar or sugar-containing drinks. You are sweet, if anything, with artificial sweetener.

The right nutrients during pregnancy diabetes

To be of calcium intake, are in need of both mother and child, the milk and milk products in moderation and preferably low-fat products.

Fiber-rich foods, such as whole grain bread, have many advantages. They are digested more slowly, ensuring a long-lasting feeling of satiety and cause a delayed rise in blood sugar levels. In addition, you can avoid in pregnancy typical blockages.

Tips on how to Drink

Drinking is important, but also applies here: No sugar, alcohol, caffeine or calorie rich drinks. Various teas and fruit juices in addition to water for a healthy variety. Animal fats should be polyunsaturated fats of vegetable origin are largely replaced.

Diet for gestational diabetes soon

  • You listen to the signals of the body
  • You can only eat so much until you are sick and tired of
  • Daily fresh fruit and vegetables to eat
  • They drink daily at least 2 liters of water, tea or fruit juice spritzers
  • You prefer whole-grain products, which contain valuable vitamins, minerals and fiber
  • Herbs bring flavour variety in the diet
  • Replace animal fats and meat only sparingly