Dumbbell workouts: The 10 best Exercises

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Dumbbell workouts: The 10 best Exercises

With this dumbbell workout targeted to your body! Through the Exercises with the Weights, the arms can be moved in the first place, especially biceps and triceps will strengthen. But also other parts of the body such as the shoulders, the back, the chest and the abdominal muscles can benefit. We have compiled for you the ten best dumbbell Exercises!

Important tips for weight training

Make sure when Exercising that you choose no to heavy Weights. For women dumbbells between one and three are, for men between the ages of three and seven kilograms suitable. Perform each Exercise 15-30 times. You have completed all the Exercises, you can have a second and a third round to follow. Insert between Exercises take a break of 30-60 seconds between rounds, a Pause of five minutes.



Take in each Hand a dumbbell and your arms next to the body hang down. The palms point to the front. Now bend the forearm, and bringing the barbell to the shoulders. Then lower the arms slowly. With this dumbbell Exercise to train your biceps.

Alternative: you can perform the Exercise with a barbell. Start with the right Arm and then switch the page.