Eat healthy – it can be so easy!

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Eat healthy – it can be so easy!


Two liters of water, seven slices of whole grain bread and five times a day fruits and vegetables. Sounds hard, but with little Tricks you can feed optimally. What recommend us nutrition experts, is almost the ideal state, in order to keep disease risks as small as possible: five times, vegetables and fruit, 35 grams of fiber, two liters of fluid. To create hardly. Is not so bad. Even if you stay under the bar, you can do a lot for the health. What does this mean for our daily meal plan? Here are the five most well-known diet rules are:

Five servings of fruits and vegetables

In the process, 600 to 700 grams of empfiehlen. If the will is not always done: 200 grams of fruit and vegetables daily, such as a peach, and a small salad of tomatoes, lower the cardiac risk by 60 percent.

2 x per week fish

Fish contains a lot of Iodine, which we need for the thyroid gland. And the Omega-3 fatty acids in fish are good for the arteries. However, not even in Northern Germany, so a lot of fish is eaten. It is important that women take on more unsaturated fatty acids and saturated reduce. Who saves only five percent of the daily calories in saturated fatty acids and unsaturated replaces, reduces heart risk by 30 percent. That is to say: a good tablespoon of vegetable oil (e.g., olive, sunflower, safflower oil) and more and 20 grams of Butter or butter lard less. And the Iodine? Best of iodized salt use.

Several times a day of grain products

Whole grain bread, pasta and rice, provide in addition to fruit and vegetables in the 30 to 35 grams of fiber in our bowel cancer risk reduced by up to 40 percent. But every day, seven slices of bread or a Kilo of eating Apples? Doesn’t have to be, every grams more the Situation improved. Tip: For a change of pace – while watching TV, just time instead of a half bar of milk chocolate (zero fiber) of 50 grams of dry fruits (5 grams of fiber)nibble.

1.5 to 2 litres of water a day

If a couple of times drinking in the week, a Liter is not bad enough to make everything work in the body properly. However, With aging the body’s ability to store water. And if we move more (which we should), and then more sweating, we simply need more. Best you get used to the big glass of water before eating. And variety of work makes the Drink easier: Apple juice, fruit tea, mineral water with a dash of lemon juice or other flavors.

300 to 600 grams of meat and sausage per week

Women are now allowed to truly relax! They eat on average about 700 grams in the week. That is to say: Many of them are already on line. For the other, and the men (about 1000 grams per week): 100 grams more than the “allowed” amounts, increase the risk for heart disease by 150 per cent. Therefore, preferably low-fat food. Week, for example, three small Steaks/cutlets, and three times the lean cold cuts (Turkey breast, jellied meat, ham). Or twice, a thick Steak and the other days vegetarian – man is in the green area.

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