What are micronutrients?

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What are micronutrients? Nutrients are, in General, all of the human body for normal development and maintenance of health materials needed. In addition, the term refers to two groups of different dietary components: firstly, there are the macro nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins (proteins) and lipids (fats). These macro nutrients can be processed in the cell, but only used if the food contains additional nutrients, the nutrients so-called micro -,. What nutrients is micro? To nutrients the include micro-vitamins (vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K), minerals (such as calcium or Magnesium), trace elements (e.g. iron, zinc, selenium, and manganese), phytonutrients (carotenoids, flavonoids), essential fatty acids (fish oils) and amino acids – substances that are life-important for the body and, among other things, protecting against free Radicals. Micro-nutrients, in…
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Loud classes, poor students, the sick teacher

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Loud classes, poor students, the sick teacher In school classes, it is loud. This may be due to the fact that there are about thirty children – and not all of the patterns students are. But above all, it is the poor acoustics in classrooms. High, relatively bare rooms without carpet have long reverberation times, such as Spoken language is poorly understood and many of the background noises are damped to hear for a long time. Under such conditions, can concentrate a lot of students. Who's unfavorable, sometimes has problems to understand the teacher at all. So, it showed that students make fewer errors on the dictation, if you can hear the Text through headphones, and so trouble-free. Difficult Concentration Values In a quiet class, a medium noise of about…
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Fat eat without complaints

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Fat eat without complaints Fat is not fat. Whether plant or animal origin, saturated or unsaturated, long-chain, medium-chain or short-chain – the type of Fat also affects our health. Here you can find out what kind of fat is in what foods and what you can eat without a guilty Conscience. MCT-fats in digestive problems Dietary fats can be a possible cause for symptoms such as flatulence, tendency to diarrhoea, upper abdominal discomfort or fat shiny chairs. A number of diseases related to the Maldigestion and Malabsorption, require the use of special dietary fats called MCTS (medium-chain triglycerides, engl.: middle/medium chain triglycerides). Maldigestion means a bad digestion of food, Malabsorption, poor absorption of Food components by the mucosal cells of the small intestine. For people with diseases of the pancreas,…
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Ayurvedic nutrition: food as medicine

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Ayurvedic nutrition: food as medicine Food and health are connected in Ayurvedic medicine inextricably. Aim of Ayurvedic diet is to reach an inner balance, or to get this. Ayurveda is the oldest known medicine to mankind and means from the Sanskrit, the Knowledge of long life" (ayus - long life, veda - Knowledge) is translated as". The approximately 3,500-year-old, in writing, to traditional Ayurvedic principles originating in India. You have already influenced Hippocrates, who advocated for a holistic treatment of the people. In contrast to Western systems, Ayurveda is a way of life: It wants to not only heal diseases, but attempts to give a comprehensive answer to the question of the goal of life, and to bring humans in harmony with nature. Vata, Pitta, Kapha: the 3 forces that…
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Healthy Egg?

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Healthy Egg? Eggs and health Eggs are an important staple food. The protein is Special, you will realize the derived name to one of our three main nutrients: protein, fat and carbohydrates. Egg-protein can use of the body to build proteins. Of all foods it has the highest biological value, namely 100 %. This means that from 100 grams egg white 100 grams of body Protein can be formed. The Egg contains approximately 7 grams of protein 6 grams of fat and traces of carbohydrates, in addition, all of the minerals and vitamins with exception of Vitamin C. The most important Vitamin in the egg, the Vitamin A (Retinol) and its precursor, the Pro-Vitamin A (carotene). Both provide the elasticity of the eye, the effect of a good Light-Dark adaptation…
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Fruit and vegetables – Good for the eyes

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Fruit and vegetables - Good for the eyes In Germany, an estimated 1.2 million visually Impaired and Blind. The visually impaired has very different causes. Vegetables and fruit seem to be able to be a part of this diseases have a positive influence. The most common cause of Blindness age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the us, followed by the Green Star (glaucoma), the eye changes in diabetes (diabetic retinopathy) and cataracts. Elderly people in particular are affected by the vision problems that are associated with a significant loss of quality of life: Many older people with age missing find-sightedness, often even in their immediate surroundings, but lose the ability to read and ability to drive and have difficulty Recognizing people. Nutrients for strong eyes With regular medical checks, especially for…
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Sex diseases on the rise

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Sex diseases on the rise Sex is fun and healthy. However, sometimes, the rude awakening follows the sexual intercourse. Then, when pathogens in a new host search. Success you have, however, only in the case of unprotected intercourse. The history of the STDs is probably as old as mankind. We don't always know which way you were transferred, they were often interpreted as a just divine punishment for the all-too-human vices. Ignorance allows for the dissemination of Until today, not or only coyly is not talked about sexually transmitted diseases often, what is surprising in the case of a topic that has to do with sexuality and illness, or even death. However, it is only ignorance that allows sexual diseases are a scourge of humanity. In recent years, an increase…
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Diabetes in animals – such As Diabetes makes the animal felt?

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Diabetes in animals - such As Diabetes makes the animal felt? How does Diabetes in animals? To be able to use the excess blood sugar withdrawal, you must drink a diabetic animal very large quantities and, accordingly, more eliminated. Although diabetic animals, many develop more to eat than usual - a veritable hot-hungry - often. Blame the lack of Insulin, which prevents proper utilization of food. Diabetic cats tend to fall due to the lack of appetite and vomiting. Some of the disease is also due to an altered gait, which is on a flatter Fußung to back of the hindquarters. Because the body's cells can only be leads to little or no energy is drawn from the entire body in the Philippines: A dull coat, but also damage to…
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Simple and good home

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Simple and good home Simple and good home A Fete in the own four walls has its advantages: it is cheaper and it saves the organization to drive many children from point A to point B – of course, the ingenuity is allowed to go out and still over hit the pot. Very popular themed parties, where everything is in the characters of fairies, pirates or aliens. As well trim remove fixed with the flea market boxes from the attic, full of fantasy and made-up children's faces and handmade Hats from likes to play games. For soothing moments in between, the so-called Kim-games that train the senses. Guess who is blindfolded at the sound of someone biting into a carrot? Anyone who recognizes the soap smell? Barefoot paths are the…
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Acidification How is Acidosis? What are the causes of an overly acidic stomach? More acidic metabolic waste is produced in the body as a neutralized and excreted, so it comes to a long-term chronic Acidification of the organism. The acid-base balance leads to imbalance, and the organism can only work sub-optimally. The body relies on mechanisms, this imbalance. For example, the body stores excess acids first in the connective tissue to loosen and only then to challenge, and to excrete, if the blood has enough basic Compounds. Main Reason: Incorrect Diet In the case of a prolonged lack of alkaline mineral and a at the same time more existing acid load Repository salts of these in-between camps. This can result in pain, Motion and function of limitations of individual cells…
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Men’s health – men are not ill, are you?

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Men's health - men are not ill, are you? Note: XY is harmful to your health! Meanwhile, empirical studies show that men smoke too much, drink too much, the wrong feed, and much less to health promotion and screening programmes than women. A study by the Institute for Public Health at the University of Bremen comes to the conclusion that between the ages of 30 and 65 years, the mortality rate in men is twice as high as in women, mainly due to: Accidents Suicides Diseases of the circulation Diseases of the digestive organs Herein, the higher risk appetite of men in dealing with their health and riskier working conditions reflect. "The reasons for this behavior accepted behavior to lie to a not inconsiderable part in Gender stereotypes and the…
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Diet for colostomy

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Diet for colostomy In Germany, an estimated 100 000 people live with a colostomy (Stoma or colostomy). The creation of a Stoma is unavoidable, you must adjust the Affected in a completely new Situation. Ask for the daily use of the artificial output. Particularly, diet plays a big role in that. No Ostomy Diet As time passes after the surgery, varies depending on the age and of individual reaction, condition, and type of surgery. A great importance have the underlying disease of the Intestine in which the artificial output. After the acute healing phase, the General principle is: There is no special stoma diet! People with artificial output should be just as Healthy a varied, wholesome, mixed diet. For this purpose, a lot of fruits and vegetables, whole grain products,…
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Car gymnastics

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Car gymnastics Exercise 1 You step out of the car and get a couple of deep breaths. Then stretch your arms straight up into the sky and stretching is stretched, vertebrae by vertebrae of your spine until you. After a few seconds, let the arms sink down and relax.   Exercise 2 Gentle Stretching makes the muscles supple and improve your agility. You lift for this Exercise, the right Arm over the head and stretch your right side. Then the other side to stretch.   Exercise 3 In the following Exercise, the basic position is quite loose. The legs are gegrätscht, the left Hand is at the hip. Then the weight of the body on the right-foot shift, and the Arm from the right shoulder out far to the front…
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4 tips for beginners

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4 tips for beginners Sport is healthy, but if you overdo it, you do your body no Good. So many studies show that professional athletes are sick more often because your immune system is the duration of training can take it well. This phenomenon is regardless of the sport you are watching: Great efforts and exhaustion make the body more susceptible to the attacks of viruses and bacteria. An effect that can reverberate for up to ten days. Nevertheless, the sports doctors agree that the health Benefits of the sport outweigh the risks many times over. Millions of people of all ages play sports. Sport gives you every day a sense of togetherness, it creates social communication, increases the physical well-being, and helps to strengthen health, to restore and maintain.…
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Burnout – symptoms and treatment

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Burnout - symptoms and treatment Everyday life is organized from morning to night through and in the Job nothing goes without an appointment calendar more... Who is professionally a lot of Gas and constantly the maximum performance required from, and runs the risk of breaking on the Burnout syndrome. And not only managers are affected. The American psychoanalyst Herbert Freudenberger coined in 1974 for the first time the term "Burnout syndrome". In the case of Doctors, he had identified a state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion due to prolonged and repeated stress. Today is generally understood as including a persistent stress response to stress in the work world. Nearly a Million Germans will be affected by this disease to the point of total exhaustion. Definition of the Burnout syndrome…
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Fresh fish does not smell like fish

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Fresh fish does not smell like fish Fish are not only tasty, they provide the body on top of important nutrients, such as protein (high quality!), Vitamins (lots of Vitamin A and D abundant B-vitamins) and minerals (especially Iodine). In addition, the fatty acids in fish are good for the heart, brain and immune system, because it is the good Omega-3 fatty acids. What is so good to be healthy, must also be treated well. Hygiene tips around the fish you get here. Fresh fish does not smell like fish, but of seawater. The eyes are clear and bulging, and the gills bright red. The skin is shiny with a clear layer of slime and the scales are stuck. The fish meat is firm and light pressure, no hollow back.…
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Adnexitis – diagnosis and complications

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Adnexitis - diagnosis and complications What symptoms and complications can occur? The range of possible symptoms ranging from severe abdominal pain and fever due to acute infection up to a light, always repeating the Drag-and-cycle disorders in chronic courses of the disease. Acute pelvic inflammatory disease may mimic appendicitis, excluded an ectopic needs to be pregnancy. Typical symptoms that occur but not always and not all together, are: Acute pelvic inflammatory disease: The most common are sudden, strong is an understatement abdominal pain and fever over 38°C. The abdomen is often inflated and stretched. In addition, there may be vaginal also vaginal discharge with unpleasant odor, Nausea, irregularities in bowel movements or during Menstruation. Sometimes pain during urination. The longer the infection lasts, the more sick the patients are feeling.…
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Calories at the Christmas market

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Calories at the Christmas market The Christmas season with all its temptations: Fragrant roasted almonds, fresh lard, pastries, and hot steaming mulled wine. Christmas visits with friends and colleagues lift the mood in the dark Season and increase the anticipation of the Feast. However, most of the specialties at the Christmas market contain a lot of sugar and fat and Feasting without regret, unfortunately. So not every bite ends up on the hips, there are many tips on how the worst of sins can handle. Christmas calories at a Glance At the Christmas market on the palate vying pleasures not only to the favor of the customer, but also the first place on the calories table: The 200 gram heavy, with a colorful candy font of decorated gingerbread heart is…
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60-30-10: ideal size for the lunch break

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60-30-10: ideal size for the lunch break Leaden fatigue in the workplace? A simple rule helps to avoid the performance of deep. The lunch hour is peak performance? Bad Timing. Because creativity and concentration achieved in most of us between ten and eleven at its peak. Thereafter, the power curve drops, and the body needs a break. According to the DAK-health barometer, one out of every Ten dispensed on the deserved rest – lack of time. 60-30-10: ideal size for workers can shut off in a targeted manner and quickly recharge your batteries. 60 percent: With Power Food by start A little more than half of the lunch break should be scheduled for a meal. But please, no hearty food! "Heavy food the digestive organs in full swing work. Our…
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Procrastination (Procrastination)

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Procrastination (Procrastination) Big mother taught us from an early age: "What you can do today, tomorrow!" Easier said than done – about one in five suffers according to experts, under procrastination ("defer", Defer). What is often dismissed as laziness, can develop the disease: the chronic procrastination is characterized by counter-productive, unnecessary and retardant behavior. Procrastination is often the case of students Since the mid-80s, scientists have been researching the "procrastination" and came to the result that students suffer from the phenomenon of procrastination, because you rules after school, with a predetermined timetable your daily schedule to the University (often in addition to the work), suddenly, self -, and long-term projects need to organize. Here are the students from the less organized the Humanities are particularly affected. Eliyahu M. Goldratt referred…
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Ketchup When you remove the lid of a Ketchup bottle, rises to one of the seductive smell of tomatoes and vinegar quickly in the nose. But be careful – in the red sauce, not just tomatoes, but also a lot of sugar, flavor enhancers, and often flavoring agents, thickening agents and preservatives are stuck. Therefore, the question of whether Ketchup is unhealthy or healthy. Ketchup is healthy? Ketchup is only about 70 percent of tomatoes, not Ketchup contains only a lot of tomatoes, and the healthy colour lycopene, but also a high percentage of sugar. For this reason, a good Ketchup should have a that is low in Sugar because too much sugar damages the teeth and fattening. In a single bottle of Ketchup can be - depending on the…
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Coffee and Running: 7 tips for joggers

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Coffee and Running: 7 tips for joggers Energy kick or nutrient robbers? The opinions on the effect of coffee, opinions are divided: While some athletes swear by a Cup of coffee before Jogging to increase performance, have to take care of other runners, that possible side effects are available to the training success. Caffeine and Jogging: Is that good? It is a fact that caffeine wakes us up and stimulates the circulation. However, rumours of a negative impact on the fluid and Mineral balance, persist. We have selected for you seven tips on how you can increase the coffee your performance when Running. 1. At the time, it is Caffeine takes about 30 minutes to achieve its effect in the organism: Temporarily pulse and blood pressure to increase and the…
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Testicular pain can be behind it

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Testicular pain can be behind it Pain in the testicles are for the most men is very disturbing. However, not always a serious condition is the cause, if the testicular pain. The testes occur in connection with the intercourse on pain, for example, in time, this is usually not a cause for concern. However, it may also occur in infections such as orchitis or epididymis inflammation, pain in the testicles. Therefore, you should testicle persistent pain from a doctor to clarify. Testicular cancer very rarely cause The fear is that testicular pain is a Symptom of testicular cancer is usually unfounded. Because testicular cancer way, is expressed typically by a painless, indurated swelling, or nodules-like "lumps" in the scrotum. Pain occur – if at all – usually only in a…
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Remove the berries with Acai?

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Remove the berries with Acai? A small round dark blue fruit is currently on everyone's lips – the Acai berry. Whether as pure fruit than juice, Shake, capsules, powder or tablet: The consumption of Acai berries in this country is discussed often. The spectacular excitement to the small berry comes from America. Hollywood Stars swear by the effect of the Acai berry to help both for losing weight as well as Anti-Aging. The Acai is traded berry as a wonder fruit for health, Wellness as well as cosmetics. Acai is the fruit of the cabbage palm trees, they grow in the rain forests of the Amazon are berries. In Brazil, the popular fruit is used for centuries for the preparation of food, is also popular with medicine men to promote…
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Potatoes: ingredients and recipes

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Potatoes: ingredients and recipes Potatoes are a staple from the diet of the Germans. French fries, potatoes with cottage cheese, potato pancakes or baked potatoes are just a few of the many uses for the Solanaceae. The type of preparation has a great influence on the health value of potatoes, as the tubers themselves contain hardly any fat and few calories. They are deep-fried but, or, for example, as a casserole, baked with cheese, that will change quickly, of course. We will show you what all is in potatoes and some of the recipes with potatoes are particularly healthy. Potatoes: Lots of carbs, few calories Potatoes are known for their high content of carbohydrates and therefore is often mistaken for fattening. In fact, as a Potato well-known tubers can be…
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Soda maker in the Trend: How is the quality of our tap water?

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Soda maker in the Trend: How is the quality of our tap water? More and more people make their carbonated mineral water with so-called soda ago heaters. However, clear water is always clean? Without the liquid of the human being can only survive for a few days. The healthiest drink for the body is water. Drinking water is from a river, lake, source or ground water can be obtained. Before it is for the public network is available, it goes through several cleaning steps. The water that comes out of our pipelines, is subject to the strict regulations of the German water regulation – in Germany, it is probably the most strictly controlled food products. Through our lines of health runs so good free water, but can pipes this through…
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Work-Life Balance

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Work-Life Balance A pile of papers on the Desk, mountains of Laundry at home and neglected friends will soon be a thing of the past. With the right Work-Life Balance, and the perfect time management balance work, family and leisure commitments. Thus, not only do they look relaxed and happy and have more time for yourself, but also do something for your health. Work-Life Balance, aim for Some people just seems to succeed in everything. In the work, they calm the irritated customer on the phone with angelic patience, while you are on your clean up with a tidy Desk a fresh, home-prepared with sheep's cheese and Fig salad with honey dressing to eat. After the work with the Partner to the sports, then the perfectly-behaved children will be picked…
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Hearing loss affects partnership

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Hearing loss affects partnership The Basis of any partnership is communication with each other. Due to a variety of factors, communication is possible but not always: We're talking at each other, silence is sometimes better, instead of something to address and not to listen sometimes simply – intentionally, but sometimes unintentionally. Hearing loss is a widespread Suffering in Germany alone, 19% of 14-year-olds, i.e. around 13 million people are affected. Of these, about 9% of severe suffering to deafness and related hearing loss. Hearing impairments can also lead to problems in the partnership. Hearing loss in the partnership Hearing conversation partners are uncertain in the exchange of hearing-impaired people often have, and helpless. "There is more to misunderstandings, which in turn can lead to ill feeling. It is as if…
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Andrologist – Even men need a doctor

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Andrologist – Even men need a doctor According to data from the Federal Statistical office, a newborn Boy in Germany has a life expectancy of 74 years and a newborn girl from 80.3 years – a difference of approximately 6.3 years. Why? Men to go with their health careless. However, the Y chromosome is mainly responsible for numerous genetic and hormonal differences between a man and a woman. Andrology (Men's Medicine) Increasingly, an important Partner in matters of family planning for men and couples the andrologist. Whether the unfulfilled desire to have children, hormone and erectile dysfunction or disruption in the development during puberty – men's medical doctor, the andrologist, has established itself in recent years as a key point of contact for male patients. To be able to be…
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Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)

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Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) Vitamin B6 also known as pyridoxine – is a water soluble Vitamin and belongs to the group of B vitamins. Strictly speaking, the term Vitamin B6 includes three substances, namely, Pyridoxol, Pyridoxal and Pyridoxamine. Vitamin B6 must be supplied to the body from the outside, however, it is included in many foods, so a Vitamin B6 deficiency occurs rarely. Vitamin B6: effect on growth Vitamin B6 is involved in the body is crucial in the construction and remodeling of proteins. It is an important coenzyme for the metabolism of the amino acids is. Coenzyme as a component of enzymes together with these to ensure that biochemical reactions take place faster. The amino acid metabolism amino acids are converted in the body's own substances. The messenger substances Serotonin,…
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