Feeling hot well drinks for the cold Season

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Feeling hot well drinks for the cold Season

When it’s cold outside and uncomfortable, does something to Warm our soul very well. Nothing is more beautiful than in the Winter in freezing temperatures to sit with a Cup of hot chocolate, tea or coffee on the Sofa and relax. Some of the hot drinks can even have a positive effect on our health. Others you should enjoy only in moderation, as they are extremely rich in calories. We have taken seven hot drinks for you under the microscope.


A wonderfully fragrant Cup of hot chocolate, even in uncomfortable winter weather for a good mood. And if you are in the preparation of dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, and even do something Good for your health Because cocoa contains many antioxidants that can protect us from cancer diseases. But be careful: A Cup of hot chocolate also has its pitfalls, because with just a few calories this drink is not white to Shine.

Hot chocolate do-it yourself: add 100 grams of dark chocolate in a saucepan and add three tablespoons of sugar and a Liter of whole milk. Heat the milk, Stirring until the chocolate pieces have completely dissolved – do not bring the milk but for cooking. Serve cream on the hot chocolate, then a dollop of.

Lower calorie variation: Prepare hot chocolate with low-fat milk and without the whipped cream.