Food labels: No Chance for cheating!

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Food labels: No Chance for cheating! What is on the package, also have to put in there: Since July 2007, food manufacturers have to certain advertising prove effective labels scientifically. A big advantage for the consumer, especially as the EU Directive should be expanded. What lies behind the formulations? Energy content Low in energy: a maximum of 40 kcal per 100 g of solid food, to a maximum of 20 kcal per 100 ml of liquid food. Energy: a maximum of 4 kcal per 100 ml drink. Energy-reduced/light: The calorific value is reduced by at least 30%. In the case of "easily" must be specified in addition to the characteristics that make the food "light". Fat Low fat: less than 3 g fat per 100 g of solid food, less…
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Osteoporosis in men

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Osteoporosis in men Those who thought that osteoporosis is just a woman's disease, will be disabused. 20 to 30 percent of patients with osteoporotic fractures are in men. Scientists assume: The number of affected men is expected to increase in the future due to the increasing life expectancy and the changed way of life. For men, there is still no clearly-documented risk characteristics. But it is likely that the factors that can lead to osteoporosis, differ very little from those that can also trigger in women osteoporosis. Strong risk factors are: Frequent Fall or Falls (within 6 months two or more times). Past or current history of bone fractures, which occurred from slight occasion Suspected vertebral fracture, for example, due to acute encountered persistent severe back pain or body height…
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Sexuality in menopause

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Sexuality in menopause For Most, it begins slowly: the love nights of early nights are in the middle age and woke up with screaming children and times with too little sleep after too much work. Who's looking from there to the front, it looks hair loss, hormonal disorders and decline in passion before his mind's eye. Not a nice idea - and also not necessary. However, sexuality in the menopause is for men and women is often still a taboo subject. Since in the sixties, the menopause of the women were considered to be a rather pathological to Happen, the search began for an appropriate therapy. Find, the researchers were should be compensated in the case of hormone replacement therapy, with the help of the natural estrogen deficiency. The goal…
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Diabetes in animals – sugar disease strikes of four-legged friends

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Diabetes in animals - sugar disease strikes of four-legged friends With increasing age, the risk of developing Diabetes (Diabetes mellitus) is increasing in dogs and cats. In addition to Overweight, a number of different factors can trigger the life-threatening disease. Important early detection is Dogs are diagnosed usually in middle age, between seven and nine years, with females developing much more likely to have Diabetes mellitus than males. In cats, male and female animals suffer alike; there is an increased risk have, however, castrated, obese cat. If your pet is drinking more and more often "brook" need to, can be the first sign of diabetes. Nothing will be done, incurable damage to internal organs, which can lead to death. Even if there is, as yet, no cure, can diabetes be…
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Astronaut food could save cancer patients life

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Astronaut food could save cancer patients life The cancer cachexia called cancer-related wasting and Malnutrition have a significant impact on the chances of Survival and quality of life that could already be in 1932, found. Against this Background, the German Institute for nutritional medicine and dietetics (D. I. E. T.) in Bad Aachen calls today, the increased use of astronauts, food, and energy - and protein-rich disease, Birgit Junghans, diploma in nutritional science expert of the Aachen Institute of food already in the early stage of a cancer. Cancer patients should not lose weight, says Institute spokesman Sven-David Müller, because before the Tumor of the Patient is starved to death. 20 percent of deaths in cancer patients are not alone due to Malnutrition Cancer is a consuming disease, which increases…
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What can you do against jealousy

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What can you do against jealousy Surely every man was once jealous of. For some occasional jealousy is part of a partnership even. With control call, and scenes of Jealousy, you will however, quickly his relationship on the game. We show what you can do to get his jealousy in the handle. What is jealousy? Jealousy is a mixture of several feelings. In the foreground is a nagging fear of losing Affection or attention of an important reference person to someone else. It does not usually matter, there is the jealousy of a realistic reason or not. In addition to the fear of loss goes hand in hand with jealousy, often with anger, sadness, distrust, feelings of inferiority, and sometimes Aggression. Acute triggers for jealousy In relationships is not a…
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Yoga Exercises for beginners

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Yoga Exercises for beginners Yoga means relaxation and Sport, inner peace and sweaty Fitness. It doesn't fit? You can think again! Yoga Exercises to tighten and strengthen not only the body but also include meditative elements that lead to Serenity and balance. There is a need for Yoga is neither a particular place nor special equipment for the respective Exercises. With a simple Mat and comfortable clothing you can do all the Yoga Exercises at home. We will show you six Basic positions, the success of even beginners in Yoga. Of the sun salutation on Cobra, warrior and dog to the triangle and the tree, we cover the basic Yoga Exercises. As an Extra we betray each Yoga Practice, what is the effect of this on the body and the…
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Spring cleaning – Fall through the spring cleaning

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Spring cleaning - Fall through the spring cleaning When the spring sun is shining through the dirty window panes on dusty bookshelves, can interfere with the positive feelings of spring. The remedy: scrub brush, MOP, window, leather & co. and a song on the lips. Before you rush whistling into the hustle of the woolen mice, you should heed the following tips. So you avoid to be one of the 5.4 million Germans every year, is in the own four walls crash. You wear appropriate clothing: long Sleeves, loose Apron strings, ties to hoods, etc. To you it remains easy to hang. Pay attention to good footwear is The ideal house Shoe has a sole with a good profile, is flat and surrounds the foot. By ran, Slippers or high-heeled…
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Semen analysis

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Semen analysis Many couples do not begin until after a few years of being together with the attempt to have children. But often it is not as easy as planned, this desire into reality. The examination of sperm is an important piece of the puzzle in the search for the cause. The desire to have children is stronger, and happens nothing, giving way to the initial looseness tension coercion, and emotional – the desire for Sex is to frustration, fun to obligation. For many women, an Odyssey of tests and therapies begins – everything possible will be tried to get pregnant. Forget but sometimes of the man. And, although an investigation of sperm is quite simple and often the cause is revealing. Childlessness - desired, and, later, unintentionally It is…
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Fremdel phase On the safe side

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Fremdel phase On the safe side Well-known suddenly, with suspicion, or rejected, can comfort only mom and dad. What is the role of the fear of strangers, and how best to deal with it. Sabine's grandmother leans over her grandchild, the peacefully on the carpet playing. But as soon as she comes closer, the rest over. Sabine's eyes look frightened, the face contorts, the mouth of a shame penetrates full of screaming. Only the hurrying mother can reassure the child again, as Sabine on her Arm. Conscious Perception Sabine is now 8 months old and has referred to their fremdel phase, also as an eight-month anxiety, expressive started. From now on, you will be on a lot of things, which is not to say mom or dad, with reluctance and…
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Barley: rich in fiber

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Barley: rich in fiber In addition to wheat, rye and oats, the barley is one of the most popular types of cereals. Just like the three other cereals, it belongs to the family of grasses. A walk through Golden summer fields, you can separate the barley from their Relatives mostly Because in comparison to wheat and rye it has a particularly long Awns, which can be up to 15 inches long. Barley: Ingredients In the case of barley, the grains of a protective envelope called the tegument, surround. Since grains and husks are fused together, the grain has a high Cellulose content. This is typically between eight and 15 percent. Cellulose is one of the fiber and is thus indigestible. Ballast substances, ensure an improved feeling of satiety and stimulate…
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Children need clear rules in dealing with the TV

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Children need clear rules in dealing with the TV Due to the increasing number of children with Obesity, poor concentration, Hyper activity and attention disorders is the question of the influence of the parents is becoming more and more in the foreground. It's about how parents an age-appropriate and psycho-social development of their children. Clear rules and times In addition to regular, shared meals and regular sleep times, daily physical activity belongs to the healthy development of a child. Because of excessive television and computer use has a negative influence on the behavior of children, they need from their parents a clear set of rules in dealing with TV and PC. There is scientific evidence that early and frequent television and computer consumption and negative impact on the mental abilities…
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Puberty – boys are on the threshold to Adulthood

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Puberty - boys are on the threshold to Adulthood With puberty, only the Beard begins in the young to grow: Even more important than the physical, the mental change that leads eventually to separation from the parents house. "Questions like 'who am I?' and 'what am I in life?' back to the forefront," says Joseph Zimmerman, a psychologist and Director of the Catholic education and family counselling centre in Cologne, Germany. He advises: "parents should on the one hand, represent their points of view and continue to the limits. On the other hand, should you be interested in the lives of the children and offers a place in it to keep it. When boys are asked to be particularly the fathers." In German girls the puberty starts when you are…
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Noise protection for children: avoid hearing damage

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Noise protection for children: avoid hearing damage Hearing loss – General prevention Since 2009, are already carried out in babies in the first weeks of life, routine hearing tests – so most of the congenital hearing problems can be detected early. To do something against acquired hearing impairment, kindergartens, schools and also Doctors will inform on the Background of the variety of harmful influences are increasingly on the health of hearing. Harmful sources of noise should be limited by legal regulations to a tolerable Level, for example by a sound level limits in Nightclubs and concerts as well as MP3-players & co. The EU standard for children's toys should be covered: sets for children's toys with max. 125 dB in the free field and at a distance of 50 centimeters,…
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Aronia – The Chokeberry

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Aronia - The Chokeberry The Aronia melanocurpa is in this country little is known. Maybe you berry is a few people under the name of Apple (or bald chokeberry) are common. The estimates in Eastern Europe in the last decades as an effective medicinal plant. Visually rather inconspicuous, could be the Aronia berry almost to be confused with the blueberry – the berries of the chokeberry Plant have a healthier effect. Aronia: effect and origin Originally from the Eastern North America native, the Aronia Plant in the 19th century. A century after Russia. Since the middle of the 20th century. Century it was used in the former Soviet Union, also for healing purposes. So the Apple is not berry's only particularly good against high blood pressure, also medication against capillary…
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Burnout in the workplace to prevent

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Burnout in the workplace to prevent The phone rings constantly, the boss urgently needed documents, and in the meantime the colleagues with questions – come raging Chaos. And at the end of the day, the half is remained. The fun in the Job is lost. Now only a consistent strategy helps. Temporal priorities You will set time priorities according to the principle of 60:40. That is to say: 60 percent of the time will be scheduled for the actual work, 20 percent for unexpected activities and a further 20 per cent for spontaneous actions. Take into account you to turn your personal performance. Unpleasant or difficult tasks should you schedule after the lunch break, but in the morning, if you are fit and full of Power. The Eisenhower Principle The…
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Honey – Golden juice that creates miracles

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Honey – Golden juice that creates miracles The Greeks knew honey really appreciated, because according to mythology, the triple, the gods owed him their immortality. We love the honey because of its good taste and because he work for colds. In recent years, scientists examined the medical efficacy of honey, and came to stunning results: honey helps particularly well in wound healing and acts against inflammation. Is honey healthy? The honey, so a glance at Greek mythology shows the gods owe their immortality. The same applies to the allfather Odin, who is said to have based his wisdom and power from the honey. Something concrete it will be in Hippocrates: The physician of the ancient world knew of a fever-lowering effect of honey and used it on open wounds. Honey,…
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Mastopathy – a harmless change in the breast

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Mastopathy - a harmless change in the breast Pain and swelling of the breast, strong pressure sensitivity, and small nodules are the typical signs of a mastopathy, the most common benign changes in the breast glandular tissue. Approximately every second woman between 35 and 55 years of age is affected by more or less strong, benign changes in the breast tissue. Here are the changes to have no disease value – not every woman with a mastopathy has complaints. Hormones out of balance The exact cause of a mastopathy. But we do know that Estrogen plays an important role. Probably a disturbed relationship to the body's own sex is a progestin hormone and an Estrogen based, making Estrogen outweighs the progestin in the end. This happens when too much Estrogen…
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Work-Life Balance for parents

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Work-Life Balance for parents Compatibility of family and profession is not always easy in everyday life are often overcome many hurdles. There is a need for a comprehensive organization, so that both parents and children in an age characterized by Stress, you will not lose the Balance. Instead of losing time, it's a win all the more important because the increased at the same time, the quality of life for the entire family. Time for family A Chinese wisdom says: "The work is running out, if You show Your child the rainbow. But the rainbow will not wait until You're done with the job." But this is precisely where the crux of the matter lies for many parents: How is it possible to get work and family under a hat…
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To be slim at any cost – way out of the vicious circle

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To be slim at any cost – way out of the vicious circle You are also restrained eaters? How is your eating? Ask yourself the following questions: Their thoughts are constantly the subject of weight and diet? You know the calorie content of all foods? You roll over, the power of a court once it is on the table? Suppress often your feeling of Hunger? Let you ever been aware of one or the other meal? Set the before each meal strictly, the quantities that you want to eat? Prohibit food, of which they think that they contain very many calories? You should answer these questions with Yes, you should try necessarily, to be a little looser with the theme of food. Our self-test on the topic of eating disorder…
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To further prevent miscarriages

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To further prevent miscarriages For more miscarriages avoid The success of further pregnancies depends on the abort cause. These can be detected and remedied, is of a successful pregnancy. Examples: If the woman has already suffered several premature births is being studied, the Embryo typically, in order to clarify the cause of his early death. In addition, it must be clarified whether the parents may be a genetic disease is present. For this purpose, there are special genetic consultation, to be carried out mainly in University hospitals. In some cases, hormonal imbalances can be identified as the cause, you can avoid a new pregnancy. For example, not be formed in the body sufficient yellow body hormone, the uterine lining properly and the fruit will not keep. A yellow body hormone…
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Advent and Christmas – tips, so that only the candles are burning

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Advent and Christmas - tips, so that only the candles are burning Each year, about 5,000 children are injured by burns and scalds is difficult - many of them in the Christmas season. Spent-Christmas decorations, Christmas trees have caught fire, or defective light chains can be the cause for such accidents. If a few rules are observed, many so-called Christmas fire avoid. Security arrangements for the advent time Candles make the most of the children's eyes to the advent and Christmas lights. However, burning candles pose a great danger. We have compiled a number of tips together that Christmas fires are avoided and children can be protected from burns. So every mother and father can reduce the risk of a fire hazard in the advent and Christmas season to great…
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Wild garlic

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Wild garlic Wild garlic is used as an aromatic culinary herb in the past few years, a growing popularity. The fresh herb is for quark with Herbs, in soups and sauces or in a salad. Due to this popularity, it attracts more and more people into the forest to gather the hearty leek plant. What is wild garlic? The relative of garlic, onion and chives with the star-shaped white flowers was for the Romans, Germanic tribes and Celts as a spice and medicinal plant. Wild garlic has a number of names – in technical terms, Allium ursinum, at the mouth of the forest, garlic, wild garlic, Gypsy roots and Hundsknofel. Why is he named after the bear (Ursinum)? Probably because brown bears eat him after the winter sleep, in order…
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Concentration exercises in the workplace

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Concentration exercises in the workplace Whether in the office, in school or at home - in the everyday life of modern people, it comes almost everywhere in similar situations: The list of pending and tasks to be processed is getting longer and longer, while the concentration and performance seems the same extent lose weight. It is easier to concentrate on the growing sense of helplessness and impotence in the face of the tasks than on individual tasks. But what it is not helps, the job done by itself! You can learn to deal with the Stress, without sacrificing your enjoyment of life, your performance and your concentration. Concentration exercises A harmonious environment, fresh air, balanced diet and enough sleep are good prerequisites for this. But often that is not enough.…
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Drinking water in schools, no normality

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Drinking water in schools, no normality Children are only allowed to breast-feed rarely while teaching your thirst. This is allowed only at 16 percent of the schools. Even in the sports teaching, it does not look much better: Only every fifth school to Drink during sports is a matter of course. Striking is the ignorance of the parents is 39 percent do not know whether their children are allowed to drink in the sports lessons. These are the results of a representative survey among parents, which has given the Forum of drinking water e. V. in order. Also with regard to the selection of drinks and the joy of movement, the Six - to eighteen-year-olds give the results of the survey are a cause for concern. According to the parents…
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Creativity needs space

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Creativity needs space In the bathroom, bed, or Bus, not infrequently, these are the places from which it is claimed that creative people get the ideas that the world could you later be famous. Archimedes rushed, for example, from the bath out into the streets of Syracuse, shouting: "Eureka!" He had solved the Problem that had kept him busy for days: How to measure the volume of an irregularly shaped body, for example, a Golden crown,. Friedrich von Kekule had, sleeping by the fire sitting, a dream that gave him the idea, the structure of the benzene molecule, which appeared so difficult to explain, could be annular. The result was the birth of a new branch of the science, the chemistry of aromatic Compounds. As Henri Poincare ascended for a…
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Qigong with children

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Qigong with children "Where the thoughts are, since the energy is where the energy is, as blood flows, but where the blood flows, since recovery is" (Chinese proverb). Viewed from the outside, happens in the case of Qigong. The Practitioner simply stand there, shifting now and then, your weight or move with quiet, fluid movements. "On the inside" happens a lot. Qigong (literally: care of the life energy) is one of the oldest Chinese healing methods in order to increase the life energy of the people and to bring to the Flow. What is Qigong? Qigong Exercises include stretching postures, slow movements, breathing and imagination exercises. They are designed to strengthen the musculoskeletal system, but at the same time also lithe and agile. With Qigong, breathing, circulation, nervous system and…
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Pubic lice

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Pubic lice Pubic lice cling especially to pubic and axillary hair and feed on human blood. Itching and tiny bruises point to the pests. You barely move and are hidden quite well. The vernacular often takes no sheet before the mouth, when it comes to the description of unsavory things. Felt, or pubic lice, a series of handling, therefore, linguistic nicknames: Love bug, dead rats and mast sailors to name just a few. Properties of the crab louse The nickname for pubic lice, however, describe quite well some of the features: The crab louse (Phthirus pubis) is transmitted during close physical contact, especially sexual intercourse, feels particularly comfortable in the hair of the genital region, six wart-like projections similar to the beetle-legs, and one of the tribe of arthropods. Of…
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Consultation is not a matter of luck: nursery makes life easier

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Consultation is not a matter of luck: nursery makes life easier The issue of children's education are the ghosts. Almost with each new Generation of mothers, the educational change large-scale weather situation. While it up some time ago as a modern, was to harass the children as little as possible with parental influences, have, in the meantime, more and more parents, according to an allensbach survey tube 87 percent of the German – restore value to a good children. They believe that their children have an easier life, if you play by the rules of coexistence to learn as early as possible. The correct Behavior According to the motto "What does not learn little Hans, Hans NEVERMORE" have to learn to eat with a knife and fork, Sharing with others…
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Why is organic more expensive

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Why is organic more expensive In Europe the Germans for food for the least money. You are interested in animals appropriate to the species kept and the environment is protected, no longer want to pay for organically produced food anyway. The are in fact not cheap. According to the magazine Oeko-Test charge is between 40 and 50 percent. In the case of meat, the thing can be even more expensive, because of the surcharge may be up to 100 percent. It is interesting that "organic households" in the total spend but so much money for food as households who buy conventionally produced food. This is mainly because of the "Biokäufern" overall, less meat and sweets are consumed, and the share of alcoholic beverages and tobacco is low. The question of…
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