Green tea – a miracle cure?

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Green tea – a miracle cure? A stimulating hot drink is Green tea all. However, a health promoting effect is ascribed. So he's supposed to prevent osteoporosis and the risk of cancer reduce. But what is it about his miraculous power? The Chinese Emperor Shen-Nung, so is a legend, drank to the loved ones of hot water. One day the Wind blew him in the bubbling water a few leaves, the water colored slightly green. He tasted the drink revived and refreshed the ruler. The history is about 5000 years old, and Green tea an integral part of Asian drinking culture. Extraction of green tea Like his brother, the Black tea produced from the Plant with the Botanical name Camellia sinensis. He, however, is not fermented by a fermentation process…
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Pineapple – Healthy Tropical Fruit

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Pineapple – Healthy Tropical Fruit The pineapple loves full sun and high, tropical temperatures. Accordingly, exotic, sweet, and juicy ripe pineapple tastes. Apart from the delicious taste, the Tropical fruit is also a Beautiful and Slimming effect: pineapple is full of nutrients and strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure, lifts the mood and regulates the digestion. Since pineapple stimulates the fat burning, many health-conscious people on the purifying effect of a pineapple diet. Pineapple: calories and nutrients In a pineapple, not only the blazing energy of the sun, but also a lot of A-vitamins, B-vitamins and C-vitamins are stuck. Especially the high proportion of enzymes in pineapple, it is estimated, however: The healthy Tropical fruit is rich in Bromelain, Amylase, Perodixase and Invertase. There are also numerous minerals and…
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Pomelos Pomelos – a hybrid of Grapefruit and pummelo – after a few years in the winter months, also in German supermarkets. You have a pear-like shape and are usually well recognized the fact that they are Packed in a net. When consuming Pomelos, you should keep in mind that the simultaneous intake of blood pressure lowering medications to interactions. Calories and ingredients Pomelos have hardly any calories and are therefore ideal for a healthy snack suitable. Depending on the maturity of the caloric content is between 25 and 50 calories per 100 grams. Similar to Grapefruit, including pomelos are Pomelos are rich in Vitamin C. they also have valuable minerals such as potassium, Magnesium, and phosphorus. Due to the high content of the bitter substance Limonin is stimulated by…
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Rose hips – rich in Vitamin C

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Rose hips – rich in Vitamin C Rose hips is known. Many a one has done in his Childhood, even less pleasant acquaintance with the "itching powder" of the red tail roses-fruit. The pretty bright red, but sometimes also yellow, orange, or brownish fruits develop in autumn, the flowers and floors of the rose hip shrub. Rose hips have a high health value and taste tart and tangy. Use you will find, among other things, as rosehip tea or jam, rosehip-marrow. Here you can find out what is in the fruits. Vitamin C in rose hips Be attributed to rose hips of various healing effects. A considerable proportion of the Vitamin C, contained in large quantities in the sour fruit. Depending on the variety, 100 grams have the hips of…
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Eat healthy – it can be so easy!

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Eat healthy – it can be so easy! Two liters of water, seven slices of whole grain bread and five times a day fruits and vegetables. Sounds hard, but with little Tricks you can feed optimally. What recommend us nutrition experts, is almost the ideal state, in order to keep disease risks as small as possible: five times, vegetables and fruit, 35 grams of fiber, two liters of fluid. To create hardly. Is not so bad. Even if you stay under the bar, you can do a lot for the health. What does this mean for our daily meal plan? Here are the five most well-known diet rules are: Five servings of fruits and vegetables In the process, 600 to 700 grams of empfiehlen. If the will is not always…
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Paleo diet: Eat like in the stone age

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Paleo diet: Eat like in the stone age Paleo diet – so a decreasing trend from Hollywood. What's behind it? In the case of the Paleo diet, which is also referred to as the stone age diet, are allowed only such food, which were also our ancestors in the stone age accessible. So mainly a lot of fruit, vegetables and meat during the diet on the table. We introduce you to the Paleo diet velvet delicious recipes for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition, we are betrayed, what are some good reasons for, but also against the Paleo diet talk. Basics the stone age diet The Paleo diet is based on the assumption that our genome has changed since the stone age. So – the proponents argue – is the…
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Lose weight with the Dukan diet

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Lose weight with the Dukan diet In the case of the Dukan diet (Dukan Diet) is rich on the consumption of lean dairy products, vegetables, and protein, but low fat fish and meats. The effect of the Dukan diet is similar to other protein-based diets. By avoiding carbs necessary energy to the body, so he can attack fat reserves and this needs to convert into energy. In this way, it is also used in the Dukan diet Plan to weight reduction. Dukan Diet Plan Not to suffer during a Dukan diet hunger feelings and other vital substances are supplied to the body with protein food. These foods can be filling and nurture the muscles, can, however, be converted by the body into energy. A weight gain from it remains so.…
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Selenium: deficiency and Excess

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Selenium: deficiency and Excess Selenium: Deficiency Symptoms Because of the large differences in the selenium content of the soil, the selenium content varies in crops is very strong. In many regions of Europe, including in Germany, contain the soil, only a little selenium, among other things, due to the sulphur dioxide polluted acid rain and sulfur-containing fertilizer (sulfur is then absorbed by the plants instead of selenium). The trace element is added, therefore, often cattle feed, since the animals are thus less prone to disease. Animal proteins are usually much better sources of Selenium because the selenium-poor soils as plant food. Some scientists classify Germany as selenium deficiency area, because often, the actual selenium intake – an average of 30-60 µg /day – behind the recommendation of the German nutrition…
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How to eat as an athlete healthy

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How to eat as an athlete healthy Whether Swimming, Jogging, or football people, the goings-on in regular recreational sports, require more energy than others. A healthy diet is essential. Depending on the Sport, the claims vary to a healthy diet. If you want to build muscle mass, eat differently than someone who wants to train his stamina. Nevertheless, the body requires for any physical activity, a sufficient food supply, in order to cover its basic needs. The assortment of foods is crucial. The energy requirement of the body is derived from base and performance of sales. The basal metabolic rate is the energy requirement of the body in the resting state, consumes, such as the heartbeat or breathing. He rises with the share of muscle mass. Any further physical activity…
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Soy in the diet

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Soy in the diet The soy plant has its origin in East Asia. It is considered to be one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world and is especially valued by the Chinese for several thousand years as an excellent protein and nutrient source. In the Western industrial countries, the soybean has gained in the last few years in popularity. Whether as a soy Drink, soy sausages or Tofu, the sleeve is fruit as a particularly healthy food. A drawback for the consumer is, however, beans, the fear of genetically modified soy. What's in the soybean? The soybean is one of fruits such as peas, beans and lentils to the sleeve and has in this group the highest protein content. It is a very high-quality vegetable protein. Soy also…
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Cabbage and diseases

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Cabbage and diseases Cabbage and diseases Through the consumption of cruciferous vegetables can protect against cancer. This lead the scientists to the 49 different phytochemicals. One of these substances to the dye lycopene, which protects against stomach and colon cancer. Carotenoids such as Beta-carotene, are also included in large quantities. They supply the plants with the colors of yellow, orange or red. In the human organism, they act as antioxidants are called radical scavengers. Free radicals are produced in every cell of the human body, they destroy, for example of chromosomes with genetic material, tissues and organs. The human organism protects itself from the Radicals with a so-called anti-oxidative protection system. This System is sufficient in our environmental toxins, polluted world. Antioxidants from the diet trap free radicals, reduce the…
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Obesity Causes

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Obesity Causes In principle, it comes to Obesity, if the food energy is higher than the required or consumed as energy. The individual causes are diverse, often several causes together to play a role: Improper diet as one of the causes: excess of fat (especially saturated fat), many short-chain carbohydrates, for example, in sugar-containing soft drinks, alcohol, Fast Food, snacks Cause lack of exercise: no sports, no regular exercise, sedentary activities, car instead of bike Genes Psychological causes (Stress, "stress eating", food as a love substitute) Metabolic diseases such as hypothyroidism and Diabetes, hormonal Changes (pregnancy, menopause) Drugs as causes (corticosteroids, antidepressants, diabetes pills, beta-blockers, birth control pills) Maternal factors during pregnancy affecting the Unborn as causes (chemicals, such as Bisphenol A, medication, diabetes) Causes: obesity and genes Genetic factors…
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Apricot Apricots are less juicy as peaches and nectarines and can be consumed, therefore, mostly without problems. Ripe apricots taste very sweet and have a mealy-soft flesh. When shopping you will recognize ripe apricots to the fact that the flesh of the fruit yields to pressure easily. Calories and ingredients Apricots are one of the most nutritious fruits ever: In apricots are Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin C as well as potassium, calcium and phosphorus are stuck. Due to their valuable ingredients, the sweet fruits have a positive impact on our hair and our nails, and also strengthen our immune system. In addition, apricots are good for the line, because 100 grams of bring it down to only 40 calories. Care should be exercised, however, with dried…
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Pelvic inflammatory disease – treatment and prevention

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Pelvic inflammatory disease - treatment and prevention What kind of therapy are there? Most of the time a hospital admission is required, in any case, strict bed rest. The focus is on the administration of an antibiotic is that at the same time against a number of germs and in many cases, initially as an Infusion is to be administered. In addition, painkillers are used, which also act anti-inflammatory. With a towel wrapped ice pack on the lower abdomen, the pain and the inflammation relieve. It is important to drink plenty and empty the bladder and bowel regularly. Sexual intercourse should be avoided in the first time, the Partner may need to be treated. Smoking is taboo. Subsides, the acute inflammation (which can be determined by blood tests to check),…
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Skin care in pregnancy: What matters now

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Skin care in pregnancy: What matters now Pregnancy is beautiful, but also quite exhausting - both for the mental well-being, as well as for the skin of the Pregnant woman. The tummy needs special care and also body and face care must often be changed because of the hormonal changes can have a big impact on the skin. Dr. med. Bernd Kleine-Gunk, chief physician of the gynecology at the Euromed Clinic in Fürth and a specialist in aesthetic medicine answers, what matters in care now. Dr. Kleine-Gunk, a pregnancy means for the skin to big changes. The risk of stretch marks is the majority of women are aware of the belly so it needs special care. What can you recommend? DR. KLEINE-GUNK: stretch marks the most common cosmetic Problem at…
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Healthy Living from A to Z – part 2

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Healthy Living from A to Z - part 2 Mites, ozone, mercury, or molds - these and other pollutants can affect the quality of living and, therefore, the health considerably. Humidity Through Breathing and sweating, but also bathing, showering, or cooking, we produce steam. A Four-person household produces per day, about 10 liters! The water is invisible in the home as water vapor. With a Hygrometer, the relative humidity of the room you can check. You should be between 30 and 65 percent. When the moisture settles on the cold walls, threatening to mold. Here are just a regular Airing helps, several times a day. Ventilation ensures that not only the temperature balance, but, above all, particulate matter, pollutants and moisture are removed from the apartment. Ventilation of the spaces…
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Coconut oil and coconut oil

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Coconut oil and coconut oil Coconut oil (virgin coconut oil) is a particularly high-heatable vegetable oil, which is extracted from the endosperm of the coconut (copra). At room temperature coconut oil has a solid state and an off-white color – in this Form it is referred to as coconut fat. Coconut oil is mainly used in the kitchen for Roasting and baking, but also in cosmetics. Here, coconut oil is popular for hair care. Coconut oil - healthy or unhealthy? Since coconut oil and coconut oil have a particularly high proportion of saturated fatty acids – this is about 90 percent - were for years considered to be unhealthy. Because, supposedly, the many saturated fatty acids should lead to an increase in the cholesterol levels. Today, we know that high…
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It’s in Parmesan cheese

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It's in Parmesan cheese Parmesan cheese is one of the popular export of Italy. No wonder, because from the internationally popular Italian cuisine, Parmesan cheese is an integral part. The spicy-aromatic hard cheese with the crispy salt crystals tastes to Pasta, on Pizza, in Pesto, and arugula salad or simply eaten with a glass of red wine. But Parmesan is not only delicious, but also rich in nutrients. You will learn everything you need to know about Parmesan cheese – how many calories of this cheese contains, whether Parmesan cheese is allowed in pregnancy and what effect it has on blood pressure. Parmesan cheese is healthy? Due to its high nutrient density, Parmesan cheese is generally considered as healthy. The following nutritional values it has to offer, Parmesan cheese: Parmesan…
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Syphilis Lues venerea - love disease - is the technical Name for one of the oldest sexually transmitted diseases. It was the mid-90s, when almost extinct, the number of new cases in recent years, worldwide concern. Pathogen Treponemes, spiral-shaped rod bacteria that live only on humans and predominantly by direct mucous membrane contact to be transmitted. Of microbes and human "Lust plague spreads", "Lues to draw again on the rise", "Syphilis outbreak in the Metropolitan area of Aachen" - the reports in Newspapers, on websites and in the reports of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is a bleak picture. An almost-forgotten infection is spreading again. The "hard chancre" more homosexuals, or men who have with other men Sex ("MSM"), he is but in a quarter of cases in Heterosexuals. High…
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Sunglasses: protection for children’s eyes

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Sunglasses: protection for children's eyes Whether Sand - or stone-paved beach, green plant or in a mountain meadow: Outside the Largest is a play for children. Sun cream and a hat get the Little ones usually missed out on the sunglasses, only a few parents think about it. Wrongly, because the children's eyes are especially sensitive and in need of protection. The children's eyes are clear, and light to develop more permeable than that of adults: pigments, which give the eye a natural self-protection against light and UV radiation, only with the years. Therefore, the eyes of a child can put the dangerous short-wave radiation only. Also, children should wear sunglasses Kerstin Kruschinski from the Board of Trustees of the Good: "exposed to the eyes of the Small durable of…
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The EU organic seal

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The EU organic seal Who respects in the EU when shopping in organic food, you must often fight through a jungle of labels and names related to organic or organic products, without knowing what exactly is hidden behind it. In order to create clarity for consumers and consistency on the European food market for organic products, the EU introduced in July 2010 its own Eco-label. The white-star-shaped leaf on a green Background, in the future label food which has been produced according to EC-Eco-regulation. Eventually, it is hoped, will disappear with a variety of Eco label and the EU seal apply. But that is not for the time being. Because the labels of farming associations, and retail chains are not only successful brands, but often also to organic. Eco and…
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Diet for underactive thyroid

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Diet for underactive thyroid There is a connection between an underactive thyroid and diet. The best known is that an iodine deficiency can lead to an under function of the thyroid gland. However, other causes, and prevention can be influenced through proper nutrition, the function of the thyroid positive. Iodine deficiency as a trigger for an underactive thyroid The thyroid gland produces two hormones: thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). Through these messengers, it controls energy metabolism, including the heat balance, the weight increase or decrease and also the heart rate as well as bone metabolism, and in children the growth. For the production of the T4 and the T3, the thyroid gland requires Iodine, a trace element. Trace elements are supplied to the body with food in small amounts. Iodine…
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Lose weight with Low Carb diets

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Lose weight with Low Carb diets Losing weight decrease through less carbohydrate: One of the most effective methods is the Low Carb diet. Friends a lush meal come here, because instead of calories are counted in these diets are not only carbohydrates. Fats and proteins can those wanting to lose weight take in the indefinite quantity. However, Low-Carb diets are fat according to the German nutrition society (DGE) together and separately - and protein-rich to be as a permanent diet is recommended. Low-Carbohydrate Diet Nevertheless, there are a variety of these diet forms differed with regard to fat and protein intake, all of them, however, carbohydrates. Low-carbohydrate diet is the eating plan. As the original Low-Carb variants of the Atkins and South Beach are diet. The idea behind the waiver…
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Nutrition tips for kids recipe: pizza waffles

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Nutrition tips for kids recipe: pizza waffles Recipe: Pizza Waffles Ingredients for 4 people: For the dough: 250 g flour 1 TSP pizza seasoning, 1 TSP salt 250 ml butter milk 2 eggs (M) 80 ml Fine rapeseed oil, a little canola oil for the waffle iron For the topping: 8 TBSP tomato ketchup 2 TBSP tomato paste 100 g mushrooms 1 TSP. Fine rapeseed oil 50 g of Sausage 100 g of Edam cheese in slices parsley for Garnish preparation Flour, pizza seasoning, and salt in a bowl. Mix with butter, milk, eggs, and canola oil to a smooth dough. Waffle auspinseln with a little canola oil and heat. A ladle of dough (or 3-4 tablespoons) and the waffle is crispy brown. Three more waffles to bake until the…
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Ectopic pregnancy – diagnosis and therapy

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Ectopic pregnancy - diagnosis and therapy How is the diagnosis? A pregnancy is known or the period remained, and it to develop these characters, should as soon as possible be a woman medical attention. The suspicion of a court of first instance, in accordance with the Request of the clinical history and the palpation (possibly uterine and/or abdominal pain-sensitive) is first performed an ultrasound examination and examination of blood and urine (pregnancy test by Determining Beta-HCG, to the exclusion of urinary tract infections). Especially in early pregnancy, the findings are sometimes not clear; however, a hospital admission is the slightest suspicion rates. What kind of therapy are there? The procedure in the hospital depends on the symptoms and ranges from a wait-and-see behavior with regular checks via a diagnostic and/or…
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The morning-after pill

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The morning-after pill Prior to a breakdown in the prevention of none immune: The "pill" was forgotten, the condom broke, the diaphragm slips out of place. Or love and Desire were so overpowering that there has not been prevented. The "morning after pill" to be in such exceptional situations, a prevent pregnancy. The "morning after pill" is a way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, if the normal contraception has failed or has not taken place. Early taking the morning-after pill is important You must be taken within 72 hours after unprotected intercourse – the sooner, the higher the probability that it is: started in the first 24 hours of ingestion, can be prevented 95% of pregnancies after 24 to 48 hours of 85 %. Thereafter, the effect decreases to 58%,…
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So Halloween is a healthy fun

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So Halloween is a healthy fun On Halloween, it is time for a pumpkin hollow out a stock of sweets to create, design costumes, and to enrich the house with skeletons, black cats, and all sorts of creepy decoration. But why do you celebrated Halloween? About the origins of Halloween to argue today. History of Halloween The Name is a short form of All Hallows Even, the evening before all saints ' day, the Halloween Festival is committed to traditional. According to the legend, celebrated Celtic druids in the night from 31. October 1. November is a Festival to say goodbye to summer and welcome the Winter, the time of the dead God Samhein. That night, you believed you could make contact with the dead contact and the other way…
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Hormone deficiency – cause and symptoms

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Hormone deficiency - cause and symptoms Other causes of hormone deficiency Hypogonadism the male hormone deficiency is, in the jargon. Specifically, the term refers to the function of the hormonal activity of the testes. The causes can be both of the testes themselves (primary hypogonadism) and disorders of the pituitary gland or the parent structures in the brain (secondary hypogonadism). General symptoms are lack of sexual desire (Libido), muscle wasting, increase in body fat content, Depression, blood poverty (anemia) and bone loss (osteoporosis). Also young people can be affected when they come due to a lack of hormone production in the puberty. Such as Kallmann syndrome, described disturbance occurs rather rarely. In the case of the so-called precocious Puberty tarda puberty sets in with some delay, sometimes only with the…
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Various Esstypen – I eat right?

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Various Esstypen - I eat right? Actually, it would be very simple: We eat when we're hungry and stop when we are full. Unfortunately, this is not always so. Often the time for a real food is missing, or we feel with our weight and want to lose weight. However, diets can end up with eating disorders. And hectic to eat is often associated with an unhealthy diet. In this context, it is interesting to learn, whether the own eating behavior is the right one. Questions such as "Why I eat?“ or "when and how much I eat?" should ask the custom Esstyp find out, because it is not only the growling stomach to eat the us for a reason. Social and cultural norms determine the eating habits In the…
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Occupational diseases prevention

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Occupational diseases prevention Sometimes a More on movement to stay healthy in the profession. When it comes to more severe diseases, and can also bring changes on-the-job improvement. The question of what the people in the workplace makes you sick, there are at least two different statistics. The most common Beruskrankheiten At the top of the recognised occupational diseases of noise are hearing loss, asbestos-related diseases as well as lung and larynx cancer. The power of regular newspaper readers may be taken aback. However, most of the sick notes and sick days of employees on the account of other ailments: muscle - skeletal disorders and back pain have to go epidemic increased. Sick days due to mental disorders have risen sharply recently. This includes respiratory diseases such as chronic Bronchitis…
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