Healthy Anti-Stress program: fruit and vegetables for strong nerves

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Healthy Anti-Stress program: fruit and vegetables for strong nerves

Edge Full Calendar? The Date with the best friend for time reasons, already delayed three times? The yoga class is almost always at least five minutes late? In order not to lose in the daily hustle and bustle of the nerve, there is a simple, tasty and effective Anti-Stress program: fruit and vegetables. Some tips? No Problem:

Small fruit snacks for nerves of steel

Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, or a salad with green peppers and nuts, for example, are a delicious secret recipe for the extra portion of relaxation. After all, in green vegetables, berries, fruit or nuts, the Anti-Stress-Mineral: Magnesium. It is the excitement inhibits the operations of nerves and muscles and protects the nerves. Trouble in the office, or Stress with the neighbors are eaten with the appropriate Serving of fruits and vegetables in no time.

Vitamins with Anti-Stress effect

The agony of choice can be really stressful. The question of “A, B, C, or E?” the thing is, however, simple: Because each of these vitamins strengthens the nerves. Vitamins A, C and E, for example, can against oxidative Stress – that is to say against aggressive oxygen compounds that damage nerve cells of the brain – protect.

The B-vitamins, which are stuck, for example, in vegetables, legumes and nuts, affect the nervous capacity, the efficiency and the mood positive. So why not just once as a natural Anti-Stress agent to try to eat each day 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, as recommended by the European Union-funded 5 a day campaign? With the fruit and vegetables contained vitamins and secondary plant substances, defying not only the Stress, low-calorie treat there’s a free.

Green vegetables for a cool head

With Calcium, the all-rounder among the minerals, the people keep a cool head: Because Calcium not only strengthens bones and teeth, but keeps you fit, in addition, nerves and muscles. Calcium is not only found in dairy products, but also in Kale, broccoli and other dark green vegetables. Who sees so in the future, green instead of red, when the stress is technically all right.

In A Good Mood? Just enjoy it!

A good mood makes stress-resistant – so far, so good. However, our body can produce a good mood. Quite simply, the works cores, for example, with legumes, bananas or sunflowers. For in it called Tryptophan, which the body makes the hormone of happiness Serotonin stuck. This messenger has a similar effect as endorphins, which are distributed in sports or an intense kiss.