Food pyramid – conclusion and tips

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Food pyramid – conclusion and tips

Between the many confusing information on the topic of nutrition, the new three-Dimensional food pyramid offers a scientifically sound and practical assistance to health promotion to implement the diet in everyday life. There are new findings in the nutrition research are taken into account, in particular, the nutritional composition of the food.

But well-known consumption habits. So we know, for example, that sweets and snacks are an integral part of our everyday life. Here are the quantity it makes. The topic of health-promoting diet is not intimidated, and you don’t lose all the fun of the food. You think just more 3-D!

Sources: The Three-Dimensional Food Pyramid. Ed. aid infodienst verbraucherschutz, ernährung, Landwirtschaft e. V., German society for nutrition (DGE) Graphic implementation of dietary guidelines – traditional and new approaches. Peter Stehle, Helmut top knight, Margret Büning-Fesel and Helmut Heseker. Nutritional Umschau 52 (2005) Issue 4

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