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Fat burner diet: legends and truths

Just continue on as before and still lose weight? The promise of the so-called “fat burners” that are supposed to bring fat without a diet and exercise program to melt. Fat burners are all the rage in the diet market. With them and other slimming products are annually made billions in sales worldwide. It gives you the slimming pill no side effect? But the truth is: Without a balanced diet and a sensible exercise program a permanent, healthy way to lose weight is not possible.

Due to fat burners burn more energy

Obesity has only one cause: the body is constantly more energy than it consumes, stores this Excess as fat reserve (so-called positive energy balance). To get rid of this, only one thing helps: to consume more energy than is absorbed (negative energy balance).

The idea behind the term “fat burners” (= “fat burners”), is to bring the body artificially to consume more energy, increased body temperature, accelerated metabolism or rapid excretion of ingested calories. Doctors see this with a frown. Because in the human body countless metabolic processes mesh. Turning to one of these “screws” can pull a whole chain reaction of unintended results.

The fat burner theory under the magnifying glass

Let’s look at some of the most common fat burners theories in more detail: enzymes, for example, an important impact when it comes to burning fat. Whether the Papain from Papaya or Bromelin from pineapple, and fruit enzymes to empty the fat cells. In theory, this sounds quite good. The problem is, the passage in the Stomach: this is Because enzymes are made of protein. And the acid in the stomach breaks it down at the beginning of digestion into its constituent parts. Enzymes from food can not so act in the body.

L-carnitine is a substance plays in the body for providing energy for muscle work. It stimulates the power plants of cells, called mitochondria, to increased fat burning. The only catch is that the number of mitochondria in the body is crucial for the effect. And the number of small power plants can only be achieved with regular endurance training increase. So again no miracle pill for the Fitness without sports!

Many ready-to-Fatburn products advertise with “natural” ingredients. Popular Guarana or Green tea extract. In the advertising brochures Kling are important foreign words like “lipolytic” – which means nothing other than “degreasing” or “thermo-genetic” (the creation of heat). Looking more closely, it is in most of the products especially the caffeine-like ingredients that act as a single proven on the metabolism.

In an information sheet of the German nutrition society (DGE) gives the physician Professor Dr. Hans Hauner to keep in mind that these active ingredients of lawn in high doses to the heart, Tremors and sweating. In this state, the body really burns more energy than usual. But who feels so with it. And who is willing to take the health risks for the heart and circulation? Anyone who relies on ready-to-fatburn products, you should study, also, in any case, the list of ingredients carefully. Often allergenic preservative agents such as parabens.

Warning Thyroid Hormones!

Special care should be also with thyroid hormones and their precursors. An artificially produced hyperthyroidism is nothing else, than to make yourself intentionally sick. Too much thyroid hormone results in nervousness, palpitations, sensation of heat and sweating. Also in this case, more energy is burned than normal. However, also in this case, the health risks are in proportion to the slimming effect.

By the way, a higher thyroid activity is not about the intake of Iodine and other trace elements, as some advertisers would have us believe. The body needs Iodine, the thyroid gland hormone. The Abundance of raw materials but doesn’t change the produced amount of hormones. Anyway, it is not possible to control the production of hormones over a certain diet.

Special diets, such as the Markert diet, the thyroid function should be stimulated, are now refuted scientifically. In the case of Markert to the participants due to the low calorie intake and plenty of exercise. A change in the thyroid activity is not achieved.

Protein bars – often too expensive

As a diet Supplement also protein bars with vitamins and trace elements are offered. You will boost the cravings for Sweet relief and the burning of fat. Protein saturates really quickly, also many of the bars are placed together reasonably. However, almost all of the products are unreasonably expensive.

The Council, to combine the latch with 2-3 litres of water or fruit juice daily, also reveals the “fat burner Trick”: it is Proved that cold water really contributes to burning calories, as the body requires energy to warm it up. If the water is now consumed, together with a expensive Power bars or a banana, does not change in the energy balance but not a lot. Only that the banana, which acts thanks to their fruit sugar content is also against the cravings, contains no fat.

Glucagon – the body’s own fat burner?

A special role in the formation and the breakdown of subcutaneous fat the hormones Insulin and glucagon play. Insulin is responsible to get sugar from the blood into the cells of the body, where he either burned or stored as a Reserve. Glucagon causes the deployment of stored energy in that it releases fat from the cells and converts stored sugar combustible glucose.

Glucagon is sold as the body’s own fat burners: taking this “Slimming hormone” is to pretend that all of the free reserves are depleted and fat from the cells. But where the body with all the free energy? It is not burned settles back down. And most of the energy burn of our muscles. Again, movement is asked to create the dissolved fat reserves from the body.

And this also works without that you swallow pills: Who wants to burn with the help of the body’s own glucagon fat, you can achieve this through gentle physical activity. It is important to keep the pulse on a slightly elevated level. Who comes out of breath, it blocks fat burning, because the extraction of energy from the fat is then switched off.

MCT-fat – fat burner with side effects

The dietary fat in the first place in the body, were until recently, so-called MCT fats (medium chain triglycerides) in fashion. You can not be absorbed by the body and undigested excreted. Only the body gets used to about two weeks of this fat, so that you can make as thick as ordinary fat. In addition, it came often to diarrhea, Nausea and other unpleasant side effects.

Fat binding and undigested throw

To outwit the body in a different way, were fat added binding substances, e.g. Chitosan in the ranks of diet helper. You should bind to the dietary fat and undigested excretion. Extracted Chitosan from Krill, a small type of cancer. Good chitosan suppliers are larvae of flies.

The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported, however, of a strictly controlled experiment at the University of Exeter in the UK, where scientists showed that Chitosan had no effect on the weight of the subjects. On the contrary, the danger is that vital fat-soluble vitamins such as A and E, with the bound fat will be eliminated among these fat blockers.

Doctors also warn that Chitosan can reduce the effectiveness of some medicines, namely, when the active ingredients attach to the dietary fat to enter the bloodstream. For example, the Anti-Baby-pill affected.

Losing weight is and remains a matter of sensible eating, combined with the light Sport. Fatburn products help to reduce the purse. The waist, you can zoom out, but barely.