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Exercises with the Pezziball

Due to prolonged Sitting in the office and little movement, more and more people who suffer from pain today in my back, neck, or shoulders. Through regular Training with the Pezziball such complaints can be prevented. In addition, the Training with the Pezziball is also suitable for those who seek a comprehensive strengthening of your body.

The Pezziball is a versatile training tool. It is especially suitable for strengthening the back muscles. Because of its malleable shape can adapt to the Pezziball perfectly to the back. In addition, can be trained with the Pezziball, for example, but also the abdominal muscles, the gluteal muscles, as well as the Arm and leg muscles.


You lay in the prone position on the Pezziball and support yourself with your arms in front of the Ball. The feet are placed on the ground, only the tips of the toes should touch the ground. Keep your eyes on the floor so that the spine remains straight.

Tighten your body, especially the abdominal and gluteal muscles. Lift the left Arm and the right leg from the floor and stretch both of you. Leg and Arm should form a line with the Rest of the body. Hold this Position for a few seconds. Lower the arms and leg and repeat the Exercise on the other side. Overall, you should perform this Exercise on each side five times.

To be able to balance on the Pezziball better hold, you can perform the Exercise with one Arm or leg. If you are lifting for example the right Arm, both legs on the floor.

Through this Exercise with the Pezziball the following muscle groups to be trained:

  • Back muscles
  • Gluteal muscles