Diseases due to poor diet

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Diseases due to poor diet

Our health is significantly influenced by the way we live. A health-conscious life style, physical activity and healthy eating have a positive effect on our health and help to avoid diseases.

Diseases due to poor diet

Scientists assume that more than 70% of all diseases in the Western industrialised countries, nutritional and life-style induced. In particular, malnutrition, lack of exercise and Obesity play a large role. But also the nicotine consumption and alcohol consumption contribute to this. For a number of diseases related to life style and diet is demonstrated, for example, for cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes mellitus, and cancer.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in Germany. In the last year, more than 43% of the deaths were due to cases. It has long been known that at least half of all cardiovascular disease were diseases and deaths alone, the best possible life style changes to avoid. The most dangerous are Smoking, according to the study, cigarettes and an unfavorable ratio of certain fats in the blood. With adequate exercise, a healthy diet and Not Smoking, the Affected extra life could win years. Alone, Smoking shortens life with each cigarette by about 30 minutes.

The worrying thing is, that already in children and adolescents with numerous risk factors, especially Obesity and lack of exercise. Early on, thus created the Basis for a subsequent heart attack. However, changes of lifestyle are not even in the case of heart attack patients very popular. In one study, a group of researchers from Dresden, surveyed almost 800 patients 6 and 12 months after a surviving a second heart attack to the habits of life and of tablet-taking. Although the majority of the patients were very conscientious in terms of taking medication, but when the subject of movement and change in Diet, the outcome was less positive.

Diabetes mellitus (sugar diabetes)

About 6 million Germans suffer from type 2 Diabetes mellitus and a year, the Rate increases to 5%. He is one of the most common and most expensive chronic diseases. In addition to the genetic predisposition and the age of Obesity, hypertension and lipid disorders are considered to be the most important risk factors for the development of diabetes. Unlike in type 1 Diabetes with absolute insulin deficiency, the pancreas produces type 2 Diabetes at the beginning of the disease, very large amounts of Insulin. This, however, is not recognized by the body’s cells properly, there is a reduced insulin sensitivity or insulin resistance.

Normally, the Insulin helps in glucose uptake in the cell. Insulin resistance is a rise in level of sugar (glucose) in the blood associated with elevated blood sugar levels. The insulin resistance of the body cells is promoted by Obesity, poor diet and lack of exercise. In the case of type 2 diabetics a change of Diet, reducing Obesity and regular exercise, therefore, the treatment in the first place.


Cancer is the second most common cause of death in Germany are suffering. In 2007, succumbed to about a quarter of all who Died of cancer. In the case of men, to outweigh cancers of the digestive and the respiratory organs. In women, tumors of the digestive organs and of the breast dominate. In the case of cancer, the connection between the life style and the disease development is not quite so clear. A study by the WHO (World Health organization) that are due in the Western countries, around 30 percent of all cancer cases to incorrect diet and lack of exercise.

In Germany the most common types of cancer, colorectal cancer and breast cancer, there seems to be a connection. If you are Overweight, lack of exercise and low consumption of fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk for these cancers is on the rise. Experts believe that, for example, the risk for colorectal cancer with a healthy lifestyle and diet by about one-half would reduce. Other types of tumour, such as leukaemia, lymphomas and brain tumors develop likely, regardless of the life style.

Life style have a positive influence on

With a health-conscious lifestyle, many diseases can be avoided. But also in the case of already existing diseases a life-style change can make a big difference. On the following pages, we give tips on how they affect your life style positively and make a contribution for many years of healthy life can afford.

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