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Healthy food on the Christmas market

The advent and Christmas season is in front of the door and wait on us at every corner sweet Treats: cookies, Domino stones, studs & co. belong to the Christmas season. And at the Christmas market you want to miss out on a Cup of mulled wine or a bag of roasted almonds are reluctant to. But unfortunately, the sweet Treats contain a lot of calories. And also hearty dishes such as Bratwurst or potato pancakes are not exactly Slimming. You can also look to the holidays without having a bad Conscience on the scale, we can provide you with healthy Alternatives to the largest calorie bombs.

Burgundy ham instead of Sausage

Sausages are among the typical Treats at the Christmas market. From time to time, the Snack is allowed, but anyone who accesses more frequently, you must expect negative effects for the figure: Because the sausages contain a lot of fat and calories. If you are ordering in addition to the sausage, Ketchup, French fries, or Mayonnaise, can beat such a meal quickly even with around 1000 calories.

If you are in the mood for something Hearty, grab them instead of a Sausage, but once in a bun with Burgundy ham. 100 grams of the savory ham, bring it only about 280 calories. In addition, Burgundy contains ham in comparison to the Bratwurst only a little fat but tastes just as good.

Schupfnudeln with Sauerkraut instead of potato pancakes

Fresh fried potato pancakes are one of the most delicious temptations at the Christmas market. Unfortunately, they are among the biggest calorie bombs: up to 700 calories it can bring a Serving of potato pancakes (3 pieces) with applesauce. Because the savory buffer are full of fat.

Try it instead of the potato pancakes with a Serving of potato noodles with Sauerkraut. So you not only save calories, but also do your immune system some Good, because cabbage contains valuable potassium, and iron. 100 grams of noodles bring it to about 100 calories, 25 calories for the same amount of Sauerkraut.

Alternatively, you can use the piston to a corn or a Serving of mushrooms grab. A salted ear of corn contains just over 100 calories, if you want to, you can treat yourself to therefore, take a dollop of herb butter. Mushrooms are also relatively low in calories, however, they will be sold at the Christmas market, often in cream sauce. A Portion of then bring it to around 290 calories.

Baked Apple instead of a glazed Apple

Glazed Apples – Paradise apples is called – contrary to Shine on the Christmas market from all sides. The apples themselves are healthy, but the red icing around the Apple around its calorie content by leaps and bounds in the soar: a glazed Apple brings it, depending on the size to about 200 calories.

A healthier but no less tasty Alternative is a baked Apple. The Apple itself puts it, depending on the size to be about 70-80 calories. Some vanilla sauce, provides the Dessert a little over 100 calories.

The baked Apple is filled with jam, nuts, raisins or Marzipan, you can increase the calorie content of fast up to 200 calories. Then: The Apple the best parts, so you have to sacrifice nothing, and saves a few calories.

Hot Chestnuts, roasted almonds prefer

Roasted almonds or toasted macadamia nuts to lure us every year at the Christmas market with its tempting smell. Almonds and nuts themselves are healthy, but also relatively rich in calories. And the thick sugar crust on the surface of the almonds around the Treat, not just healthier: a 100-gram bag of roasted almonds brings it to about 500 calories.

You grab instead of almonds, so dear to a bag of hot Chestnuts. They taste just as delicious, and also contain lots of healthy fatty acids. However, Chestnuts are fat – and lower in calories: you save compared to a bag of burnt almonds of about 300 calories.

Pepper nuts instead of shortbread cookies

Cookies belong to the advent and Christmas season, but the sweet Treats have it all: they Usually contain a lot of sugar and fat. Shortbread, macaroons & co., you must be quiet and enjoy, but only in moderation. A healthier Alternative is pepper nuts, which are, per piece, only about 25 calories.

Even gingerbread, you should only to consume. The gingerbread hearts are sold at the Christmas market look beautiful, but also contain a lot of calories: A 200-gram gingerbread heart beats, depending on the ornament, with around 600 to 800 calories.

Better cider than mulled wine with a shot of

A Cup of hot mulled wine is one of many adults in any case, a visit to a Christmas market. But be careful: mulled wine is a true calorie bomb! Due to the abundant sugar in the wine a Cup for around 250 calories. The mulled wine will be served with shot, in fact there are about 300 calories.

There is a much smaller sin, is a Cup of hot Apple cider. The sweet wine is mulled wine in terms of taste, but contains only around 50 calories. Since you will be able to get without a bad Conscience to a second Cup. Other recommended Alternatives are a glass of hot orange juice (around 80 calories) or hot elderberry juice (around 80 calories).

Treat yourself to something

In the advent and Christmas season, you should not look desperately on the calorie content of smaller or larger Treats, but it’s easy for a treat: If you are smiling at the Christmas market, a Sausage or a Serving of potato pancakes, to grab you quietly. Do without you in the game but then on the Night, or at least choose a healthy Alternative. The next day a little more fruit and vegetables is easy on the dining plan – what’s important is that you lose the right Balance between healthy eating and indulgence.

You worry during the time of Advent in addition, for enough movement: Do, for example, after the visit to a Christmas market a little walk or place on the weekend of an Extra-unit sports. So you can reduce the extra calories quickly.

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