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Fit in the summer – perseverance

Motivation with or without a group

There is another way to the inner pig dog trick: You have to look for allies for the visit to the swimming pool, the Jogging or the Sizzle of the fish, and Simmer of vegetables. Each other encourage, listen to each other – the inner Bodyguard from this point on, a hard life.

The best Coach can be a friend or a colleague from the sports club. Some do best with close friends, others need distance and feeling the personal close to as distracting and obstructive.

In any case, applies to: Exchange information regularly about their successes and setbacks – at best once a week. Before you take the next steps for the coming week and make a note of this date in the calendar.

A week later, they report to each other and to jointly analyse how it went. What was good? What was bad? The Knowledge that you will need someone else to report something honest, will keep you on the track. And you will meet your Partner, if you have absolutely no desire to inline skating and the boots were hanging off the favorite on the nail.

Hold on – so it’s easier

The beginning is not so difficult if you choose a sport that you like to exercise: Swimming, cross-country skiing, Hiking, Cycling or inline skating are good entry-level sports because they are a burden on the joints a little. Also Nordic Walking (fast walking with poles) is very good. There is a very slight injury there is a danger, and hardly leads to muscle fatigue.

Who starts better with Jogging or other sports with a higher load intensity, shall not overdo it. Muscles and joints need a day to get used to the load. It is best to combine sports with different movement patterns. To minimize the risk of Overload of individual muscle groups.

For what type of Training you choose – make sure that you can it, if possible, exercise Outdoors. The lifts the mood! Healthy living doesn’t have to be strenuous and can even be fun. This is true not only for physical exercise but also healthy eating and mental balance.

Only those who have felt the impact of the change of Life, may it find Favor. As soon as a real habituation has taken place, it is the inner pig dog your friend. He is just getting used to the animal and helps to a certain stage, even to stay at the bar.

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