Diet trends for 2015

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Diet trends for 2015

2015 is here and brings with it – as every new year – new Trends. We have made for you in the area of nutrition smart, and some Trends for the new year, snapped: you Know what Arancini are? Or have you fed once in a Nordic Restaurant? We have compiled for you seven of the hottest food trends for 2015.


Arancini are one of the culinary Trends of 2015. The deep-fried rice balls originate from the Sicilian cuisine and surprise you with the variety of fillings: most popular fillings with meat. But also vegetarians come at their expense. Because vegetables such as eggplant, mushrooms, peas, tomatoes or onions is also commonly used to Fill the Arancini. In Rome, Arancini, however, have often only cheese.

Recipe for Arancini: Husked round-grain rice al dente cooking, and then with a bit of Butter, Egg and Parmesan mix. For the filling, meat, bacon, onions, tomatoes and peas finely chop and stew until a thick porridge forms. Depending on your taste, can be used for the filling of the balls and also other ingredients. Then the cooled rice to the filling and wrap into small balls shapes. The balls then breading and deep-frying. Good Appetite!