Paleo diet: Eat like in the stone age

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Paleo diet: Eat like in the stone age Paleo diet – so a decreasing trend from Hollywood. What's behind it? In the case of the Paleo diet, which is also referred to as the stone age diet, are allowed only such food, which were also our ancestors in the stone age accessible. So mainly a lot of fruit, vegetables and meat during the diet on the table. We introduce you to the Paleo diet velvet delicious recipes for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition, we are betrayed, what are some good reasons for, but also against the Paleo diet talk. Basics the stone age diet The Paleo diet is based on the assumption that our genome has changed since the stone age. So – the proponents argue – is the…
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How to eat as an athlete healthy

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How to eat as an athlete healthy Whether Swimming, Jogging, or football people, the goings-on in regular recreational sports, require more energy than others. A healthy diet is essential. Depending on the Sport, the claims vary to a healthy diet. If you want to build muscle mass, eat differently than someone who wants to train his stamina. Nevertheless, the body requires for any physical activity, a sufficient food supply, in order to cover its basic needs. The assortment of foods is crucial. The energy requirement of the body is derived from base and performance of sales. The basal metabolic rate is the energy requirement of the body in the resting state, consumes, such as the heartbeat or breathing. He rises with the share of muscle mass. Any further physical activity…
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Cabbage and diseases

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Cabbage and diseases Cabbage and diseases Through the consumption of cruciferous vegetables can protect against cancer. This lead the scientists to the 49 different phytochemicals. One of these substances to the dye lycopene, which protects against stomach and colon cancer. Carotenoids such as Beta-carotene, are also included in large quantities. They supply the plants with the colors of yellow, orange or red. In the human organism, they act as antioxidants are called radical scavengers. Free radicals are produced in every cell of the human body, they destroy, for example of chromosomes with genetic material, tissues and organs. The human organism protects itself from the Radicals with a so-called anti-oxidative protection system. This System is sufficient in our environmental toxins, polluted world. Antioxidants from the diet trap free radicals, reduce the…
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Pelvic inflammatory disease – treatment and prevention

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Pelvic inflammatory disease - treatment and prevention What kind of therapy are there? Most of the time a hospital admission is required, in any case, strict bed rest. The focus is on the administration of an antibiotic is that at the same time against a number of germs and in many cases, initially as an Infusion is to be administered. In addition, painkillers are used, which also act anti-inflammatory. With a towel wrapped ice pack on the lower abdomen, the pain and the inflammation relieve. It is important to drink plenty and empty the bladder and bowel regularly. Sexual intercourse should be avoided in the first time, the Partner may need to be treated. Smoking is taboo. Subsides, the acute inflammation (which can be determined by blood tests to check),…
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Nutrition tips for kids recipe: pizza waffles

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Nutrition tips for kids recipe: pizza waffles Recipe: Pizza Waffles Ingredients for 4 people: For the dough: 250 g flour 1 TSP pizza seasoning, 1 TSP salt 250 ml butter milk 2 eggs (M) 80 ml Fine rapeseed oil, a little canola oil for the waffle iron For the topping: 8 TBSP tomato ketchup 2 TBSP tomato paste 100 g mushrooms 1 TSP. Fine rapeseed oil 50 g of Sausage 100 g of Edam cheese in slices parsley for Garnish preparation Flour, pizza seasoning, and salt in a bowl. Mix with butter, milk, eggs, and canola oil to a smooth dough. Waffle auspinseln with a little canola oil and heat. A ladle of dough (or 3-4 tablespoons) and the waffle is crispy brown. Three more waffles to bake until the…
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Ectopic pregnancy – diagnosis and therapy

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Ectopic pregnancy - diagnosis and therapy How is the diagnosis? A pregnancy is known or the period remained, and it to develop these characters, should as soon as possible be a woman medical attention. The suspicion of a court of first instance, in accordance with the Request of the clinical history and the palpation (possibly uterine and/or abdominal pain-sensitive) is first performed an ultrasound examination and examination of blood and urine (pregnancy test by Determining Beta-HCG, to the exclusion of urinary tract infections). Especially in early pregnancy, the findings are sometimes not clear; however, a hospital admission is the slightest suspicion rates. What kind of therapy are there? The procedure in the hospital depends on the symptoms and ranges from a wait-and-see behavior with regular checks via a diagnostic and/or…
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Various Esstypen – I eat right?

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Various Esstypen - I eat right? Actually, it would be very simple: We eat when we're hungry and stop when we are full. Unfortunately, this is not always so. Often the time for a real food is missing, or we feel with our weight and want to lose weight. However, diets can end up with eating disorders. And hectic to eat is often associated with an unhealthy diet. In this context, it is interesting to learn, whether the own eating behavior is the right one. Questions such as "Why I eat?“ or "when and how much I eat?" should ask the custom Esstyp find out, because it is not only the growling stomach to eat the us for a reason. Social and cultural norms determine the eating habits In the…
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Occupational diseases prevention

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Occupational diseases prevention Sometimes a More on movement to stay healthy in the profession. When it comes to more severe diseases, and can also bring changes on-the-job improvement. The question of what the people in the workplace makes you sick, there are at least two different statistics. The most common Beruskrankheiten At the top of the recognised occupational diseases of noise are hearing loss, asbestos-related diseases as well as lung and larynx cancer. The power of regular newspaper readers may be taken aback. However, most of the sick notes and sick days of employees on the account of other ailments: muscle - skeletal disorders and back pain have to go epidemic increased. Sick days due to mental disorders have risen sharply recently. This includes respiratory diseases such as chronic Bronchitis…
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Eroticism of the woman – Lust is a tramp

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Eroticism of the woman - Lust is a tramp The nature has gifted "the fair sex": The woman not only has a G-spot, but also a K-point, and even a U-point. From head to toe, the female body is an erogenous Zone and able to experience three forms of climaxes: vaginal, clitoral, or - "two in one" - both of them together! Multiple Orgasms? Are also possible! Speaking of which, the clitoris is a small version of the male Penis, as high-erogenous and ejaculation! Did you know? Female sexuality leaves many issues open Unfortunately, only the men of the world do not know rather little about the "unknown creature: woman." The women themselves are often a mystery when it comes to the secret of their sexuality. About love, Lust, and…
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Children’s playgrounds

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Children's playgrounds Faster, further, higher – playgrounds are intended for the child's audacity. But how can parents recognize how safe a Playground is really? For example, with a check list. Children discover the world through Grasping, Running, Jumping and Climbing movement is for their development is of Central importance. Because you experience the environment rather than the senses and the body as by thought and imagination. Positive movement experiences to strengthen the motor skills, promote intelligence and increase self-awareness. Parents should give their offspring of the opportunity, outside extensively let off steam. On a daily basis and together with other children. Playgrounds are the ideal place to do it You stimulate to movement, and also communication centers for children. Here friendships are made - sometimes for the whole life. And…
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Children’s Early Development: Individual Gifts

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Children's Early Development: Individual Gifts Individual Gifts Not all the kids show at first glance an outstanding Talent, but each can be something good particularly. Also, most of the adults are finally gifted in many areas, only an average of. "The Little ones should enjoy your experiences. Blame and the pressure to the brakes on the kid, you take him to feel for its success. Of praise and confidence in his abilities to inspire it," explains the master of science in education. She points to the fact that human development proceeds in a straight line, but in phases. It is based on the respective requirements of everyday life. Some of the acclaimed wonder of the children fall back as adults to the mediocrity, from the physics genius of Einstein, for…
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Which wine goes with which food?

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Which wine goes with which food? The "grandmother"rule on the topic of "wine for food" is simple, memorable, and basically not wrong. It says: "red wine with red meat, white wine with white meat". Or you would drink to oysters and a Chablis to the Wild and a Chianti? The "modern kitchen" in dealing with wines sophisticated than the above-mentioned Color control. The content of the wines (residual sugar, alcohol, acid), as well as the food accompanying sauces substances are today considered to have a greater importance. Basically, the wine selection, the "Pleasure is up to" each individual. For the cultured Foodie, there are optimum combinations, and unvereinbarere pairings. A few pairs of "harmony" Rule 1 To light meals, as they prevail today, a "lighter" wine. Light wines are the…
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10 foods with Vitamin Power

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10 foods with Vitamin Power So that our body remains healthy and its duties, we must provide him with all the important nutrients. Especially important is a sufficient supply of the vitamin, because the body can not produce the little all-rounders. Vitamins are involved in the body to the various processes and ensure that we feel perfectly fit and healthy. In order to prevent a deficiency, we should always pay attention to a healthy, balanced diet. Especially recommended are the following 10 foods, as they provide a good Vitamin Mix. Carrots are ideally suited to supply our body with Vitamin A: 100 grams, milligrams of Provitamin A contain, on average, and thus cover the daily requirement of an adult already to 50 percent. Vitamin A is for vision, especially for…
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Under the weight of risk and therapy

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Under the weight of risk and therapy Health risk of weight Anyone who is underweight, not just thin, but also for developing Diabetes (sugar disease) such as Normal -, or Overweight. Underweight are significantly more prone to osteoporosis and infections than people with normal weight. One reason for the increased susceptibility to infection, the decreased levels of the protein "Leptin" in the body cells in the case of underweight. This "satiety hormone", is not only lessens the appetite and provides the energy balance. Leptin is a messenger and informed the body about the currently available energy in the cells of the body. The more fat is stored in fat cells, the more Leptin will be released. The energy, however, are consumed by a lack of food or absorption disorder, decreases…
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Hormones – clock for Lust, love and Sex

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Hormones - clock for Lust, love and Sex They belong to the evergreens of our media landscape and reach an audience of millions in hardly a rival in terms of openness: The countless reports, discussions and depictions of love, Lust and Sex. In contrast, the doctors ' newspaper ran a headline recently: "it's shocking how little women know about love and Sex". Have we missed something? The idea of love = Sex is an equation with many Unknowns, and the female desire to be unpredictable? Love = Lust is a myth Headache, migraine, or Laundry day once were for our great-grandmothers appropriate excuses to refuse. Today, most of the women feel that the cycle is influenced with hormone fluctuations, mood and well-being. Superficially, that is to say: desire to to…
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Leek – a Versatile, aromatic, and healthy

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Leek – a Versatile, aromatic, and healthy He is the "asparagus of the poor man" and a historical size: the Leek. Already the ancient Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans consumed the tasty plant. The Roman Emperor Nero appreciated to the Leek because of its mustard oils, which are intended to maintain the voice. His eating habits have brought him the name of Porrophagus, leek eater. From the Mediterranean sea, from the onion plant began its triumphal March to the North of Europe. Also, the Germans and the British appreciated the aromatic vegetable with the long, white shaft, and the juicy green leaves. Leek is available throughout the year The "illustrious" rulers used the vegetables even as a coat-of-arms ornament. The British part of the country Wales still has a…
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Ayurvedic nutrition: food as medicine

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Ayurvedic nutrition: food as medicine Food and health are connected in Ayurvedic medicine inextricably. Aim of Ayurvedic diet is to reach an inner balance, or to get this. Ayurveda is the oldest known medicine to mankind and means from the Sanskrit, the Knowledge of long life" (ayus - long life, veda - Knowledge) is translated as". The approximately 3,500-year-old, in writing, to traditional Ayurvedic principles originating in India. You have already influenced Hippocrates, who advocated for a holistic treatment of the people. In contrast to Western systems, Ayurveda is a way of life: It wants to not only heal diseases, but attempts to give a comprehensive answer to the question of the goal of life, and to bring humans in harmony with nature. Vata, Pitta, Kapha: the 3 forces that…
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Healthy Egg?

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Healthy Egg? Eggs and health Eggs are an important staple food. The protein is Special, you will realize the derived name to one of our three main nutrients: protein, fat and carbohydrates. Egg-protein can use of the body to build proteins. Of all foods it has the highest biological value, namely 100 %. This means that from 100 grams egg white 100 grams of body Protein can be formed. The Egg contains approximately 7 grams of protein 6 grams of fat and traces of carbohydrates, in addition, all of the minerals and vitamins with exception of Vitamin C. The most important Vitamin in the egg, the Vitamin A (Retinol) and its precursor, the Pro-Vitamin A (carotene). Both provide the elasticity of the eye, the effect of a good Light-Dark adaptation…
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Acidification How is Acidosis? What are the causes of an overly acidic stomach? More acidic metabolic waste is produced in the body as a neutralized and excreted, so it comes to a long-term chronic Acidification of the organism. The acid-base balance leads to imbalance, and the organism can only work sub-optimally. The body relies on mechanisms, this imbalance. For example, the body stores excess acids first in the connective tissue to loosen and only then to challenge, and to excrete, if the blood has enough basic Compounds. Main Reason: Incorrect Diet In the case of a prolonged lack of alkaline mineral and a at the same time more existing acid load Repository salts of these in-between camps. This can result in pain, Motion and function of limitations of individual cells…
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Men’s health – men are not ill, are you?

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Men's health - men are not ill, are you? Note: XY is harmful to your health! Meanwhile, empirical studies show that men smoke too much, drink too much, the wrong feed, and much less to health promotion and screening programmes than women. A study by the Institute for Public Health at the University of Bremen comes to the conclusion that between the ages of 30 and 65 years, the mortality rate in men is twice as high as in women, mainly due to: Accidents Suicides Diseases of the circulation Diseases of the digestive organs Herein, the higher risk appetite of men in dealing with their health and riskier working conditions reflect. "The reasons for this behavior accepted behavior to lie to a not inconsiderable part in Gender stereotypes and the…
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Burnout – symptoms and treatment

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Burnout - symptoms and treatment Everyday life is organized from morning to night through and in the Job nothing goes without an appointment calendar more... Who is professionally a lot of Gas and constantly the maximum performance required from, and runs the risk of breaking on the Burnout syndrome. And not only managers are affected. The American psychoanalyst Herbert Freudenberger coined in 1974 for the first time the term "Burnout syndrome". In the case of Doctors, he had identified a state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion due to prolonged and repeated stress. Today is generally understood as including a persistent stress response to stress in the work world. Nearly a Million Germans will be affected by this disease to the point of total exhaustion. Definition of the Burnout syndrome…
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Hearing loss affects partnership

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Hearing loss affects partnership The Basis of any partnership is communication with each other. Due to a variety of factors, communication is possible but not always: We're talking at each other, silence is sometimes better, instead of something to address and not to listen sometimes simply – intentionally, but sometimes unintentionally. Hearing loss is a widespread Suffering in Germany alone, 19% of 14-year-olds, i.e. around 13 million people are affected. Of these, about 9% of severe suffering to deafness and related hearing loss. Hearing impairments can also lead to problems in the partnership. Hearing loss in the partnership Hearing conversation partners are uncertain in the exchange of hearing-impaired people often have, and helpless. "There is more to misunderstandings, which in turn can lead to ill feeling. It is as if…
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Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)

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Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) Vitamin B6 also known as pyridoxine – is a water soluble Vitamin and belongs to the group of B vitamins. Strictly speaking, the term Vitamin B6 includes three substances, namely, Pyridoxol, Pyridoxal and Pyridoxamine. Vitamin B6 must be supplied to the body from the outside, however, it is included in many foods, so a Vitamin B6 deficiency occurs rarely. Vitamin B6: effect on growth Vitamin B6 is involved in the body is crucial in the construction and remodeling of proteins. It is an important coenzyme for the metabolism of the amino acids is. Coenzyme as a component of enzymes together with these to ensure that biochemical reactions take place faster. The amino acid metabolism amino acids are converted in the body's own substances. The messenger substances Serotonin,…
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Family growth often leads to jealousy

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Family growth often leads to jealousy Most children wish for a sibling. But if the Baby is there, must share the Greater the attention of the parents all of a sudden. Especially first-born feel, then reset. "Children are jealous when a sister or a brother comes to the world, is quite normal," says Karin Schreiner-Kürten, a psychologist at the AOK-Bundesverband. "A good preparation and targeted donation from the parents to help the Elderly then, with the new Situation." If a sibling is there, need Older a lot of attention With the birth of a Geschwisterchens a lot of changes in a child's life: It should be noted that not everything revolves around it. The more important it is for parents to announce their first-born offspring in a timely manner. As…
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Obesity: get Out of the vicious circle!

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Obesity: get Out of the vicious circle! Not in the mood to run, but hungry for Snacks of all kinds, lack of exercise and improper diet often occur in the double pack. What can parents do to ensure that your child remains fit and healthy? According to the German society for Pediatrics and adolescent medicine, approximately 15 percent of our children and adolescents are Overweight. You do not eat fatty Snacks, too little vegetables and hardly move. With rising pounds the Kids can be a cumbersome and also teasing from classmates. The frequent result: frustration-eat. A model function of the parents Parents. this vicious circle with a balanced diet, more exercise, and – most importantly – by their function as role models to break "Parents should avoid shopping hidden fats.…
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Metabolism stimulate

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Metabolism stimulate Our metabolism and our weight are closely related: Who has an active metabolism, the Slimming will be easier. How active the metabolism is depends on various factors. Among other things, the age, sex, and nutrition also play a role. Fortunately, you can do a lot to bring a sluggish metabolism. We betray can stimulate your metabolism effectively. Metabolism and basal metabolic rate Under metabolism, also metabolism called – brings together all of the biochemical processes that occur in the cells of our bodies. Including the absorption, Transport and conversion of substances in finished products, as well as the charge of metabolism. The metabolism ensures that our body functions are kept up and Running that we can build up body substance, and that our body is supplied with energy.…
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For each of the suitable mineral water

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For each of the suitable mineral water Natural mineral water provides the human body a Wealth of necessary minerals us trace elements. In the choice of suitable mineral waters the mineral water typology of the information center of German mineral water (IDM) helps. Everyone knows it, hardly anyone want to do without it: natural mineral water. In 2006, each German was drinking on average 132 litre. Mineral water is regarded not only as a thirst quencher, but also as a Lifestyle and Wellness drink. And this is for good reason: water is a pure natural product and provides the body with a variety of essential minerals and trace elements. With water the Mineral balance regulate The tiny inorganic substances are the building blocks for skeletal, tissue, hormones, enzymes and blood.…
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If the food displaces the love

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If the food displaces the love Five pounds less and I would fit in the dress, five pounds less and I would feel in a bathing suit, five pounds less and he would desire me again – the own weight is for women is usually a life long issue. With 40 plus many are chronically unhappy with your dress size. Behind the rings with the balance the deeper, underlying desires are but often. "Especially in a certain age, women are wondering whether they are still sexually attractive to your Partner and whether you may have a claim on sexual satisfaction", according to physician Nutrition specialist Dr. Ute Gola from Berlin. Women doubt their attractiveness When in bed, nothing more to be running, for example, because he gets erectile dysfunction, and…
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Children’s Early Development: Private Early Claim

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Children's Early Development: Private Early Claim An Early English Course? Or Creative seminars and Computer Workshops for children? Already at kindergarten age, parents want to encourage their offspring optimally, finally, from him. But how useful is early exposure really? Heiderose Kesselring, diploma-pedagogue and Director of a daycare, does not mean that such a provision is absolutely necessary: "Such additional tasks are often based on performance expectations of the parents. This fear of missing crucial things. Kids out early under a lot of Stress; relaxation and free play. Both need the Small." Time to do nothing The teacher explains how important it is to deal with the young and to give suggestions. This was not, however, synonymous with a busy schedule: "children are curious and want to explore the world. You…
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Safe Grilling

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Safe Grilling In the case of the approximately 80 to 100 million grill fires, which are kindled in the Federal Republic of Germany between April and October, happen every year between 3,000 to 4.000 grill accidents, 400 to 500 of them with the most severe burns. The Grill A safety approved grill is identified by the device number DIN 66077. The DIN CERTCO society for conformity assessment mbH, Berlin, the device attests, among other things, that it is stable and free of sharp edges. In addition, the handle of the barbecue spit for these devices is not too hot. The Coal Good charcoal contributes to the testing and monitoring mark to DIN 51749. It provides when you purchase, that this product is high quality goods. Whether the decision-making for charcoal,…
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