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Eat healthy at Christmas


As soon as Advent begins and the Christmas market opens its doors, luring us everywhere, sweet Treats: cookies, candied almonds, Christstollen, and dominoes, there is now at every corner to buy. At the holidays, even a delicious Christmas menu for us. Good food belongs to Christmas. For many days, however, the rude awakening is coming to the party, because the balance shows then, not infrequently, a few Kilos too much.

Christmas – time food

Around 370 grams, we take between Christmas and new year. Pounds, with which we often have to fight until the spring – or even longer – to.

We tend to eat at Christmas, it is no wonder. For a classic Christmas dinner with a Starter, a main course and a Dessert, it brings including drinks is around 1,500 calories. But with a few Tricks, not only at Christmas dinner a few calorie saving, but also typical of the Calories are in the run-up to Christmas.

Tips for a healthy Christmas dinner

Try it this Christmas with a slightly different Christmas dinner: Instead of a fat goose, there is a delicious roast Turkey or oven cooked fish. Particularly suitable are water cold fish such as trout, salmon, pike-perch, or mackerel. Who does not want to give the traditional roast Goose, you should get rid of the goose before the skin, because it contains the most fat.

Before the Christmas dinner is served, it is to serve a low-calorie soup or a salad. As a result, the first Hunger is satisfied and the stomach is already a little stuffed from the main dish is then eaten, usually a little less. Similarly, a glass can have water before meals the first cravings disappear.

A few calories in Christmas meal by sauces and side dishes save. You use instead of oily French fries or croquettes prefer light side dishes such as rice. Similarly, one can use instead of calorie-rich cream sauces better on healthier options.

Also the dessert of the Christmas for more calorie traps avoid: avoid fat-rich desserts such as Mousse au Chocolat and serve instead prefer a healthy fruit salad or a delicious fruit quark.

Tip: The feeling of satiety sets in 15 to 20 minutes after the start of the meal. Let your time when food that might make you even a little break between each course. To avoid that you need to eat more than your body.

Calories Case Of Mulled Wine

At the Christmas hot mulled wine lured us in cold temperatures in many different flavors. Quickly three or four cups are drunk – but be careful: A Cup of mulled wine contains about 200 calories. You drink instead of a second Cup of mulled wine so prefer a hot fruit tea or a hot orange juice.

Almost as popular as a Cup of mulled wine, a digestive liquor is to the a lot of greasy food at Christmas. But also those calories you can save: instead of the schnapps to drink prefer to have a digestive walk in the fresh air.

When baking cookies calories save

Cookies belong to the advent and Christmas season, but most of the cookies are mostly Butter and sugar. But with a few Tricks, you can also save the cookie baking easy calories.

Use for baking whole-grain flour instead of wheat flour. Because whole wheat flour contains more vitamins and fiber, which promote in turn the digestion. It is not recommended in the recipe, baking with whole-grain flour explicitly, you can replace the half of the ‘normal’ flour with whole wheat flour. Especially cookies with oatmeal or dried fruit are also recommended, as these contain a lot of fiber.

In addition, you can reduce the amount of Sugar specified in the recipe, a little – mostly the cookies are still sweet enough. In addition, you should not decorate the baked cookies with chocolate or a sugar glaze – so calories are easy to save. Who doesn’t want to miss out on the chocolate, you should not decorate the entire cookie with chocolate, but the cookies in the chocolate dipping.

Tip: bake smaller cookies so you can have more cookies to eat, but without more calories.

Movement after the Christmas dinner

If you move over the Christmas holidays after eating regularly, you can avoid the annoying extra pounds easily. This is because the increased energy turnover in the Sport, the additional calories will be burned easily. Take a walk with your family or go with your children for ice-skating or sledding.

Also in the case of a snow ball fight in the garden or in the common snowman, the pounds begin to melt. In addition, the feeling of fullness that you feel after a hearty Christmas dinner usually disappears through a bit of movement in the fresh air.

Tips for a healthy Christmas

Everything is allowed – but only in moderation! If you stay true to this Motto, you have to do without at Christmas time on nothing, but nevertheless, fit and healthy through the holidays. Here are a few final tips and Tricks that allow you to enjoy the food before and at Christmas, but without too many calories.

  • Fall back to the Christmas Snacking instead of cookies & co. often on fruit: Enjoy lychees, persimmons, Kiwis, oranges, Mandarin oranges, or baked apples. Also dried Apple rings or apricots are suitable for Snacking better than Sweet.
  • Some fruit makes, in addition to the many sweet Treats on the colorful plate well, a couple of Mandarin-, orange -, or Apple pieces should not be missing here. Also a few nuts are recommended for the colorful dishes, because nuts have valuable ingredients. However, since a real calorie bombs, you enjoy nuts in moderation.
  • Drink at least two litres a day, preferably water or unsweetened teas. Sufficient fluid stimulates the metabolism and curbs the appetite.
  • Use in chocolate or chocolate glazes on dark chocolate. You can act due to the high cocoa content lowers blood pressure and anti oxidant.
  • Who does not want to give up sweet Treats at Christmas, instead of greasy Butter shortbread cookies on a calorie-reduced versions such as the stomach, bread, pepper nuts, or anise cookies.

Tip: Prohibit also calorie bombs such as roasted almonds, butter shortbread biscuits, or dominoes to Christmas. Enjoy the Treats, but slowly and in moderation.

Calorie content of typical Christmas specialities

Christmas specialty Calories
Shortbread Cookies (1 Piece) 53
Macaroons (1 Piece) 68
Vanilla Crescents (1 Piece) 35
Biscuits (1 Piece) 49
Pepper Nut (1 Piece) 25
Studs (100 Grams) 400
Walnut (1 Piece) 72
Domino Stone (1 Piece) 55
Marzipan (15 Grams) 69
Baked Apple (200 Grams) 204
Mulled Wine (200 Milliliters) 210

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