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Ectopic pregnancy – causes and symptoms

How is it an ectopic pregnancy?

Numerous pre-existing conditions and other factors increase the risk of GC. The inflammation of the ovaries and fallopian tubes (Adnexitis), for example, by sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, hairs may cause damage to the delicate flicker (which comes in the fallopian tube the Egg will “drive“) or for the bonding of the fallopian tubes. As a result, the Egg in the folds of the “catch can“ or remains – by a narrowing – in.

Sometimes the fallopian tubes are too long, have a congenital malformation, or your muscles do not work properly, so that the fertilised Egg also has difficulty to reach in time the uterus. Also, previous miscarriage, abortion, or surgery on the uterus or in the abdominal cavity make it difficult by adhesions, migration of the ovum.

It was also discussed that possibly the Egg itself has a Regulatory problem, and so is particularly slow, or Vice versa very quickly wanders, and not in the uterus, but from the other fallopian tube to be explored.

In addition, hormone disorders, or treatments as well as an intrauterine device (“spiral“) is a possible cause for pregnancies outside of the uterus. In addition, Smoking, frequent use of Vaginal douching, early sexual intercourse, and frequently changing sexual partners is suspected to increase the risk for GC.

Has already passed once an ectopic pregnancy, increases the risk for recurrence of ectopic pregnancy on 10-15%!

By the way, it can also be called a heterotopic pregnancy, at the same time, a normal and an extra-uterine pregnancy. The risk here is that the latter is not recognized and therefore complications is particularly high. The frequency is quite low, has increased in the last few years in the train of the reproductive medicine as an aid in infertility.

What are the symptoms of the disease?

Many ectopic pregnancies go early and the fruit will be unnoticed repelled. In other cases, the Embryo dies after about 2 weeks, and is then repelled, mostly in the free abdominal cavity (Tubarabort, 90%) and absorbed there, or the growing of fruit, a Tear of the fallopian tube (tube rupture, 10%) with life-threatening internal bleeding. Even if the Egg and other places has settled in, anything can occur from the drive leaving up to dangerous bleeding.

A Discharge of the pregnancy in the unrecognized cases, it is possible, but very rare. Characters that are to ectopic pregnancy notes (in the case of known or as yet unrecognized pregnancy),:

  • Possibly. Spotting, rare stronger bleeding from the vagina (usually after the period has first of all exposed to).
  • Rather one-sided, usually increasing the lower body the spasm of pain, or labor-like (in the case of Tubarabort) or sudden occurring pain similar to the feeling that something would tear (in the case of tube rupture).
  • Sudden abdominal pain, touch-sensitive and hard abdomen, Nausea, feeling of weakness, pulse, grass, severely impaired General condition and other symptoms indicating an acute Abdomen, as a sign that there has been a hemorrhage in the abdominal cavity (e.g. tube rupture). This may also lead to Irritation of the diaphragm, and thus shoulder pain.

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