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Fall avoid accidents

Tripping, slip and fall accidents occur when walking and Running. The consequences of these accidents are often much more serious than is generally assumed. Often floors, stairs, ladders, steps and platforms are the trigger of the accident. But, different floor textures, the effects of the weather or the bumps can pose hazards.

What are the accident statistics?

Day-to-day plunge in Germany, 1,000 people during working hours. Annually, nearly 5,000 Affected hurt yourself so hard that you get due to continuous health problems a professional Association pension. Approximately 330 million euros per year for the professional associations to contact for the elimination of the consequences of an accident, the economy alone, due to Failure hourly cost in the billions.

Tips to avoid slip and fall accidents:

  • The spilled water to MOP up.
  • Food and sauce leftovers instantly and thoroughly remove.
  • In the case of grease contamination, make sure that the cleaning fluid (water and detergent) is hot enough to remove the grease. The temperature of the cleaning liquid must be above the melting point of the Fat. In the case of grease with vegetable fat to a temperature of 40 °C is sufficient, in the case of animal fats, the liquid temperature should be 50 °C.
  • Not too much cleaning agent to use. The dosing information of the manufacturer. Residues of the product remain on the floor, make it smooth. Especially if the soil is moist.
  • Are care products with anti-slip additives used, the correct dosage is very important. Slip-resistant care product will lose moisture and their effect.
  • On the ground, the dried protein stains more stubborn than fat. To remove sure, there is a Trick: First soak and after a few minutes wipe it away. The cleaning water should be less than 40 °C hot. At higher temperatures, flocculating and swells the protein.

Causes of accidents: Small occasion, big impact

The occasions for often serious accidents are mostly small. A Truck driver jumps out of the cab, the sales boss trips over a lying doormat in the office hallway, the mechanic slips on an Oil spill in the workshop, the old nurse rushes in the semi-darkness of the Park house a level.

Every day tripping, slipping, or more than a thousand German workers to plunge so hard that you can’t work for at least three days. What is the health damage to the quality of life of the Affected means, is another matter. Who is injured during working hours or on the way to work, at least has the advantage of being on his professional and trade Association accident insurance.

There are places where such accidents occur more frequently on construction sites, for example. But anyone who imagines himself in his office safe, be warned: fall accidents across all industries a major focus in the accident statistics. You look at not only the work world, but also home and leisure, plunge a year of 7,000 German in the death.

Every industry has its own stumbling

Many of the industry-specific professional associations to take the campaign to the reason for the action, tailored to the potential risk of tripping, slip and fall hazards in the work world of their Insured. Since the topic is one of the core tasks of prevention, you can rely on proven information and activities, or develop them further – for example, the “Trip track,” the stone and quarry professional introduced the cooperative, among other things, to measure.

The causes of tripping, slipping and falling can accidents into two categories, namely “hard” factors, which can be described by de facto, to a large extent structurally-technical boundary conditions and “soft” factors, which include the (MIS-)behavior of the Individual. Include “hard” factors of influence of the obstacles in the walkway, uneven, inadequate, and dirty floors, inappropriate footwear, poor lighting conditions of traffic routes, especially staircases, as well as confusing (messy) operating conditions in the first place.

The “soft” factors relating to, for example, haste, Haste, carelessness, lack of adaptation, and the like. These factors are far more difficult to, and difficult to access for prevention, since they are the only influence on the Change of behavior.

Rules of conduct

Behavior-related accident causes are, for example:

  • Stress, Hustle And Bustle, Fatigue, Distraction, Inattention, Convenience
  • Cables and hoses
  • Unsuitable Shoes
  • Alcohol

Each Individual can contribute to the prevention of trip, slip and fall accidents and should be openings for defects in work places and traffic routes, for example, damaged Fußroste, clutter, spills, General pollution, damaged footwear, snow and Ice, covered the floor and the other, either immediately or eliminate the supervisor’s report. The importance of Wearing safe footwear, the control of movement sequences, as well as the adaptation of the Walking speeds on the local conditions, for example.

Tips to prevent Tripping and Slipping:

  • Wear the right shoes, The right Shoe helps to secure gear. Depending on the application, different shoes are suitable. All together, a firm Hold on the foot, a flat heel and a grippy, non-slip sole. There are now work shoes, which are all the functionality visually in Trend. Get tips from professionals, for example, the occupational health and safety in your operation.
  • Underestimate stairs and steps not to Stumble on stairs and steps leads to more serious injuries than Stumbling on a level surface. That’s why stairs and steps always have to be made good and lighted. Use the handrail and be careful.
  • Switch on tripping over and sliding off the edges of floor mats or carpet pads should be visually well recognizable. Floor mats with a non-slip layer on the back to give more Grip. Mats with bent corners or broken-out edges should sort it out! The best Transitions with fixed-mounted carpet strips to secure.
  • Pay attention to right at your feet beware of surrounding objects. Secure your workplace, if it lies in a crime committed by third parties area always. You can also in their own interest, nothing on the floor or water or Oil stains unbeseitigt. On high-altitude jobs, such as scaffolding or work, tripping accidents, the stages are often very serious consequences.
  • Keep your eyes open Observe your work environment! Sometimes fall develop stumbling slowly: paving slabs to lift, to shake a floor tile starts… If you want you and your colleagues will keep you from tripping accidents, attack you or make the competent contact person of attention.