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Grapefruits are not among the healthiest food of all: they have few calories but are also full of important vitamins and minerals. In addition, the in the grapefruit bitter substance Naringin ensures that the digestion is stimulated. However, it should be noted in the consumption of Grapefruits, that, as in the case of Pomelos by the simultaneous intake of antihypertensive drugs, interactions may occur.

Calories and ingredients

Like most other citrus fruits Grapefruits have only a few calories: 100 grams included in the rule, just once, between 40 and 50 calories. The bitter-sweet fruits are particularly rich in Vitamin C, 100 grams of the daily requirement of an adult is already covered to 60 percent. In addition, Grapefruits in addition contain substantial amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin B as well as Magnesium, Calcium and potassium.

Recipe: Grapefruit-Raspberry Drink

Peel two grapefruit and remove the flesh carefully from the bags. You give the flesh of the fruit together with 100 grams of (frozen) raspberries, 15 grams of fresh ginger, a teaspoon of sugar and two tablespoons of oatmeal in a blender and wait until the mixture is finely pureed.