Fruit in the summer

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Fruit in the summer

The summer is coming and with the temperatures rising, the appetite grows on light, fresh Snacks. Especially fruit in the summer is an ideal companion for fruit not complained, and supplies the body with important vitamins and minerals. Here are seven delicious varieties of fruit, and give tips on how to store the fruit at best, and can cook. In addition, we reveal what makes the fruit so healthy.


Strawberries don’t make it in the summer only on the cake good, but can also be fun, it’s used for a strawberry milk shake or a fruity Smoothie. But also fresh from the field taste extremely delicious strawberries. The sweet fruits are purchased only once, they should be transported gently and as soon as possible consumed, because strawberries are quickly perishable.

Calories and ingredients

Strawberries are particularly rich in Vitamin C as 100 grams contain more Vitamin C than the same amount of oranges. In addition, put in strawberries but also other important minerals such as calcium, Magnesium and potassium. Due to their high iron content, regular consumption of strawberries in addition, an iron deficiency and a blood can prevent poverty. Since strawberries are about 90 percent water, bring it to 100 grams and only 32 calories.

Recipe: Strawberry Punch

500 grams of halved strawberries or quarters, and with a bit of sugar sweet. The strawberries for two hours in the refrigerator, and then with a bottle of rose wine and pour over. The mixture for several hours cold, just before Serving, a bottle of sparkling wine to add. For a non-alcoholic strawberry strawberries bowl and pour over a litre of clear Apple juice. Just before Serving, instead of a bottle of sparkling wine, a Liter of lemon – or elderflower lemonade.