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10 Simple arthritic knee Exercises for home

In the Following, we recommend to pain you with easy to perform Exercises against the knee. Please note that you should longer lasting knee pain is always an orthopaedic examine. These Exercises are recommended only after a medical examination: you may fail in the case of a self-treatment without diagnosis important treatment options for your knee pain.


Exercise 1: knee to let commute

In this Exercise, you will need to sitting, the knee commute (if possible, with or without weight on the ankle). The knee commuting promotes the formation of synovial fluid and acts as a preventive measure against osteoarthritis. Patients with osteoarthritis of the knee to perform this Exercise when the knee feels tired or after a long effort to knee pain. The pendulum movement without stress promotes cartilage nutrition. Duration: approximately 1 Minute.

Exercise 2: knee hold stretched out in the air

The knee in the Sitting stretch and the maximum aspect ratio aspire to. This mobilizes the knee joint, and also promotes mobility in everyday life. A weight cuff to the ankle strengthens, in addition to the quadriceps on the thigh. Is no weight to the Hand, the knee can be carried out, to the relief of Exercise in a boot or a ski boot. On each side repeat 10 times.

Exercise 3: knee with attached heel in a Sitting position by pressing

The leg is placed in a Sitting position on a stool or the like, and then actively pressed. This Exercise is especially helpful after surgery as well as after acute knee injury. It supports full mobility of the knee joint, and receives the full range of motion of the joint. Poor posture and restricted movement is prevented. In the case of pain or lack of mobility, push it gently with your hands. Duration of activity: approx. 1 Minute.

Exercise 4: “wiping the Floor” in a Sitting position

Sitting on a chair, the floor with the feet “wipe”. In front of the towel evenly back and forth and always in contact with the ground. This Exercise increases the mobility of the knee joint. Advanced can perform this Exercise Standing up. The knee joint of the standing Leg is strengthened in addition. Duration: each foot approx 1 Minute wipe.

Exercise 5: stretching of the thigh muscle (quadriceps)

The heel is drawn Standing with a stretched thigh slowly upwards. This Exercise stretches the quadriceps and improves coordination and stability of the knee joint. If your mobility is limited, you can assist the process with a towel (variant). You can perform this Exercise without holding on, so this is training in a special way, also postural muscles and balance in the leg. This stretch, about 1 Minute.

Exercise 6: one-leg stand on soft ground

The one-leg stand on a soft surface (such as a rolled up towel) to improve the coordination in knee and ankle joint of the support leg. The back is involved musculature and deep muscles, important for stability and balance – especially strengthened. At the same time, this Exercise is a good prevention against falls and accidents. In order to promote the balance, fix a point on the wall. Initially, the backrest in the vicinity of the wall or a chair to avoid falls. The variant for Careful: in the Exercise gently to get the feet to just lift it slightly. Simplification: If you feel unsafe, you can perform this Exercise initially on a level surface. Duration: 3-10 times for 15 seconds.

Exercise 7: lunges with rocker

The lunge this Exercise serves mainly to strengthen the front leg. Advanced users can increase the strain by moving the knee of the rear leg as low as possible in the direction of the ground, without there up. This Exercise is about 1 Minute.

Exercise 8: Using the Pezzi Ball and knees bent lean against the wall

With the back and legs stretched against the Ball on the wall to lean. The feet are a piece in front of the knees. For Advanced: Perform this Exercise on the Toes standing. Then slowly the wall is roll down to a “seated” position is reached. Then again move to the top. This Exercise is ideal for strengthening the leg muscles. You can also use a smaller Ball. Duration: 10 Times up and down to move.

Exercise 9: squat (squad) strengthen the leg muscles

Squat down, arms stretched forward to hold and then straighten up again. With the legs in hip width apart. This Exercise is very versatile: it Strengthens the leg muscles, the gluteal muscles, the back muscles of the lumbar spine. Caution: In the squatting position with the knee to the Inside bend horizontally, or on the tips of the toes protrude. The back remains straight. Advanced can the knee bend also run deep. Please about 10 times.

Exercise 10: the (“Moonwalk”)

Alternately, the dynamic of the heels from the floor, raise and lower, ao go so you are on the site. In this Exercise, the steps and the forward run will be deceptive also. The “On-the-spot-go” strengthens both legs and also strengthens the knee and ankle joint axis. This Exercise dynamically to perform, and on each side. repeat 10 Times.