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The “Granuloma inguinal” (GI) is a world-wide, in certain areas, occurring in venereal disease, which is associated with extensive ulcers of mutilation. It is caused by humans occurring bacteria and is curable with antibiotics.

Of microbes and human

Long the pathogen wore the ineffable name Calymmatobacterium granulomatis. After the detection methods have become more sophisticated, it was discovered his kinship with the Klebsiella a bacteria genus of the species Klebsiella pneumoniae normally lives peacefully in the human gastro-intestinal tract, and only in immunocompromised infections of the urinary and respiratory tract. He was allowed to join the Clan as a violent member of the “Klebsiella granulomatis”. The pathogens to be worn by contact with the ulcers, particularly in the case of unprotected Vaginal and anal sex, and more rarely by fingers or from mother to child during birth.

Conditions are affected mainly people from socially disadvantaged environments and poor hygiene. So new Guinea are in Australia and Papua-rather the native Americans, in the USA, more Black and in India are infected, more Hindus than Muslims. Which sex predominates, varies according to the study, most of the experts from a uniform distribution. The highest disease rate-Year 20 – to 40 -.

As the disease progresses if untreated, is usually more Affected, for example out of shame, or cost reasons, rarely late medical care, are often observe distinct courses of the disease. Donovanosis and HIV-infections occur frequently together and increase each other, the risk of infection.

Hard facts and dark digits

The GI comes on a regular basis in the

  • Caribbean, South India,
  • southern Africa,
  • Papua-New Guinea, Southeast Asia,
  • Australia and Brazil before.

In Australia, it was made a few years ago the attempt of the disease, which was until then in up to 10% of the native inhabitants, to eradicate. Even if this is not managed completely, the numbers of illness through education, prevention and early treatment. In other countries, the GI occurs only sporadically – so be registered in the U.S. annually and less than 100 cases, probably, for the most part travel Souvenirs. For Germany there are no Numbers.

Symptoms and course

Also in the inguinal Granuloma, as with many other sexually transmitted diseases, “Nomen est omen”: In the groin (inguinal) inflammatory related node type Gewebsneubildungen (granulomas). Because of this character, however, is not specific, not only in the bar, and only an estimated 10-15 % of those Affected is available, is preferred today, the name Donovanosis. This derives from the Donovan bodies (named after a local doctor), a collection of the pathogen in certain immune cells.

By the way: Since the Donovanosis also known as Granuloma venerum, there is a likelihood of confusion with the Lymphogranuloma venereum , another sexually transmitted disease! About 10-40 days after infection, small, blue-red, painless ulcers at the contact point – usually the base of the penis, labia or anal region. Later, they break up and but liquid.

The infection remains untreated, it spreads and destroys the tissue. Bacterial infections of chronic skin changes (“super-infection”) can lead to an unbearable smell. The ulcers can be huge, lead to lymphatic congestion and connective tissue hardening and the genitals literally “eaten away”. In about 0.25 % of patients with a cancer develops at the appropriate place. The infection can spread, rarely, also in the body and lead to, e.g., a bone infection, or life-threatening blood poisoning.

Detection and therapy

The symptoms are visible for more experienced Doctors in the affected regions quite well. The laboratory diagnosis is made by microscopic detection of the pathogen in a smear or a tissue sample. The treatment is done with antibiotics at least until complete healing, depending on the type of the antibiotic over 3-12 weeks. Sex partners with contact within the last 40 days before the onset of symptoms should be investigated and, if necessary, also be treated.

Up to complete healing should be dispensed with in intercourse. Despite adequate treatment, it can cause up to 18 months later, a relapse. Minor changes to the skin will completely heal, greater left scars.

To the point

  • The Donovanosis is a certain regions occurring venereal disease.
  • The infection occurs through contact with the ulcers.
  • The first signs are small, painless ulcers.
  • A complete cure by means of antibiotics, without treatment, it can come to severe mutilation.
  • The sexual partner should also be treated.