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Formula diets

In the meantime, the year is a few weeks old. But the good intentions are implemented? Many of the less alcohol is in addition to the stop Smoking and, not least, the desire to lose weight, the list. There are different ways to futterten rolls of fat to get rid of. One of them is the Slim down with ready-made drinks or powders, Formula diets are industrially produced. With low-fat milk, or water, the powder is stirred to a drink or a soup, and now there are many different flavors. During the diet phase, these mixtures are used to replace one or more meals of the day. A few calories, but a sufficient amount of the important minerals and vitamins to prevent a nutrient deficiency. Powder drinks also contain a minimum amount of Protein; therefore, the method is also called protein-modified fasting.

What Drinks are on offer?

The pioneer in slimming drinks Ulm nutrition specialist Prof. Hans Ditschuneit. He invented the first powder meal, which is known as Ulm’s Trunk. Ditschuneit described at the beginning of the 80s, such as the energy supply by four to five finished shakes or ready-made soups on 800 to 1,200 calories daily to lower. Most of the “astronaut food”-products are similar in composition. As a balanced food you will fall under the dietary regulation.

Since 1996 in the EU directives, certain nutrient levels for these products prescribed. On the packaging, what’s inside it and how many meals to have it replaced. The Daily ration may not be less than 800 kilo-calories, and must comply with the “recommendations for nutrient intake” for adults of the German society for nutrition. The balance of nutrients should be accurate.

Not without an accompanying program

Suitable Formula diets are especially for massively obese people. To make over a longer period of time many Kilos are in free-fall, should be the diet under medical supervision. In addition, a nutritional consultancy, as well as ideal behavior training important. So you learn to eat healthily for the long term and get more suggestions, in order to keep the weight over a long time.

Powder diets but are also suitable as an introduction for people who want to lose a few pounds and then your diet. For one to four weeks meals are taken in the Form of Shakes. In the long term, normal foods are essential, however. No matter how good the finished food is designed – you can’t replace the colorful Nährstoffmix natural ingredients. Thus, the composition of an Apple can be imitated, never one-to-one by a pill or a powder. And also the desire for real food is increasing with time in General, what you should not ignore for too long.

Step-by-step Slimming

A decrease in the willing-to-be should consider before hand, how long he wants to keep a diet. It is equally important to prescribe a daily level of physical activity. The target weight of the best not too low, to avoid frustration. One, two, or all meals of the day are replaced by a powder-meal is mixed with water or milk. Some companies will complement their powder products by means of appropriate latches, and also food for the teeth.

Who combined the Formula-diet meals, can make about two kilos in the week. The Snacks and meals should provide during and after the weight loss phase is low in fat and lots of fiber-rich carbohydrates. A lot of fruits and vegetables, legumes, wholemeal bread, brown rice, potatoes and lean meat are recommended as a basis. On fat meats and dairy products better. When fat, good oils can Supplement the diet.

Some pharmacies also offer help with Diet, give tips and custom diet develop partial plans. After the main phase of the diet the liquid meals will be gradually reduced and by solid meals replaced. The replacement of individual meals by Formula Drinks is no longer following the conversion may be needed.

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