Diet trends 2016

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Diet trends 2016

2016 brings – as each new year of new Trends. We have made for you in the area of nutrition smart, and some Trends for the new year, snapped: you Know, like Bulgur tastes like? Or have you ever tried Jalapenos? In addition, in 2016, even Asian noodle dishes, as well as the Japanese rice wine Sake are an absolute Must. We have compiled for you seven of the hottest diet trends of the new year – have fun trying it out!


Jalapenos are small green peppers, the taste due to their high Capsaicin content is relatively sharp. On the for the sharpness determination used in the Scoville scale the peppers bring it to 2500 to 8000 units. For comparison: A hot Pepper is to be classified in an average of 100 to 500 units.

Especially in the Trend is the smoked version of the Jalapeno is in 2016 – even as Chipotle. Chipotle have a smoky-spicy Aroma, which, in particular, gives Mexican dishes a special Aroma. In the trade you can be either or as a powder purchased inserted. Chipotle is particularly suitable as a spicy seasoning for sauces and stews. However, they unfold their full Aroma only after prolonged cooking.