Eroticism of the woman – Lust is a tramp

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Eroticism of the woman – Lust is a tramp

The nature has gifted “the fair sex”: The woman not only has a G-spot, but also a K-point, and even a U-point. From head to toe, the female body is an erogenous Zone and able to experience three forms of climaxes: vaginal, clitoral, or – “two in one” – both of them together! Multiple Orgasms? Are also possible! Speaking of which, the clitoris is a small version of the male Penis, as high-erogenous and ejaculation! Did you know?

Female sexuality leaves many issues open

Unfortunately, only the men of the world do not know rather little about the “unknown creature: woman.” The women themselves are often a mystery when it comes to the secret of their sexuality. About love, Lust, and sexual dysfunction is a lot of research has been done. However, the scientific focus was on the man. The female desire for medicine and research new territory. It is only Recently that science focuses on the phenomenon of “wife” and notes: When it comes to female sexuality, must be re-researched.

To complex for Sex?

The eroticism of the woman is equal to a black – box system is not very easy to see through, and a challenge for medicine. The highly complex System is based on a finely tuned Interaction of different factors that make it susceptible to influences from the outside as the inside. Whether professional or private Stress, personal mood, feelings toward a Situation or the emotional attitude to Sex at all – these are just a few examples, the need to harmonize this “sensory System” to “Mrs” and also can.

To the point, “women are in their rich ability to Experience is comparatively sensitive and easy to self-distract,“ says Dr. Anja Harms, specialist for psychiatry and psychotherapy at the University hospital Freiburg. Consider alone the sensitive excitation or plateau phase, which is for many women a kind of high-wire act, and the natural requirement to get to the climax – “man” it is so much easier.

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