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Erectile Dysfunction – Preventing

Often the impression is made that in the case of erectile dysfunction or impotence are bound to the Affected is already in the run-up to the hands. Nevertheless, there are measures to Prevent it, not even with impotence fight. Because men are not able to do a lot to prevent erectile dysfunction arising in the first place: to abandon a Balanced diet and Reach a normal weight, alcohol in moderation, Smoking and regular exercise are the cornerstones. To do this, attention should be paid to a balanced life-changing, exhausting, stressful times and phases of the Regeneration are in balance. Such a healthy lifestyle reduces the risk for impotence, because at the same time other risk factors such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, and sugar disease is prevented.

Measures to Prevent and Treat

Such diseases are already in place, do not need to be treated adequately the problems of impotence arising in the first place, or from a light erectile dysfunction not full-blown erectile dysfunction. In addition, you should also go to the dangers that may arise in sex shops acquired AIDS or bought on the Internet potency pills. Therapy of impotence with prescription medications should be medically monitored; the risk that these counterfeit, adulterated, or – at best – ineffective, there is in case of other acquired funds. Liability claims for adverse reactions no. It is helpful to discuss in any case, not only with the doctor, but also with the sexual partner the problems. The alone relaxation and an improvement in the symptoms of impotence often creates.

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