Fancy a Sweet?

Fancy a Sweet?


At least every second adult is at odds with too many Kilos on the scale, and every fifth child has a weight problem – often favored by the preference for sweet treats. But not only in body weight, these leave their mark. Also, the teeth are prone to cavities. Every day, every German eats an average of about 100 grams of sugar. For this purpose, the spoon of crystal sugar in tea or coffee, the Sweetness of soft drinks, but the sugar in sweets and pastries.

A Maximum Of 60 Grams Of Sugar

The German nutrition society (DGE) recommends, however, only a maximum of 10 percent of total daily calories, or to eat no more than 60 grams of sugar or sweets. In an adult this is approximately equivalent to a bar of chocolate, sweetened fruit yogurt and one Portion of jam on the Breakfast rolls. Sugar is sweet, therefore, must not be shunned, according to the nutrition experts may not only a lot of course. And this is also true for children: A sweet yogurt and a small chocolate bar should be enough as a daily ration.

Sweets and blood sugar effect

Especially regular Snacking between meals is tricky. Because sweets saturate first, and can encourage even the appetite. The works: Sweet is eaten, the blood sugar level. This is to distribute the Signal for the pancreas Insulin to normalize the level again. Because the sugar from the sweets is taken without a lot of work of Digestion into the blood, increases the blood sugar level very quickly. Within a short time a lot of Insulin is produced, the sugar to compensate for high blood.

Easily, it happens that the body thinks it’s too good, too much Insulin produced and the blood sugar levels to slip even below the normal limit. A Signal that you need supposedly even more sugar, and more cravings for Sweets.

Blood glucose control

A moderate amount of blood sugar over the course fresh and dried fruit, vegetables and cereals to worry about it. They provide carbohydrates (sugar) in packaged Form and in addition plenty of fiber. The contained sugar is added only after the into the blood. The blood sugar level will not skyrocket, and also the insulin production does not exceed the necessary degree.

Also other dietary components such as fat, that the sugar is not so quickly absorbed into the blood. Therefore, it is often better to enjoy sweets as a dessert for a healthy meal. As with the main dish enough food ingredients have been eaten, which delay the absorption of glucose into the blood, the hot hungry for more.

Chocolate makes you happy – bananas

Sometimes, it must be by the way, the sweet latch to satisfy the Süßhunger. For example, consumed in chocolate, increases in the brain concentration of Serotonin of the body’s own “happiness hormone”. This so-called neurotransmitters makes for the well-being in between. Serotonin brings to the cells only good news: happiness, contentment or relaxation.

Serotonin in the brain is scarce, the effect of this defect on the Psyche and bad temper is spreading. The Demand for food, which can the hormone rise again, automatically. Now the chocolate is a usual reaction. However, bananas or walnuts are good serotonin suppliers!

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