Hormones – clock for Lust, love and Sex

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Hormones - clock for Lust, love and Sex They belong to the evergreens of our media landscape and reach an audience of millions in hardly a rival in terms of openness: The countless reports, discussions and depictions of love, Lust and Sex. In contrast, the doctors ' newspaper ran a headline recently: "it's shocking how little women know about love and Sex". Have we missed something? The idea of love = Sex is an equation with many Unknowns, and the female desire to be unpredictable? Love = Lust is a myth Headache, migraine, or Laundry day once were for our great-grandmothers appropriate excuses to refuse. Today, most of the women feel that the cycle is influenced with hormone fluctuations, mood and well-being. Superficially, that is to say: desire to to…
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Occupational disease prevention responsibilities

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Occupational disease prevention responsibilities Work and private life in view To frequent if Suffering ill write leads or even chronic illnesses, may also be a change in the workplace fashionable. Even if it is not a prescribed occupational disease, could work to achieve physician, in case of work-related diseases with better prevention, advocates Letzel. Finally, occupational physicians, approximately 39 million active in Germany, people at a glance, and see, in the ideal case, the special work situation, as well as the individual capacity and the private environment. Protection against occupational diseases Who no longer, or only to a limited extent, can work in Germany for health reasons, is well protected. Only illnesses or accidents that were directly caused by the occupation, are considered to be occupational diseases - the law…
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White Tea

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White Tea White tea is one of the most valuable teas in the world. Because for the production of a kg of tea, up to 30,000 young buds of the Tea plant are needed. White tea comes originally from the Chinese province of Fujian, where it has a long Tradition. Already at that time, white tea was said to have healing and health-promoting powers. White tea is made from the same Plant as green and black tea also. White tea differs, however, by his gentle processing of the other two teas. In addition to caffeine, white tea contains many other ingredients that do not occur in such concentrations in other teas. The polyphenols, as antioxidants, the free radicals in the body cells to bind and strengthen the immune system. What…
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Trichomoniasis The infection with the scourge of animal cells "Trichomonas vaginalis" is a common sexually transmitted disease called Trichomoniasis. At the end of the last century, an estimated worldwide each year, and recorded 174 million new cases of Trichomoniasis, of which 11 million are in Western Europe. Even if the Trichomoniasis is one of the more harmless venereal diseases, and only about half of infected women and even fewer men is causing symptoms, it is taken seriously. In the case of Trichomoniasis-affected Pregnant women, the risk for preterm birth and low birth increases the child's weight. In addition, the Transmission of the Aids seems to be a Virus in both directions is encouraged. Of microbes and human The Transmission of Trichomoniasis occurs by direct mucous membrane contact, so intercourse. In…
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Snoring in children

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Snoring in children International studies show that 21 to 37 percent of children suffer from sleep disorders, and about 9 percent of all infants and children snoring. According to estimates, every fifth child suffers from snore sleep apnea (1). In rare cases, the nocturnal breathing disturbance can be demanding for small children, even so much strength when you Breathe, it comes to developmental delays. More than half of all children between one and four years of snoring occasionally, but every night. With age, the number of children increases, the regular snoring Of 6 per cent in the Year up to 13 percent of four-year-old. Little boys snoring more often than girls. Warning Sign Of Snoring Snoring is a warning sign of disturbed sleep. Children who are not rested, can't concentrate…
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Easily through menopause

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Easily through menopause The are the menopause? – The questions many women, when they sleep, suddenly, worse than before, more sweating or if the period is irregular. Already from the middle of 30 of the hormone begins to change the balance in the body of the woman slowly. The first noticeable effect of these changes occur in the rule, but only between the 40. 45. Since the age of. Typical Symptoms The menopause is not a set with a Bang, but slowly and gradually. Declining Hormone levels first noticed by the fact that the monthly cycle is irregular - the distance between the cycles can be longer or shorter, the thickness of bleeding can go up or down. Typical symptoms in this first hormonal change phase of the sleep problems.…
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Overweight knee makes crunching

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Overweight knee makes crunching The knee is the largest joint in and enormously resilient. Briefly, it can carry up to 1.5 tons. However, many people suffer from arthritis-related discomfort in the knee. The higher the body weight, the greater the risk of osteoarthritis. In the Following, you know, what are the risks, as a result of Obesity for the knee. Rheumatic pain in the knee It is estimated that about ten percent of all Germans know what it means, when any movement is torture: you suffer from rheumatic pain. Rheumatology (Greek.) means "drawing, tearing pain," and is a collective term for a variety of very different painful diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Rheumatism flammable may be due to constant wear and tear. Here, there is a distinction between Soft-tissue rheumatism,…
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Acids and bases: The equilibrium of the ion

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Acids and bases: The equilibrium of the ion Actually, the acid is balanced-base balance of the human body. However, in case of wrong way of life, the Interaction can get pretty out of balance. Malaise, Depression, or even physical illness can be the result. Acid, Base and pH In the human body acids and bases are present. Acid always contains free, positive hydrogen ions (H+). In a Base, however, the negatively charged particles, which consist of one hydrogen and one oxygen atom (OH -) predominate. The acid or base content is indicated by the pH value. It is measured for the concentration of hydrogen ions. The scale ranges from 0 to 7 in the acidic range, 7 to 14 in the alkaline range. At pH 7, positive and negative charged…
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Fit in the workplace

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Fit in the workplace Every day, the back is loaded. Through incorrect lifting and sitting unpleasant consequences for the back and also the health can occur. In order not to overload the back, help valuable rules for dealing with movements that can strain the back. How do I pick up about a water box without straining your back unnecessarily? Daily Exercises for the back can strengthen the back. Fitness for the back doesn't have to be complicated and should best be integrated into everyday life. Thus, the back remains healthy. Fitness tips for the back and numerous Exercises to follow suit with the fun factor. General information on the topic Office exercises: 9 Exercises for more movement in the office Fitness in the workplace promotes the performance and concentration. We…
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Uterine fibroids: diagnosis and therapy

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Uterine fibroids: diagnosis and therapy First, the doctor will collect medical history and accurately according to the complaints, questions. At the time of gynaecological palpation examination, he may, possibly, a uniform enlargement or bulbous changes of the buttons. The diagnosis can almost always be made by ultrasound examination through the vagina. Rarely, a hysteroscopy or laparoscopy (laparoscopy) is needed to bring clarity. What kind of therapy are there? Small fibroids that do no or only minor complaints, the only regularly monitored every 6 to 12 months with the help of ultrasound. Treatment is required only if complaints occur, or a fibroid is very large. The type of therapy is determined not only according to the complaints, but also to the age of the patient, possibly existing desire to have children…
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Pill to forget – what to do?

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Pill to forget – what to do? Pill forget The safety of the pill depends on regular use. But what happens if you forget a pill? You take the Pill within twelve hours, the contraceptive effect in combination pills. More than 36 hours total between the two pill revenue, this is no longer the case. Depending on the week you've the pill is forgotten, this can have different consequences. In General, the pill must be at least seven days taken for a sufficient conception protection. Pill forget 1. Week: If you forget to take the pill during the first week, to get the revenue as quickly as possible – also, if you have to swallow two tablets at the same time. The other tablet they take is quite normal. Since…
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Vitamins in the focal point

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Vitamins in the focal point In order to stay healthy, our body needs, in addition to the main vitamins, minerals and trace elements nutrients. These substances in small amounts of vital operations. A balanced diet with fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy and whole grain products will ensure the needs usually. Some vitamins can not, or only from certain precursors are formed in the body at all. In addition, the organism can save the vitamins often only to a small extent. A regular intake of vitamins with food for the preservation of the life processes must be ensured. Among the mentioned vitamins: vitamins A, C and E are of particular importance. These vitamins act as antioxidants as a so-called free-radical scavengers. In the body can form aggressive oxygen radicals, also called oxidants.…
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Hormone spiral

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Hormone spiral The hormone spiral, also called the intrauterine system (IUS) is a about three inches tall, usually t-shaped plastic body that is used as the conventional spiral in the uterus. While prevention is ensured in the case of the latter, among other things, by the cast copper ions, the hormonal coil is a small amount of the synthetic hormone Levonorgestrel to the body. The hormone spiral is one of the safest methods of contraception. The risk of an unwanted pregnancy in spite of a hormonal spiral corresponds approximately to the sterilization. Hormone Spiral: Effect The prevention is given from the first application day and over a period of up to five years. Unlike the pill, the hormone is spiral the hormone locally, i.e., only very small amounts in the…
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9 food for more muscle

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9 food for more muscle Muscles are generally regarded as a Symbol of athleticism and Fitness. However, the power packs not only a well-defined body, you stabilize the entire musculoskeletal system and also the energy turnover of the body. Reasons enough to invest some time and energy in building muscle. There is no way around, of course, to targeted strength training. But only in conjunction with the right diet, the Training makes the muscles grow. It is important that sufficient protein intake is mainly because muscles are composed of 20 percent from proteins. We have selected for you a choice of 9 delicious foods that you the muscle building. 1. Eggs Whether hard-boiled as a Snack or scrambled eggs for Breakfast – eggs are an ideal protein source, because of…
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Salads – season all year round

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Salads - season all year round Salads are not only healthy, they also have always the season of the year. Most of the salads are easy to prepare and fit as a lovely side dish to almost any main dishes, but also as a low-calorie main dish are you just on a hot day is a delight. Who in the summer on the slim line or just the body want to do something Good with the salad just right. Crisp summer salads such as the head and iceberg lettuce, curly lettuce or Lollo Rossa is a calories are low and at the same time healthy and colorful treat. Salad: calories and ingredients The green or red-green leaves provide the body with Beta-carotene, Vitamin B1, B2, and B6 as well as…
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Vanilla – Sweet Mood Enhancer

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Vanilla – Sweet Mood Enhancer Vanilla pudding, vanilla sauce or vanilla crescents – a lot of sweet Treats today are flavoured with vanilla. At Christmas time especially the vanilla, which is, after saffron, the second most expensive spice in the world, high season. The vanilla, however, cannot only convince with their distinctive taste and pleasant smell, but also with their health-promoting effect. Effect of vanilla The spice vanilla and, in particular, its main aroma substance Vanillin is said to have various positive effects on our body. So vanilla is to act as a stimulant and, therefore, in the case of depressive moods or anxiety can help. In the case of anxiety, the calming effect of vanilla also to our nerve noticeable – so many candles, bath products and body care…
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Days mother – an Alternative to the crib

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Days mother - an Alternative to the crib In Germany, nursery places are in short supply. But there is also another solution, which also allows for more personalized care: The days mother. "Very quickly it was clear that I would get for my 15-month-old son is no crib course that suits my working hours," the statement of a mother. "Since I've been looking for a day mother to look after my son four times a week from 8 to 17 o'clock." Originally meant as an emergency solution, turned out to be this model quickly as a stroke of luck: "My son grew up for 4 years with another boy who was like a brother to him," said the confident mother. How does this type of service? Days mothers, officially gender-neutral…
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Home Exercise 1 With this Exercise, you can strengthen your shoulder and neck muscles. Stand in an upright position. The feet are apart about shoulder width. Stretch now the arms straight. You can stay 15-20 seconds in this Position. Repeat this Exercise three to five times.   Exercise 2 This is an Exercise to promote mobility in neck and shoulder. Sit upright on a chair. Place the right Hand on the left side of the head and attach the head to the right. The left Arm is stretched down. Hold this Position for about 15-20 seconds and then switch the page. Bend the head forward, while they increase with the Hand on the back of the head pressure more easily. Repeat the Exercise twice.   Exercise 3 You loose. If…
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Exercises with the Pezziball

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Exercises with the Pezziball Due to prolonged Sitting in the office and little movement, more and more people who suffer from pain today in my back, neck, or shoulders. Through regular Training with the Pezziball such complaints can be prevented. In addition, the Training with the Pezziball is also suitable for those who seek a comprehensive strengthening of your body. The Pezziball is a versatile training tool. It is especially suitable for strengthening the back muscles. Because of its malleable shape can adapt to the Pezziball perfectly to the back. In addition, can be trained with the Pezziball, for example, but also the abdominal muscles, the gluteal muscles, as well as the Arm and leg muscles. You lay in the prone position on the Pezziball and support yourself with your…
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Endometriosis Versprengtes tissue of the uterine mucous membrane is estimated to suffers every tenth woman in Germany including. Nevertheless, it sometimes takes years until the correct diagnosis is made. Endometriosis is derived from Endometrium, which is the name for the uterine mucosa. Normally, this mucus lines the skin of the Inside of the uterus. You can settle but also in other Places, such as in the fallopian tubes or on the ovary, in the abdominal cavity, but also deep in the muscles of the uterus. Other place in the body are possible, but rare. Endometriosis is one of the most common diseases in women in the gender-age tires. About every third woman, who remains unwillingly childless, puts you as the cause behind it. Assembly and disassembly in a constant state…
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Vitamin deficiencies – when threatened with danger?

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Vitamin deficiencies - when threatened with danger? Almost all processes in the body are not removal run without vitamins, unregulated, or too slow. Without a sufficient supply with all essential vitamins our body therefore, fast life unable. Vitamins are vital substances, which are not or only in insufficient amount even produced by the human body. You will need to be supplied to the body through the food from the outside. In the case of a balanced, varied diet of a metabolism of healthy people can be included in the rule, plenty of vitamins and minerals, so that the demand can be met. The most important Directive is the recommended intake, as defined by the German nutrition society (DGE), different for the different ages of life, from infants through children up…
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Osteoporosis in men

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Osteoporosis in men Those who thought that osteoporosis is just a woman's disease, will be disabused. 20 to 30 percent of patients with osteoporotic fractures are in men. Scientists assume: The number of affected men is expected to increase in the future due to the increasing life expectancy and the changed way of life. For men, there is still no clearly-documented risk characteristics. But it is likely that the factors that can lead to osteoporosis, differ very little from those that can also trigger in women osteoporosis. Strong risk factors are: Frequent Fall or Falls (within 6 months two or more times). Past or current history of bone fractures, which occurred from slight occasion Suspected vertebral fracture, for example, due to acute encountered persistent severe back pain or body height…
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Nutrition and respiration in the Mazdaznan doctrine

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Nutrition and respiration in the Mazdaznan doctrine A little, but right and varied vegetarian food, but not eating's sake - this is the principle of the Mazdaznan diet. The aim of the rather ascetic food intake, it is to be a perfect man. Simple breathing exercises are the spiritual food responsible. Nutrition is a process of creation, "The man is not on earth, in order to collect everything, what to discard, forest, Meadow, field, or garden, in his stomach in a kind of food storage, also not to be a type of churchyard or cemetery for dead animals. Rather, he should prove that here on earth the Power of the spirit over matter." So Chapter 1 of the Mazdaznan diet customer begins. Two important aspects, namely, animal food, and the…
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What can you do against jealousy

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What can you do against jealousy Surely every man was once jealous of. For some occasional jealousy is part of a partnership even. With control call, and scenes of Jealousy, you will however, quickly his relationship on the game. We show what you can do to get his jealousy in the handle. What is jealousy? Jealousy is a mixture of several feelings. In the foreground is a nagging fear of losing Affection or attention of an important reference person to someone else. It does not usually matter, there is the jealousy of a realistic reason or not. In addition to the fear of loss goes hand in hand with jealousy, often with anger, sadness, distrust, feelings of inferiority, and sometimes Aggression. Acute triggers for jealousy In relationships is not a…
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Semen analysis

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Semen analysis Many couples do not begin until after a few years of being together with the attempt to have children. But often it is not as easy as planned, this desire into reality. The examination of sperm is an important piece of the puzzle in the search for the cause. The desire to have children is stronger, and happens nothing, giving way to the initial looseness tension coercion, and emotional – the desire for Sex is to frustration, fun to obligation. For many women, an Odyssey of tests and therapies begins – everything possible will be tried to get pregnant. Forget but sometimes of the man. And, although an investigation of sperm is quite simple and often the cause is revealing. Childlessness - desired, and, later, unintentionally It is…
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Hirsutism measures and treatment

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Hirsutism measures and treatment Measures against the impact – physical and emotional! Since the external masculinization often has serious psychological consequences, is a serious disease that must be treated. The scars, the constant rejection by the environment, should be underestimated in any case. So, particularly mothers, who discover their daughters a Hirsutimus to draw as early as possible to a physician to allow your child to have a normal physical and social development. First of all, the most sustainable removal of unwanted body hair. For which method the individual patient chooses depends on the type of skin, existing acne, and - unfortunately - the purse. Advice and help to find Concerned in the case of trained beauticians and skin doctor. Waxing is somewhat painful, but lasts longer than simple Shaving.…
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Rye – nothing on celiac disease

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Rye – nothing on celiac disease Rye is one of the most popular cereals in Germany. It serves not only as a feed, or biomass, but is also used in food production – for example, for rye rolls or rye bread. Also beer and brandy is made of rye produced. The grains can be processed into flour, semolina, meal and flakes more. Healthy ingredients of rye Rye grains contain approximately: 54 Percent Carbohydrates 9 Percent Of Protein 13 Percent Of Dietary Fiber 2 Percent Fat 2 Per Cent, Of Mineral Substances Add to this the B - and E - vitamins as well as folic acid and Pantothenic acid. Effect on health For the daily diet, the high proportion of food are particularly essential amino acids in rye and the…
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Advent and Christmas – tips, so that only the candles are burning

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Advent and Christmas - tips, so that only the candles are burning Each year, about 5,000 children are injured by burns and scalds is difficult - many of them in the Christmas season. Spent-Christmas decorations, Christmas trees have caught fire, or defective light chains can be the cause for such accidents. If a few rules are observed, many so-called Christmas fire avoid. Security arrangements for the advent time Candles make the most of the children's eyes to the advent and Christmas lights. However, burning candles pose a great danger. We have compiled a number of tips together that Christmas fires are avoided and children can be protected from burns. So every mother and father can reduce the risk of a fire hazard in the advent and Christmas season to great…
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Diet and lifestyle

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Diet and lifestyle In the Western industrial countries, more than 70% depend on all the diseases of life and nutrition. On the subject of Obesity, the Germans to lead to new investigations, the top. There is the question of how it could come to such a development. One explanation is the change of lifestyle in the last 5 decades. Food is a fundamental part of our lives. Food not only ensures the supply of energy and nutrients, but is also part of our life, culture and habits. Our society and way of life and the food culture have changed in the last decades. Of the Balance to the Surplus Until the first half of the 20th century. Century was made by the majority of the population heavy physical work, for…
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Sports for children

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Sports for children Children have the urge of a natural movement. They love to jump, to run, to climb and romp - Sport makes children easy fun and is important for physical development. A variety of different sports can be boredom occurring in the first place, and bring both the body and the brain in momentum. Sports for children Children learn about movement. With Sport, the body is encouraged attitude of children, the core muscles will be strengthened, and thus, ultimately, may even be prevented at an early age back problems. According to the Motto "if you rest, you rust" is a Sport, of course, for the parents is important. In addition to the model function can be a common sport experiences also strengthen the cohesion of the family. Together…
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