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Fitness-mistakes 11 to 20

11. Slow Running can melt away the pounds

Who is running too slow, doing something for his health, but remains on his fat sit. The total energy revenue at low effort, much lower than at a higher intensity. A car driving fast consumes more Fuel. The most efficient fat-burning works for 70 to 80 percent of your Maximum heart rate. Beginners may slowly get in, can increase the calories burned, however, by a short between prints.

12. Coffee is a taboo for athletes?

Coffee drains the body of water and increases the blood pressure? Nonsense! Just athletes can use coffee as a secret weapon. An hour before the workout, to drink, to stimulate an Espresso, both the circulatory system, as well as the energy consumption.

13. Muscle soreness as a sign of good Training

Sore muscles after workout mean only one thing: it has taken over. In the case of muscle soreness, small cracks occur due to Overexertion in the muscle tissue. The stretching pains are not an indicator of muscle growth, but for Overload.

14. Cycling makes you impotent

Not the Cycling, but the wrong saddle can cause impotence. Especially in the case of sporting Rennsatteln with a long nose can be affected by the constant pressure on the perineum region of the blood supply to the Penis. Remedy, a wider saddle, in the best case, with a large notch to the top. In addition, the nose of the saddle should show not upward, but straight ahead. Frequent breaks or sprint deposits in the leave the blood circulating again.

15. Back muscle training helps with back pains

Back can create pain through targeted strength training remedy. Not only the back but also the abdominal muscles, however, play a large role. A balanced workout of these two games makes for a strong Torso, you can’t tilt so easily in the hollow cross. A shortening of the muscles, to exclude, you should not forget after the workout, the Stretch.

16. Pregnant women should not play sports

Sport in pregnancy has a positive effect on both mother and child. He increases the well-being and ensures that even during pregnancy, the body after the birth of regenerated faster. Should avoid mothers-to-be, but sports with direct enemy contact, competitive sports, skiing and horse riding. Ideal light endurance exercise, such as Walking or Swimming. In the case of a high-risk pregnancy, should be drawn to a gynecologist.

17. With muscle training targeted fat reduce

Not true, unfortunately. Targeted Bauch-beine-Po-Training usually does not lead to exactly the same place where fat is broken down. It is determined individually, where and in what order the body fat degrades. In women, the bacon disappears often on the torso faster than on the hips and buttocks. It is possible, however, to targeted muscles.

18. According to Sport, two hours of nothing to eat

After intense Training the body to burn even hours after the Sport is still fat. That you should eat in this time nothing, is but a fairy tale. Anyone who wants to lose weight, should pay attention to the fact that he takes more calories than he burns. When you eat these calories doesn’t matter. The demand for protein is after the Sport was even higher than usual, because it helps the muscles to regenerate.

19. With Sit-ups is the perfect six-pack

A muscular abdomen is essential to train harder, than, for example, strong upper arms. Despite intensive training, a layer of fat is especially in women are often than the muscles. Thus, before the muscles in appearance can occur, you must only bid once the belly fat battle. The best way is through low-fat diet and regular endurance training. It is only then that the Sit-ups that bring visible results.

20. Sport makes you slim

The Sport alone brings nothing with an unhealthy diet. Who wants to permanently lose weight, should always take in fewer calories than he consumes. Only in combination with a balanced diet and regular exercise healthy way to lose weight is possible.

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