Green tea – a miracle cure?

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Green tea – a miracle cure?


A stimulating hot drink is Green tea all. However, a health promoting effect is ascribed. So he’s supposed to prevent osteoporosis and the risk of cancer reduce. But what is it about his miraculous power? The Chinese Emperor Shen-Nung, so is a legend, drank to the loved ones of hot water. One day the Wind blew him in the bubbling water a few leaves, the water colored slightly green. He tasted the drink revived and refreshed the ruler. The history is about 5000 years old, and Green tea an integral part of Asian drinking culture.

Extraction of green tea

Like his brother, the Black tea produced from the Plant with the Botanical name Camellia sinensis. He, however, is not fermented by a fermentation process in which the sheet and the cell SAP change as a result of the oxygen in the air. A strong steam-heating in the production prevents the tea copper red colors.

After this treatment, the tea is rolled slightly and then immediately dried, the leaves are merely blanched. The natural Leaf dye remains largely intact.

Preparation of green tea

Green tea should always be fresh and, if possible, in a sealed airtight package to be purchased. The oxygen in the air allows the tea to age faster and lose flavor. Best when stored in glass salaries, and never in addition to coffee or spices. Green tea is best cooked in a porcelain or glass pot, which is previously rinsed briefly with cold water.

The tea should not be made with boiling water blanched, otherwise, the tannins loosen and vitamins are destroyed. Ideal approx. 70-80 °C water temperature are very high quality Japanese green teas are poured for the part with a water temperature of 60 °C.

Best to bring water to a boil and wait a few minutes until it cooled down. Then add the tea and allow it 1-2 minutes to pull the mild high-quality varieties also bi 4 minutes. Some people prefer the 2. Infusion, contains less caffeine and a milder taste – take the same, drained of leaves and reduce the amount of water by about 1/3.

Effect of green tea

The health effects of tea have long been known: The tannins soothe the stomach and intestines, thanks to its anti-bacterial effect, prevents the green tea tooth decay, he also regulates blood pressure. In addition to the vitamins A, B, B 12, C and minerals like potassium, calcium, fluoride, green tea contains approximately 130 important ingredients, including the all-important flavonoids.

These are used for the colouring of the plant responsible and protect the Plant from harmful environmental. They affect a variety of metabolic processes in the human body positively, including the development of cancer, immune mechanisms and inflammatory processes. You have an anti-microbial and blood coagulation-inhibiting. Flavonoids are antioxidants, i.e. they can intercept reactive oxygen compounds in the body. These are responsible for the development of cancer. Flavonoids are also reduce the risk for cardiovascular diseases as well as strengthen the immune system.

Protects green tea against cancer?

Taiwanese scientists have found that the high fluoride content of Green tea has a positive effect on bone density and thus osteoporosis prevents, and numerous individual studies have come to the conclusion that Green tea can protect against cancer. A current Erlanger overview study is not or only to a limited extent was able to confirm these effects in the comparison of numerous worldwide publications, however; some studies are even contradictory.

The potential impact seems not only cancer, but also from consumer behaviour, age and gender, and other individual factors. A positive effect seems to exist in the case of cancer of the liver, pancreas, lung, and prostate; in women, corresponding to a hereditary predisposition, it probably reduces the risk of developing breast cancer.