Grilling vegetables and fruit

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Grilling vegetables and fruit

Not only meat makes a good figure on the Grill. Also, potatoes and vegetables are great as side dishes or vegetarian appetizers for the Grill menu. What you should specifically look for when making grilled vegetables, you will learn our basics. Many vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, peppers, Zucchini or eggplant for the grill. Colorful BBQ ideas, such as the Mediterranean vegetables on a skewer, or stuffed peppers can also the eye eat with.

Depending on your taste, the vegetables can be cut as a whole or in pieces, skewered with herbs or other ingredients such as cheese, stuffed or marinated. The imagination has no limits. The Marinade should only be applied shortly before the end of the grill time with a brush. As with the meat, also applies here: The more herbs, or sugar in the Marinade, the faster you burn on the Grill. Vegetables with a long cooking time (carrots, Kohlrabi and beetroot) need to be cooked in very thin slices. Also corn on the cob, mushrooms or fennel are barbecue friendly, and like potatoes in foil, a vitamin-rich delicacy cooked.

Vegetables properly grilling

Aluminium foil plays in the vegetable-grilling an important role. The food is cooked in the foil in a particularly gentle and does not dry out. The most common question, the vegetable-lovers on the rust, is most likely the to the right of the slides page. The shiny side of the foil should be on the inside, because it reflects the heat much better on the food than the matte side. The matte side can hold heat better and therefore belongs to the outside. In the case of potatoes, Courgettes or onions, it is advisable to reach out to the shiny foil side with a little Oil before the vegetables is wrapped in it.

Grilling with fruit

Who is not a vegetable Fan and rather sweet vitamins, can do with a grilled fruit skewers for dessert something Good. Easy fruit, such as Apples, pears, bananas, peaches or apricots cut into pieces, with fruit juice and spices and marinate on skewers. All the bananas unpeeled placed on the grate. They are cooked when the peel is black. Especially good for this purpose, a chocolate-Dipp fits. Finally, chocolate can be good in the rest of the gluten-melt.

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