Fit in the office – what everyone can do?

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Fit in the office – what everyone can do?


Tired from the long Sitting in the office? Tensions as a result of unilateral load? In order to avoid it so far – just four short Exercises. Health and well-being in the workplace are important conditions for our performance. To do a really good job, you have to feel it in his body completely at ease. A significant contribution you can make by yourself.


So he should be: functional and ergonomic, clean and friendly – protects the health and raises Motivation and performance. The fact is that Sitting for an extended period of time, often with head and back pain, or neck tension associated, especially in the case of people, the need to professionally sit for many hours. Around 85% of all Germans suffer from pains at least once in the life-to-back. And this is in addition to a wrong posture is often the environment that is not of the spine and the joints.

Important ergonomically correct desks and office chairs that adjust to the shape of the spine and a good support are, therefore,. The height of the Seating surface, the table top and the chair dimensions of justice should reject the body. If you are angling in an upright sitting position, the arms 90 °, you should be able to forearms comfortably on the table top drop. Also, the upper and lower legs should form an angle of 90 degrees or more. The feet must touch the ground. The individual distance between the eyes and the screen, keyboard, and a template should be between 50 to 70 cm. Good for the back and spine, it is also to change the Seating position frequently.

Work environment

Good light and good air, protection from heat, cold and noise are important prerequisites, so you can feel at ease in the workplace.

  • The climate of the room should have an air temperature between 21 and 23 degrees C and a relative humidity between about 40% and 65%.
  • Noise and heat radiation to pass through, e.g., Computer, printer, Scanner or copier is not allowed to interfere with the work.
  • The noise level in the office space must not be above the recommended size of not more than 55 dB(A) for concentration.
  • Dry air is damaging to the mucous membranes, therefore adequate (natural) moisture.

Work breaks

Anyone who works in a concentrated, also need phases of relaxation. Several short breaks are more effective than a long – this has been established in scientific studies.

So you release tension in five minutes

Heavy shoulders and a tired back from the long Sitting at a Desk? In only five minutes of targeted Exercises to increase the well-being in the workplace, solve persistent tension.

Exercise 1
The hands on the back of the head. Try to push the elbow as far as it is pleasant, to the rear. Hold briefly, and breathe.
Exercise 2
The hands behind the head folds, the elbows remain at the level of the ears. Tilt the torso slightly to the side. Stay 3 to 4 breaths in this Position. Page.
Exercise 3
Pull the elbow back to front and roll the head. The chin, pulling as far as possible to the chest. Avoid to make a round back.
Exercise 4
You have to beat the right leg over the left. Now, turn the torso slowly to the right. Hold on tight to the Backrest. Hold for 30 seconds, then switch sides.