Healthy grilling

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Healthy grilling Hardly an invitation to eat in the summer can be tempting to formulate than with the note "We're having a barbecue". To what since the discovery of fire to the culinary delights of humanity, pleasure without remorse is, however, only if you follow some important rules, above all, not let fat drip onto the coals. Concern Smoke Let's start with the bad news: The Steak is on the Grill, hot, fat drips onto the glowing charcoal. It hisses, the smoke rises and reaches the surface of the meat. Chemicals, and dangerous, such as benzopyrene, are included in the smoke. 5.8 to 8 micro grams per Kilo of meat. So, the Bonn-based consumer service aid, warns corresponds to the Smoke of 600 cigarettes. Carcinogenic substances avoid Many a self-proclaimed…
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Uterine fibroids – often annoying, almost always harmless

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Uterine fibroids - often annoying, almost always harmless Growths of smooth muscle cells in the uterus are the most common benign swelling of the female genital organs tumours. Still, we know very little about why fibroids arise – probably female sex hormones play a role in your growth. Fibroids in the uterus (uterine fibroids or uterine fibroids) are common benign growths – about 15-20 % of women have one or more of these tumors. About half of the patients develop complaints. Depending on where the fibroids are located, can be distinguished: intramural fibroids in the uterine wall, subserosal fibroids under the peritoneum plating (they grow so cave in the direction of the belly), submucosal fibroids directly under the uterine mucosa (they grow in the direction of the uterine cavity), cervical…
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Football world Cup: Without alcohol is better on the Ball

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Football world Cup: Without alcohol is better on the Ball Shortly before the decisive game, the tension rises - and, in many cases, the consumption of alcohol. It was in a sociable round in front of the TV or on the way to the football stadium, alcohol is often consumed to celebrate a special event. Around 116 litres of beer, 20 litres of wine and 5.8 liters of spirits in the country in average per capita consumption. This alcohol is not necessarily a mood maker! This is particularly true for children and young people. They react to even small amounts of Alcohol is very sensitive. Certain alcoholic beverages such as brandy or alcopops may not be used by children and adolescents consumed other drinks, such as beer and wine from…
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Diaper dermatitis (diaper rash, miracle Po)

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Diaper dermatitis (diaper rash, miracle Po) Most parents know it: the delicate baby's bottom is red and sore, the Wrap hurt the little darling, and you barely dare to clean the bottom. Fortunately, the Situation can be with the right care, quickly change for the better. Baby's bottom not is almost always in a diaper is always dry. The warm humidity "chamber" softens the skin and makes it susceptible to external influences. Urine and stool irritate the delicate skin in addition. The chair – for example, by feeding a new baby foods (especially citrus fruits), infection, diarrhea, or medication changes, then this can lead to redness and inflammation. The damaged skin has only a limited protective function – an easy game for fungi and bacteria. Sometimes, the child reacts also…
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Erectile dysfunction – symptoms and diagnosis

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Erectile dysfunction - symptoms and diagnosis Indicator of erectile dysfunction is that the Penis is not sufficient or not long enough to be stiff so that sexual intercourse can not or only incompletely be performed. However, the Transition from a normal ability to have an erection to erectile dysfunction is not clearly defined. Just with age many men need more and longer stimuli, so that it comes to an erection. No longer will erectile dysfunction is the Situation, then, if the sexual activity for the Participants is satisfactory. It is important to know that erectile dysfunction may be first sign of a serious disorder such as diabetes or atherosclerosis with risk for heart and brain. Therefore, Even if it is difficult, should be consulted for erectile disorders, the family physician…
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Fremdel phase On the safe side

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Fremdel phase On the safe side Well-known suddenly, with suspicion, or rejected, can comfort only mom and dad. What is the role of the fear of strangers, and how best to deal with it. Sabine's grandmother leans over her grandchild, the peacefully on the carpet playing. But as soon as she comes closer, the rest over. Sabine's eyes look frightened, the face contorts, the mouth of a shame penetrates full of screaming. Only the hurrying mother can reassure the child again, as Sabine on her Arm. Conscious Perception Sabine is now 8 months old and has referred to their fremdel phase, also as an eight-month anxiety, expressive started. From now on, you will be on a lot of things, which is not to say mom or dad, with reluctance and…
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The healthy fridge

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The healthy fridge The phenomenon should be known. Because of the good intentions for a healthy diet are taken, the inner pig dog has been overcome and the contents of the fridge a nevertheless, each time you Open a new challenge. A look in the fridge and the unnecessary sweet, high-calorie Traps to come to the fore. So that the program can be considered a sporting activity and a healthy diet undisturbed by, should just be the beginning of potential confounding factors avoided. Sweet out vitamins in. The essential basis for well-being and health the varied, balanced and fresh diet. Ideally, you should consume three daily servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit. So you are not tempted to put the good intentions first thing in the fridge and…
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Brewer’s yeast as an Anti-Aging and healing substance

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Brewer's yeast as an Anti-Aging and healing substance Beer yeast, the dried and powdered Form of yeast fungal cells, brings fully applied externally as internally, since at least 5,000 years, its remarkable effects as a remedy, a vital fuel supplier, beauty elixir and fountain of youth at the same time. Today, in the Form of capsules, tablets, flakes, powders and many cosmetics offered natural healing product and beauty is not recommended, it is only since the modern era of physicians, nutritionists and herbalists learning, white diploma nutritionist Bettina Geier of the society for nutritional medicine from Aachen. Given their versatility and the year-to-thousands of well-known Phenomena, does not carry the brewer's yeast a long time the popularity status that would have the multi-talented charges. Brewer's yeast is positive for skin…
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Acid-base balance – What is happening in the body?

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Acid-base balance - What is happening in the body? The human organism requires energy The body's own cells can gain energy from food. This energy is necessary to run, speak, think, grow, regenerate, digest or excrete. Ultimately, all organs and muscles must be supplied with energy so that you can work the way they should. Energy is produced in the cellular metabolism of the food we eat. In particular, fats, carbohydrates and proteins play a role. The oxygen we breathe, is in the production of energy is also of crucial importance. Oxygen is sufficiently present, can be obtained from the same amount of food that is 18 times more energy than in the case of lack of oxygen. Metabolic waste products are acidic Metabolic end products are substances which cannot…
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To fat too much, too slow?

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To fat too much, too slow? To fat and too much - so the main are still errors in the German eating habits. Problematic is especially that more calories are consumed than the today's common sedentary everyday life would be necessary. A sluggish way of life is now for most people, a reality. Computer jobs with sedentary activities, facilitate not only in offices, but in the warehouse working and in production on many machines work. This has consequences: Numerous walking paths, stairs, or heavy physical Work. Who spends his leisure time in addition, inert on the Sofa and all the errands with the car is done, runs the risk to become thick. Risk Factor Overweight In Germany, over 65% of men and about 55% of women are Overweight (BMI >25…
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Erectile Dysfunction – Causes

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Erectile Dysfunction - Causes With a good two-thirds a majority of the erectile dysfunction is due to physical causes. Nevertheless, the Psyche almost always plays an important role as one of the causes: Even if it is not the primary trigger, it can be a vicious circle in which the fear of failure impotence and, in turn, the Fears of the next failure fed strengthen. Common causes of impotence In the first place, of the causes of erectile dysfunction blood circulation disorders in the context of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and atherosclerosis, followed by the sugar disease. Splicing factors for these causes of lipid metabolism disorders, Smoking, Obesity and lack of exercise. Other physical causes of impotence operations, especially in the case of prostate cancer and bladder cancer, injury,…
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Burnout in the workplace to prevent

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Burnout in the workplace to prevent The phone rings constantly, the boss urgently needed documents, and in the meantime the colleagues with questions – come raging Chaos. And at the end of the day, the half is remained. The fun in the Job is lost. Now only a consistent strategy helps. Temporal priorities You will set time priorities according to the principle of 60:40. That is to say: 60 percent of the time will be scheduled for the actual work, 20 percent for unexpected activities and a further 20 per cent for spontaneous actions. Take into account you to turn your personal performance. Unpleasant or difficult tasks should you schedule after the lunch break, but in the morning, if you are fit and full of Power. The Eisenhower Principle The…
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Slender and healthy well into the spring

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Slender and healthy well into the spring Winter fat to get rid of... Who is advised in the winter months, a bit "out of shape", you should restrict with the Feast and a lot of vegetables and fruit to eat, to the spring full of enthusiasm, physical Fitness, and to meet with less pounds. Klaudia Pütz, diploma in dietetics, the society for nutritional medicine and dietetics in Aachen says: "low-Calorie diet, exercise, and relaxation are now used for many people on a day-to-day plan, in order to bring the body and mind in top form." ...and health gain The good news of the nutrition of the apostles in order To slim down, must not be omitted. On the contrary, it means: "eat vegetables, fruits, legumes and salad!" There are more…
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Rye – nothing on celiac disease

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Rye – nothing on celiac disease Rye is one of the most popular cereals in Germany. It serves not only as a feed, or biomass, but is also used in food production – for example, for rye rolls or rye bread. Also beer and brandy is made of rye produced. The grains can be processed into flour, semolina, meal and flakes more. Healthy ingredients of rye Rye grains contain approximately: 54 Percent Carbohydrates 9 Percent Of Protein 13 Percent Of Dietary Fiber 2 Percent Fat 2 Per Cent, Of Mineral Substances Add to this the B - and E - vitamins as well as folic acid and Pantothenic acid. Effect on health For the daily diet, the high proportion of food are particularly essential amino acids in rye and the…
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Barbecue sauces and Dips

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Barbecue sauces and Dips Summer time is barbecue time. To include a successful barbecue party just: fine sauces, Ketchup and Dressings food. The spicy companion that will give grilled ingredients, a touch of spice and round out your taste. Delicatessen sauces and Dressings are offered in a variety of flavors. In addition to the classics like Ketchup, Mayonnaise and mustard there is a panel ready-made sauces and Dressings according to recipes from Asia or Tex-Mex cuisine or exotic ingredients like tamarind or Mango. The recipes are extremely varied, but basically the same principle. What is inside and what is the taste what is the Sauce? They usually contain fruits or their Mark as the tomato paste in Ketchup. Other ingredients are vinegar as an acidifier, sugar for Sweet, salt, Oil…
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Diet and lifestyle

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Diet and lifestyle In the Western industrial countries, more than 70% depend on all the diseases of life and nutrition. On the subject of Obesity, the Germans to lead to new investigations, the top. There is the question of how it could come to such a development. One explanation is the change of lifestyle in the last 5 decades. Food is a fundamental part of our lives. Food not only ensures the supply of energy and nutrients, but is also part of our life, culture and habits. Our society and way of life and the food culture have changed in the last decades. Of the Balance to the Surplus Until the first half of the 20th century. Century was made by the majority of the population heavy physical work, for…
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Qigong with children

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Qigong with children "Where the thoughts are, since the energy is where the energy is, as blood flows, but where the blood flows, since recovery is" (Chinese proverb). Viewed from the outside, happens in the case of Qigong. The Practitioner simply stand there, shifting now and then, your weight or move with quiet, fluid movements. "On the inside" happens a lot. Qigong (literally: care of the life energy) is one of the oldest Chinese healing methods in order to increase the life energy of the people and to bring to the Flow. What is Qigong? Qigong Exercises include stretching postures, slow movements, breathing and imagination exercises. They are designed to strengthen the musculoskeletal system, but at the same time also lithe and agile. With Qigong, breathing, circulation, nervous system and…
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Consultation is not a matter of luck: nursery makes life easier

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Consultation is not a matter of luck: nursery makes life easier The issue of children's education are the ghosts. Almost with each new Generation of mothers, the educational change large-scale weather situation. While it up some time ago as a modern, was to harass the children as little as possible with parental influences, have, in the meantime, more and more parents, according to an allensbach survey tube 87 percent of the German – restore value to a good children. They believe that their children have an easier life, if you play by the rules of coexistence to learn as early as possible. The correct Behavior According to the motto "What does not learn little Hans, Hans NEVERMORE" have to learn to eat with a knife and fork, Sharing with others…
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Why is organic more expensive

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Why is organic more expensive In Europe the Germans for food for the least money. You are interested in animals appropriate to the species kept and the environment is protected, no longer want to pay for organically produced food anyway. The are in fact not cheap. According to the magazine Oeko-Test charge is between 40 and 50 percent. In the case of meat, the thing can be even more expensive, because of the surcharge may be up to 100 percent. It is interesting that "organic households" in the total spend but so much money for food as households who buy conventionally produced food. This is mainly because of the "Biokäufern" overall, less meat and sweets are consumed, and the share of alcoholic beverages and tobacco is low. The question of…
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Veins exercises – Exercises in a Lying position

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Veins exercises - Exercises in a Lying position Exercises in a Lying position Exercise 3 The supine position. You put your feet on a wall, the knee angle slightly more than 90°. Now pull the tips of the toes of a foot, strong and press the heel of the other foot firmly against the wall. After about 10 seconds, you can relieve the Shin muscles, both of the tips of the toes against the wall, and then the Exercise with the other foot repeat.   Exercise 4 You are about a leg's length from the wall and roll a Ball (a pimple ball is) with the feet alternately in this up and down. Be sure to use the liquid breathing.   Exercise 5 Same starting position as Exercise 3. Breathe…
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Cysts and uterine fibroids

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Cysts and uterine fibroids Among the many expertise of the physicians to Express the term "Tumor" most commonly give rise to misunderstandings and unfounded, unnecessary Fears. A typical example is: The lady doctor/the lady doctor in the study cysts found on the ovaries the woman's ovaries. He is listed on the case sheet or in the hospital admission diagnosis "Adnextumor" and says only that something is swollen-like bead on the "Adnexen" (= Annex of the uterus), ovaries, or fallopian tubes, has formed. Cysts and fibroids are usually harmless The word "Tumor" most people think of "cancer". Ovarian benign Entity, which have to do with cancer, nothing to cysts are almost always. The same is true for uterine fibroids. Also in the case of these vessels, of the uterus muscles of…
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Fast Food

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Fast Food Fast Food and the "American Way of Life" are linked in the imaginations of many people. It has found the first forerunner of the modern fast-food restaurant at the excavations in Pompeii: Hot food for rapid consumption, you could buy already in the ancient world, at many street corners. Its further development in the Fast-Food shops in the course of the 19th century. Century in Russia and the United States, to the brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald in California, surrounded the end of the 1940s, their Restaurant, self-service, and the Burger-making to a large extent rationalized. Fast Food recipes to come triumph Bigger, faster, better: the Motto of the modern American society, not only in the Western world. Fast Food, so fast food - on the Hand or…
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How healthy is toast?

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How healthy is toast? Toast bread just seems to among the people which steer clear of white flour, to be very notorious. But the toast bread is really so unhealthy, how many accept it? Or Toast, perhaps, is more nutritious than you think? We have taken the ingredients and the health Benefits of toast bread under the microscope and reveal the Following, whether or not it is a healthy Alternative to bread or "Junk Food". Toast bread is healthy? To answer this question, it is worth first a look at the nutrition facts of a classic wheat toast. This can vary according to the manufacturer, of course. On average, this toast is to be found in 100 grams: 48 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of sugar and fiber 4 Grams…
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Diets Make you really slim?

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Diets Make you really slim? With the approaching summer, the magazines are full of new diets that promise to Tumble the dream of pounds. The German struggle each year with the current diet hits, and in order to a few kilos of the corners off. But to make these flash diets actually slim? You lead to permanent weight loss? This is how it looks in Germany In Germany, approximately 65% of male and 55% of the female population overweight (BMI 25 -30). About 20% are obese (BMI over 30). The proportion of obese children and adolescents is approximately seven percent. We go to the reasons for the high percentage to the bottom, so we don't have to search long. All 4 years of the German society for nutrition (DGE) published…
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The healthy fridge

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The healthy fridge The phenomenon should be known. Because of the good intentions for a healthy diet are taken, the inner pig dog has been overcome and the contents of the fridge a nevertheless, each time you Open a new challenge. A look in the fridge and the unnecessary sweet, high-calorie Traps to come to the fore. So that the program can be considered a sporting activity and a healthy diet undisturbed by, should just be the beginning of potential confounding factors avoided. Sweet out vitamins in. The essential basis for well-being and health the varied, balanced and fresh diet. Ideally, you should consume three daily servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit. So you are not tempted to put the good intentions first thing in the fridge and…
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Cardamom calms the stomach

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Cardamom calms the stomach Cardamom is next to saffron and vanilla is one of the most expensive spices in the world. Cardamom belongs to the ginger family and is used especially in Asian cuisine is very popular. In Asia, it is used to flavour hot dishes such as Indian curries, but also of coffee and tea. In Germany, cardamom comes to mind especially at Christmas time to Refine gingerbread, gingerbread or mulled wine. The Spice Cardamom In cardamom, a distinction is made between green and black cardamom. Both species are used as spice for different meals. The cardamom spice is derived from the seeds of the Plant, the part used is the dried fruits. In the seed essential Oils are included, which give the spice its characteristic Aroma. Often cardamom…
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Fall avoid accidents

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Fall avoid accidents Tripping, slip and fall accidents occur when walking and Running. The consequences of these accidents are often much more serious than is generally assumed. Often floors, stairs, ladders, steps and platforms are the trigger of the accident. But, different floor textures, the effects of the weather or the bumps can pose hazards. What are the accident statistics? Day-to-day plunge in Germany, 1,000 people during working hours. Annually, nearly 5,000 Affected hurt yourself so hard that you get due to continuous health problems a professional Association pension. Approximately 330 million euros per year for the professional associations to contact for the elimination of the consequences of an accident, the economy alone, due to Failure hourly cost in the billions. Tips to avoid slip and fall accidents: The spilled…
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Nuts – tasty and nutritious

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Nuts - tasty and nutritious In the cold Season, nuts have a high season. If slowly, the selection of fresh local fruit and vegetables is small, the nutty Snack a nutritious snack. What is the country of contrast, the term "nut" is in the Botanical sense, often a very different fruit. So Macadamia include fruits, nuts, and almonds of the Stone, while the peanut as a bean or pea formed as a papilionaceous a sleeve as a fruit. Strawberry is a nut? Also, it is relatively unknown that the strawberry is not a berry, but botanically speaking, a nut fruit. This is thanks to the little nuts on her. A further genuine of our native nut, the hazelnut, the fruit wall forms a woody shell that must be cracked before…
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Endometriosis: symptoms and diagnosis

Hair care, Healthy food recipes, Obesity
Endometriosis: symptoms and diagnosis The symptoms can be quite colorful and non-specific – one of the reasons that the diagnosis is often made late. The extent of the symptoms does not depend necessarily on the extent of the endometriosis, so a small herd can cause extreme discomfort and large ovens are only discovered by chance. Frequently described signs of the disease are: Abdominal and back pain that radiates often in the legs, with the intercourse related pain, pain at the time of examination by a woman doctor Heavy or irregular menstrual bleeding Bubbles - and intestinal cramps, painful urination or defecation Cyclic bleeding from bladder or bowel, cyclical cough (in the case of delocalization in the lungs) Infertility Typical for a endometriosis is that the complaints cycle will be dependent…
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In the case of unfulfilled desire for children to think of the thyroid gland

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In the case of unfulfilled desire for children to think of the thyroid gland If the request fails a child, company-a lot of couples a true treatment Odyssey. What is frequently overlooked is that the cause of the infertility cannot be in the abdomen, but in the neck area: in a malfunction of the thyroid gland. In this connection Professor Gerhard Hintze, Bad Oldesloe pointed out, for the Forum thyroid: "Both a function as a sub-function of the thyroid gland can interfere with conception in a sustainable way". Affected women would be less likely to get pregnant and could be more likely to be false births affected, the expert said. In the case of a discovery and treatment of the disease, the difficulties could be avoided to a large extent.…
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