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Eat in the workplace canteen-test

The performance of a canteen is to be evaluated from the table guest, first of all, the food it produces. But the person has to reach the goal of a full-fledged diet, to do some tasks. It is his task, for his own dining plan, design, select sensibly from the selection menus or to the individual components (not meat every day, at least once per week and fish, plenty of vegetables and fresh salads). It can also be in the best canteen “wrong” to eat, if every day is the same and always too much to eat.

A slight body of work explored (e.g., office workers, car drivers, assistants) is a professional should daily be between a Starter or a dessert as a complement to the main dish chosen. If you want to pull the canteen of their own a first quality test, they should ask themselves the following questions. One of these questions can be answered with Yes, there are ways to improve the offer.

The “Canteen Quick Test”

  • There are several dishes/menus and dining components to the selection?
  • Are also offered meatless dishes?
  • There are regular Pell or foil potatoes?
  • Will alternate between potatoes, rice and pasta?
  • Are offered daily vegetables and fresh salad?
  • There is at least once per week fish?
  • Offers of your canteen, fresh fruit, and milk and milk products?
  • There is a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks (e.g. mineral water, fruit juices and spritzers)?
  • Are abundantly used herbs (preferably fresh) in the preparation of food?
  • In principle, iodized salt (but sparingly!) used?
  • Be made on the menu with nutritional information? (During working hours ingested lunch should not exceed 1000 kcal).
  • The opportunity to learn about the additives used in each component?

In the preparation of the meal plans it does not matter that every day all of the required nutrients are available in sufficient quantities. Of nutrient deficit or Surplus a day can be easily be replaced within a larger time period (e.g., 4-week meal plan). It is also important that the table be able to tell guests the kitchen staff, what did you like particularly well or not so well. Each canteen should be a letter or an e-Mail address, you are in contact with the table guests. So good suggestions to reach your goal. For larger problems, the table should turn guests to your operation or staff Council. The Department of community Board of the German society for nutrition offers a neutral, on special problems of the community catering, in-depth advice. It is carried out by experts consultants of the company.

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