Health benefits of nuts

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Health benefits of nuts

Nuts are extremely calorie rich, but who is nibbling on a handful of nuts, do something Good with it. This is because nuts contain a lot of ingredients that have a positive impact on our health. Especially valuable are the nuts contain unsaturated fatty acids, which reduce cholesterol levels, and thus diseases of the circulatory system such as arteriosclerosis can be prevented. Allergy sufferers should be consumption of nuts careful, especially in the case of a birch pollen Allergy, even the smallest traces of nuts can ensure that the immune system plays crazy.


Nuts generally contain a relatively large amount of fat compared to other nuts, the fat content of the cashew nut is, however, rather low: 100 grams of it, namely ‘only’ on 42 grams of fat. The mild-tasting nuts are often used in Asian dishes, salted but they are also suitable as a Snack.

Cashew nuts are a good source of minerals: Particularly Magnesium, which is, among other things, for the production of energy, as well as the muscle contraction is of importance, cashew nuts in larger quantities. In addition, cashew nuts are also great as a food for the Nerves, because the contained in the nut of the B vitamins boost concentration and performance. In addition, the consumption of cashew nuts will also protect against cancer, because the phenolic acids in the nut of a cancer is said to have a preventive effect.