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Genetically Modified Food – Genetic Assistant


Microorganisms as a genetic assistant

In many food technological processes, little helpers are involved, the so-called micro-organisms such as bacteria, yeasts or fungi. You are mixing with, for example, in beer brewing, the production of Yoghurt and in cheese maturation. As you may be required to a large extent, many of these micro-organisms from the Genwerkstatt. They are modified using genetic engineering methods, so that they are cost-effective, certain substances produce. These are then used as additives and auxiliary substances used in the food industry.

Rennet for cheese production

For the manufacture of cheese, rennet is needed. Lab is in the calf stomach containing the enzyme Chymosin, which brings the milk protein to Coagulate. By the addition of the Labfermentes the thick Deposit of the milk is initiated. In addition to animal rennet from calf stomach, the enzyme can be obtained today, even with the help of genetically modified microorganisms.

For these genetically produced helpers are there for the authorisation and labelling no special requirements. Legally, they are considered as processing AIDS, they do not need to be listed on the ingredient list. The state of today’s knowledge shows that in the case of manufactured food, there are no Remnants of the genetically modified micro-organisms are present, as between the production of substances and finished foods, multiple stages of processing.

Genetically modified feed

The production of meat, milk and eggs has been adopted in Europe, a Dimension that makes the import of large quantities of feed is essential. In particular, soya beans from North and South America, imported. The feed may contain beans, therefore, in General, a proportion of genetically modified soy. However, it is assumed that the food produced has no differences to a purely conventional production. So, for instance, was demonstrated in several studies that genetically modified animal feed in milk are undetectable.

So far, genetic engineering has found only an indirect way to enter in our super markets. In Europe, large back remains attitude towards this technology. Global developments show, however, that the genetic technology will spread in many areas.

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