Erectile dysfunction: diagnosis and Prevention

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Erectile dysfunction: diagnosis and Prevention

Erectile dysfunction: tests and diagnosis

To get to the causes of a erectile dysfunction on the track, extensive studies will be necessary. To do this, the person Concerned must not only overcome the fear of the first visit to the doctor, but be prepared that the doctor will ask a series of very personal questions, life, sexual, partnership, professional life and leisure time activities. An experienced doctor will in addition include the particular life partner in the consultation and treatment.

During the investigation, in practice, Penis and testes will be sampled, the blood pressure is measured and blood and urine tests. With a provision of the hormonal status can be clarified, whether hormonal Changes are the cause of the erectile dysfunction.

Tests and measurements to determine the cause

In healthy men, sleep stages occur in Deep involuntary erections. This can be determined with the aid of the respective partner or with the measuring devices demonstrated (tumescence measurement). These are in sufficient strength is available, one can assume that no physical disorder is present.

Search is on to organic causes, then ultrasound can be examinations of the blood vessels of the Penis at rest and after injection of an erection-promoting drug (cavernous injection test SKIT). However, this Test can fail as a result of nicotine enjoyment or Stress at study, false negative.

In diabetic patients, electrical stimuli are used to determine whether nerve damage is the cause of the fault. In addition, there are – depending on the question – some special Tests.

Erection problems – partners should support treatment

Often erection problems are compounded by the fact that the topic is not addressed. Thus, the partnership is charged and the pressure is increased. An open conversation with the Partner, and its involvement in the treatment are the best way to successfully resolve the fault.

The treating physician, usually a urologist, will include the respective Partner or the Partner in the diagnosis and therapy. Addresses of self-help groups and sexual disorders specialist therapists you can get here.

Precaution: potency disorders prevention

Thus, erectile dysfunction after possibility does not arise in the first place, it should be recognized risk factors such as alcohol, Smoking, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis or Diabetes in a timely manner and treated. Therefore, it is useful, the appropriate precautions for the events and to maintain a healthy diet and physical exercise.

The same applies to Stress in all areas of life: younger men are Affected with erectile dysfunction, in which Stress and mental disorders are in the foreground. Although there is no targeted prevention measure against erectile dysfunction, but a healthy lifestyle reduces the risk.

The majority of Affected individuals have mild problems and, thus, sexual resources, you can make good use for the treatment. Only less than a third of the potency of disturbed men the ability to have an erection is almost completely abolished.

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