Down with the cancer – ran to the Ballast!

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Down with the cancer – ran to the Ballast!

Dietary fiber reduce the risk of colon cancer. This interpretation, according to the society for nutritional medicine and dietetics, two current long time studies. The population in Germany, however, belongs rather to the “fiber-rings”, and can therefore benefit the most from this protection.

In the context of the European prospective investigation into cancer and nutrition (EPIC) study, researchers recorded the eating habits of 519.978 persons under the magnifying glass. They found that people can lower with a low fiber intake, their risk of bowel cancer by 40 per cent, if you double the fibre content of your food. It does not matter what food the dietary fiber.

The race: cereal, cereal and fruit

In a study of dietary fiber intake from 33.971 people, another team of researchers was able to show that the subjects with the highest dietary fibre content a 27 percent lower risk of colon cancer than people with the lowest fiber intake. This connection was most pronounced for fiber from grains, cereals and fruits.


The German nutrition society (DGE) e. V. is recommended as a guideline for dietary fiber intake of adults a lot of a day for at least 30 grams. In reality, this recommendation is not implemented yet, however. The daily fiber intake of people in Germany is only around 20 grams and increase, therefore, is capable of.

Dietary fiber not only have a positive effect on the risk of cancer. Due to its large volume, you can promote the saturation and provide the body with hardly any usable energy. Therefore, fiber is an effective weapon in the fight against steadily increasing weight of the people in Germany. Also saturation of the products on alginate or cellulose base are for this purpose available. A certain kind of ballast, a further positive effect of substances in addition. Water soluble fiber, contained a particularly high percentage in psyllium-seed husks, can reduce the level of cholesterol, particularly the concentration of LDL-cholesterol. Elevated cholesterol is a risk factor for the development of vascular calcification, which can lead to heart attack or stroke.

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