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Fruit Rubber & Co. – Vitamins, Flavors, Dyes,

Sweet makes you happy

You, nibbling is always Sweet, it increases a complicated metabolism in the brain concentration of Serotonin, the body’s own happiness hormone. The Serotonin, decreases the quickly to of the Psyche – in a bad mood. Automatically the Demand increases for food, which can the hormone rise again.

A bag of gummy bears is quickly opened. In addition, the blood sugar rises when you eat sugary foods, the pancreas works to produce Insulin to normalize the blood sugar level. It will, therefore, produces a lot of Insulin, the sugar to compensate for high in the blood, sometimes even too much Insulin, with the result that the blood sugar level from slipping, under certain circumstances, under the normal limit.

Now the body receives the wrong Signal, to the need for even more sugar. However, the cravings rises to Sweet. Fruit, vegetables and cereals are clearly healthier.

Vitamins, Flavors, Dyes,

In fruit gums but also contain vitamins and give you a healthy Image. In addition, flavorings and colorings are included in different proportions. And according to BfR critical: Excessive consumption of enriched fruit gum may possibly lead to undesirable health effects.

The manufacturers decide whether and how many vitamins and minerals, they are added to the candy. So you are allowed to advertise, they must cover at least 15% of the daily requirement for an adult in 100 g /ml of a food.

As a reference, the reference does not provide values for the nutrient intake of the German society for nutrition (DGE), but because of EU Law the recommendations of the American food authority (RDA = Recommended Daily Allowancies).

The recommendations for children are lower, but will not be taken into account. There is the risk of Overdosing on individual vitamins or minerals is, when a lot of fortified foods are consumed.

Risk of Overdose of vitamins

Vitamin additives are dosed higher than that in the nutrition labelling is given. Only in this way can still be at the end of the minimum durability in the corresponding concentration of guaranteed.

The Stiftung Warentest found up to three times of the declared levels of vitamins. There is no evidence that vitamin supplements are at all in the sense of a disease prevention to be effective. Different study results even indicate that the administration of isolated vitamins can do more harm. The most effective vitamins and minerals seem to be still, when to take them directly to itself, so from the fruit or grain directly.

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