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For getting slim and healthy?!

Eat healthier, sleeker, and sportier are drinking less alcohol – the good resolutions for the new year differ little from those of recent years. But this time it’s Serious! But the Popping of champagne corks is processed, the herring salad, eaten by the iron will to Change usually only with a bad Conscience left. The society for nutritional medicine and dietetics in Aachen gives you the best tips, good resolutions – and the best reasons!

Better than resolutions: the small fact!

Because the most common vices, the eradication of which begins each year anew, have fatal consequences: Every year 290,000 people in Germany suffer a heart attack, approximately 180,000 die from it. The main cause is atherosclerosis, caused by high blood fat and too little exercise. Alcohol kills every year approximately 42,000 persons, directly (through alcohol related diseases) or indirectly (e.g., by a drunken accident). The malnutrition-related diseases are expected to cause more than 75 billion Euro, warns Katrin Raschke, diploma in nutritional science expert of the company. And we are in the “most popular” intentions: the salad instead of Sweet, brandy ade, a daily jog. But first: let’s Look the truth in the eye! Your initial determination contributes to the project not alone! Thus, in the next motivation gap the only exercise not the Across-the-Board-and the good intentions, do you need a “battle plan”:


Grasp serious intentions, and only if you want the change for yourself. Thin want to be the friend, exercise because the doctor says it – that alone gives you the necessary Motivation. However, information on the damage, certain life habits will help to solidify the decision.

Small Steps

Do not try to do too much! Share your good intent into smaller stages that concern them. Reached sub-goals Motivation and will power give you continue. To fail to the big goals, which is no disgrace, but ruined by this failure on the duration of the stamina and self-esteem. The decision “to eat from tomorrow no more chocolate”, is mostly doomed to Failure. Start rather in order to reduce the amount! And you also set a time to implemented this change. If you daily Jogging is too much, start with a half hour brisk walk three days per week. You explain first of all their apartment for a chocolate-free Zone.

Identify causes

Are you looking for the causes: Why have crept in the bad habits? You smoke for stress, snacking on them out of frustration or out of boredom? The causes of aware of and to put you there with a change!

Clear Goals

You formulate your intent in a clear and positive, and set a concrete way. It is difficult to persevere with something, if only the goal, but the path is clear. Not “Starting tomorrow, everything will be different!”, or “I eat less cake”. Specify the details of, for example, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the afternoon, a half hour walk, or only on the weekends in the afternoon, eat a piece of cake.


What do you want to do in place of the old habits superior. Dropped cigarettes or pieces of cake left a Void that is hard to bear. Better to let this Emptiness occurring in the first place. Instead of drawing on the cigarette, you can nibble on Carrots (this protects enjoy the finger nails), chew gum or smoke-free kisses. Stress smokers should learn relaxation exercises. Of Yoga, Tai Chi, and Qui Gong to the autogenic Training is something for everyone. Also, reading a book or the newspaper can relax. Instead of the cake of fruit can migrate into the mouth, instead of chocolate creamy Quark with vanilla aroma. Also a new Hobby to pass the time. What is important is that it’s fun – then it doesn’t serve as a stopgap, but is a real asset!

There has to be fun!

Who would like to start to exercise regularly, should consider carefully what fits to him! Because here is where the fun of the thing acts as a Motor. In addition, it is important to consult with a doctor, which sports are suitable.

Problems in the run-up to dispel

Think about what problems may arise in the implementation of their resolutions, and how you can respond to it. Smoke, lead and naschende colleagues and friends, you in temptation? You go, even Jogging, if it rains or freezes? Have rules that allow you to master all the eventualities.

“Relapses” are allowed

Do not give up your plans, if you hold in the short term! Please forgive the “slip-up”. Even if you were not able to resist the piece of cake, therefore, is not a long time lost everything! Try it again to compensate, and you go on the challenge again!

For assistance

Are you looking for help and support! Tell your friends about your projects. So your intent is gaining weight, and you have one more reason to hold out! Maybe you can inspire someone and together with him the intent to tackle.

Sub-objectives and control

In the run-up to, what change would you like to be considered a success. Forget the goals! So you create the possibility of a control of success and Motivation. Reward yourself for each step! Treat yourself to something (as it would be, for example, with a sumptuous Spa day with Massage?). Also your successes you should share with your friends – take your praise! You deserve it to be honest! Call us and report your success! We will congratulate you!