Fruit rubber & co. – you make us really happy?

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Fruit rubber & co. - you make us really happy? It is well over 80 years old, only 2.2 inches tall, and is mainly made of glucose syrup, sugar, and gelatin. It is so popular that every German eats three kilos in a year – the speech is the bear from the rubber. The advertising promises: no more grease! Thick you make, nevertheless, the popular fruit gums. We reveal what's in them and why you should also enjoy fat-free sweets only in moderation. Fruit gum makes it thick Sweets are popular with children as well as adults and occasionally nibbled in quite large quantities. Ice cream, cookies, chocolate, or snacks, they all contain just a little fat and sugar (carbohydrates). Their consumption is often associated with an increased risk for…
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Measures against excess weight

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Measures against excess weight Declare war on fat The fight against the fat on our Ribs and hip bones is long and hard, and only the one who is going on persevering and disciplined against his cushion, long-term success. Very bad the Heave-Ho-diets promise quick results in a short period of time. Who are the nutrients deprive your body for a short time, will lose only water. Then the body adjusts to the reduced food intake and turns virtually on the back burner. Once the diet is over, and the usual Food is absorbed, utilized by the organism everything he gets, almost twice as good and fills the fat pad again. The Jo-Jo effect. Also an unbalanced diet regimens such as the Atkins diet, the damage the Overweight people more…
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Mildew – health hazard

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Mildew - health hazard Fungi occur throughout the world, are adaptable, and frugal. Most of them are harmless, but some can cause infections and allergies. Estimated that of every four Allergy sufferers are sensitive to molds. Moulds (filamentous fungi) feel everywhere at home, where it is moist and warm. They feed on dead organic matter, as for example in Leaves and plants, house dust and the ground occurs, but also in Wallpapers, fabrics and even bricks. Mould infestation on building materials is usually quite difficult to permanently eliminate. Wallpaper, plaster and grout must be professionally cleaned. How are fungi? You know mold in spoiled foodstuffs, however, may be lurking in the spores of the molds at other locations, such as garbage cans, flower pots, mattresses, air conditioners and vacuum cleaners.…
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Leek – a Versatile, aromatic, and healthy

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Leek – a Versatile, aromatic, and healthy He is the "asparagus of the poor man" and a historical size: the Leek. Already the ancient Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans consumed the tasty plant. The Roman Emperor Nero appreciated to the Leek because of its mustard oils, which are intended to maintain the voice. His eating habits have brought him the name of Porrophagus, leek eater. From the Mediterranean sea, from the onion plant began its triumphal March to the North of Europe. Also, the Germans and the British appreciated the aromatic vegetable with the long, white shaft, and the juicy green leaves. Leek is available throughout the year The "illustrious" rulers used the vegetables even as a coat-of-arms ornament. The British part of the country Wales still has a…
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What are micronutrients?

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What are micronutrients? Nutrients are, in General, all of the human body for normal development and maintenance of health materials needed. In addition, the term refers to two groups of different dietary components: firstly, there are the macro nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins (proteins) and lipids (fats). These macro nutrients can be processed in the cell, but only used if the food contains additional nutrients, the nutrients so-called micro -,. What nutrients is micro? To nutrients the include micro-vitamins (vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K), minerals (such as calcium or Magnesium), trace elements (e.g. iron, zinc, selenium, and manganese), phytonutrients (carotenoids, flavonoids), essential fatty acids (fish oils) and amino acids – substances that are life-important for the body and, among other things, protecting against free Radicals. Micro-nutrients, in…
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Love goes through the stomach

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Love goes through the stomach Butterfly in the air, butterflies in the stomach. If the power of the sun radiation is stronger, brightens the mind, the hormonal balance in the momentum and the luck will feel revived: spring feelings! The Lust for life and Love with food increase? Casanova swore by oysters, caviar, and raw eggs, in the Asian region, on certain animal extracts-and in this country there are party service providers, the erotic Buffets in the program are natural aphrodisiacs – have sets: named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love in ancient times – in spite of a synthetic competition. Lust or frustration? Many of the natural pleasure-boosting food thanks to their reputation simply your appearance – just think of asparagus and figs. Other although they are not…
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Puberty: Between freedom and consequence

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Puberty: Between freedom and consequence Puberty is a time that most parents with dread, and the growing experience with uncertainty. Both sides need to learn in this Phase, to conflicts and to hold the Balance between boundaries and open spaces. Parents need to let go, and the children learn at the same time continues to give you Hold. Conflicts are necessary However, unlike the majority of feel that puberty is more than just a single crisis. As a Phase of development and detachment, with growing criticism, awareness of the environment and the adult, arise frequent – and, above all, necessary conflicts. The relationship parent – child is re-defined, with uncertain outcome, but by no means hopeless. Only: there are no patent answers, because as unique as the people are as…
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Systemic family constellations – how does it work?

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Systemic family constellations - how does it work? Aggressiveness, self-sacrifice, alcoholism, fear of intimacy, fear of relationships, etc., can be the result of entanglements in the family system, of which the Affected have no idea. The Systemic family constellation is an amazingly simple and fascinating tool to avoid these issues and resolve them. What happens in a family constellation? 6 - 10 strangers and an accomplished leader meet in a protected space. The first stand explained his problem, he wants to take a closer look. This selects the participants, the representatives of his country of origin or the present family (parents, children, grandparents, husband/wife, etc.). This he then placed in the room. Thereafter, the "image". Who is who faces or turned away, who's in the corner or in the center.…
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Maltodextrin – popular among sports enthusiasts

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Maltodextrin – popular among sports enthusiasts What is Maltodextrin? In the case of Maltodextrin is a carbohydrate mixture, which is extracted mainly from corn starch. In the carbohydrate mixture of monomers (simple sugars) and dimers (two-fold sugar), but also Oligomers (shorter chain polysaccharides) and Polimere (long-chain polysaccharides) are included. Depending on the proportion of the various sugar there are different forms of Maltodextrin, namely, Maltodextrin, 6, 12, or 19. Depending on the type of 100 grams of Maltodextrin contain about 400 calories. Use of Maltodextrin Maltodextrin is mainly used in food production. Here it comes in a variety of ways to use: it is used for example as a thickener for baby food and confectionery, meat and sausage as well as ready-made soups. In addition, Maltodextrin is also used as…
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Trichomoniasis The infection with the scourge of animal cells "Trichomonas vaginalis" is a common sexually transmitted disease called Trichomoniasis. At the end of the last century, an estimated worldwide each year, and recorded 174 million new cases of Trichomoniasis, of which 11 million are in Western Europe. Even if the Trichomoniasis is one of the more harmless venereal diseases, and only about half of infected women and even fewer men is causing symptoms, it is taken seriously. In the case of Trichomoniasis-affected Pregnant women, the risk for preterm birth and low birth increases the child's weight. In addition, the Transmission of the Aids seems to be a Virus in both directions is encouraged. Of microbes and human The Transmission of Trichomoniasis occurs by direct mucous membrane contact, so intercourse. In…
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Ayurvedic nutrition: food as medicine

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Ayurvedic nutrition: food as medicine Food and health are connected in Ayurvedic medicine inextricably. Aim of Ayurvedic diet is to reach an inner balance, or to get this. Ayurveda is the oldest known medicine to mankind and means from the Sanskrit, the Knowledge of long life" (ayus - long life, veda - Knowledge) is translated as". The approximately 3,500-year-old, in writing, to traditional Ayurvedic principles originating in India. You have already influenced Hippocrates, who advocated for a holistic treatment of the people. In contrast to Western systems, Ayurveda is a way of life: It wants to not only heal diseases, but attempts to give a comprehensive answer to the question of the goal of life, and to bring humans in harmony with nature. Vata, Pitta, Kapha: the 3 forces that…
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Healthy Egg?

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Healthy Egg? Eggs and health Eggs are an important staple food. The protein is Special, you will realize the derived name to one of our three main nutrients: protein, fat and carbohydrates. Egg-protein can use of the body to build proteins. Of all foods it has the highest biological value, namely 100 %. This means that from 100 grams egg white 100 grams of body Protein can be formed. The Egg contains approximately 7 grams of protein 6 grams of fat and traces of carbohydrates, in addition, all of the minerals and vitamins with exception of Vitamin C. The most important Vitamin in the egg, the Vitamin A (Retinol) and its precursor, the Pro-Vitamin A (carotene). Both provide the elasticity of the eye, the effect of a good Light-Dark adaptation…
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Children from colds to protect

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Children from colds to protect Cough or common cold virus can take root in children is particularly good, and multiply. Your immune system is not yet Mature. Up to six colds per year is considered normal. If parents prevent, in time, can be reduced the risk of disease for respiratory infections. However, this is sometimes exhausting, and not all of the measures you can implement in daily life. It is worthwhile to work on it. The Hand in front of mouth and nose When you cough the virus and bacteria from the breath be thrown because of the Infected literally. Most of the time you land at the nearest Person, and it is attached to. A simple, but effective protection against pathogens is already given when children and of course…
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Progeria – Why children in the time-lapse aging

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Progeria – Why children in the time-lapse aging It's cheerful children with a normal child needs and Desires - but your life is alarmingly short. As in the time lapse, the child of aging of the elderly, your 15. The age of not more achieve the most. Thanks to the human genome research-a first breakthrough in the cause and therapy is managed. The Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome (HGS), also Progeria, is fortunately a very rare disease. Worldwide, the estimates, there are around 50 patients in Germany there are about six children. Progeria: Premature Aging Progeria comes from the Latin and Greek and means "Premature aging". The Affected suffer from, among other things: Growth disorders faster aging of the skin Bone loss Atherosclerosis Hair loss Changes in the joints. Heart diseases or strokes…
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Screen Work – Tips

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Screen Work - Tips Screen regulation - obligations of the employer Who works every day, more than three hours on the Monitor, has a so-called workstation. In the case of employees, the employer is obliged under the labour protection act to provide you with a regular occupational medical examination. The screen regulation gives employees a comprehensive right to a healthy workplace: low-Radiation screens, as well as ergonomic office furniture, easy-to-use Software, and sufficient lighting. Employees at VDU workplaces are also entitled to an appropriate eye and eyesight. You should, in writing, to be offered and take place during working hours. The cost of the employer. This applies to those employees who "usually use equipment as a significant part of their normal work Screen". The vocational cooperative principle for occupational medical…
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Apricot – Healthy All-Rounder

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Apricot - Healthy All-Rounder Apricot, peach and Nectarine. They are all sweet, fruity, and mostly covered with a fine down, which is why you can lose so much Similarity. But actually, it is quite simple: The apricot is the small yellow under the sweet fruit and apricot none other than the Austrian term for apricots. During peach and Nectarine are often very juicy, the pulp of the apricot is rather mealy-eating soft and also lightweight. And The apricot also tastes dried is excellent, and so is suitable all year round as a healthy Snack. Apricot: calories save and prevent disease The apricot not only tastes sinfully sweet, but also an all-round talent for health. It contains very much Provitamin A (carotene), vitamins B1, B2 and C and minerals such as…
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Tips for the ideal ice cream

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Tips for the ideal ice cream Tips for the ideal ice cream Ice cream is not by the way of snacking, but also as a Dessert schedule. Otherwise, unnecessary calories to come together quickly. In the ice cream parlor, only two instead of three balls to order. On cream, Praline, chocolate sauce, nuts or chocolate pieces, sugar pearls, etc., prefer to do without these Extras provide additional calories. In Fertigeis the packaging or the announcements panel gives information about which ice cream Flavor is or how high the sugar, fat and energy content. Ice cream and Sorbet are lower in calories than cream or creamy ice cream. Water ice and Sorbets contain little or no fat and are naturally Light variants. A Sorbet can be produced at home easily: Pureed…
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Iodine supply is still in need of many efforts

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Iodine supply is still in need of many efforts Germany is an iodine deficiency area, even if the iodine supply in recent years has improved significantly. Thyroid diseases as a result of iodine deficiency in our food are, therefore, still a health Problem of the first rank. You bring millions of people to severe physical suffering and place a burden on in addition, the health care system annually, with about one billion euros. To eliminate the goal of the world health organization (WHO) and the appropriate statement of commitment from 1990 by the then Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker to the WHO, iodine deficiency by the year 2000, was not fulfilled in Germany. In this respect, the need for action is for the Federal government is still required. According to…
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Vitamins of the B complex

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Vitamins of the B complex Without the B vitamins the nerves, skin, hair, and the blood could no longer carry on with their normal tasks properly. Deficiencies must be compensated for. Here you can learn more about Vitamin B1 (thiamine), Vitamin b (Riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin), and Pantothenic acid, and Biotin. Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) Vitamin B1 has important functions in many enzymes that regulate the utilization of carbohydrates. In the case of deficiency of this Vitamin the body can not convert the carbohydrates to glucose (grape sugar). Our brain is dependent on glucose to function maintaining. Thiamine also plays a crucial role in the Transmission of signals in the nerves. Since the body can store the Vitamin in a small quantity, it must be…
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Boreout Strategies

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Boreout Strategies Boreout costs money "If an employee suffers from monotony, he tries to hide this in front of his employer, Verde, or deflect it, then that is wasted money," says Renate Rau, Professor of work and organizational psychology in Marburg. And this costs money: The total economic damage in Germany is estimated to be over 250 billion Euro, an estimate of the Philippe Rothlin and Peter R. Werder from regular Gallup-studies infer that you quantify in diagnosis Boreout. For the two Swiss business consultants Boreout is found mainly in office jobs - a phenomenon of the entire services company. In many office jobs, you can control his workload, thanks to the digitalisation of offices. "We assume that at least 15 percent of workers in the service sector are affected…
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Sex diseases on the rise

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Sex diseases on the rise Sex is fun and healthy. However, sometimes, the rude awakening follows the sexual intercourse. Then, when pathogens in a new host search. Success you have, however, only in the case of unprotected intercourse. The history of the STDs is probably as old as mankind. We don't always know which way you were transferred, they were often interpreted as a just divine punishment for the all-too-human vices. Ignorance allows for the dissemination of Until today, not or only coyly is not talked about sexually transmitted diseases often, what is surprising in the case of a topic that has to do with sexuality and illness, or even death. However, it is only ignorance that allows sexual diseases are a scourge of humanity. In recent years, an increase…
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A healthy diet in different stages of life

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A healthy diet in different stages of life Every phase of life of the people is shaped by structural changes in the body and resulting different needs. This applies in particular also for the food. The On and in our body As long as we live On in the body and removal processes. Until about 35. Age outweigh the build-up processes. Bone mass, muscle and fat tissue. The Foundation stone is laid for the body substance, the composition of which will remain of importance. With increasing age, the removal processes occur more and more in the foreground. As a result, in the course of life to a wide range of changes in the body. As the water content decreases in the body by 60-70% in the infant age to 45-50%…
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Straight legs, beautiful feet – we can do this

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Straight legs, beautiful feet - we can do this Beautiful, straight legs and feet are for a good appearance is essential. But also for the health, it is important to give his feet and legs a good Eight. Parents can spare their children much, if at a young age on the proper footwear and a healthy diet. The development of healthy legs and starts in infancy As long as we struggle in our mother's belly, bent our legs and we come up with O-legs to the world. This is quite normal, and no mother should have to worry whether your Baby will be running later on like John Wayne. The correct posture for a newborn is reminiscent of a small frog. This is because the hip joints are not yet…
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Diabetes in animals – such As Diabetes makes the animal felt?

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Diabetes in animals - such As Diabetes makes the animal felt? How does Diabetes in animals? To be able to use the excess blood sugar withdrawal, you must drink a diabetic animal very large quantities and, accordingly, more eliminated. Although diabetic animals, many develop more to eat than usual - a veritable hot-hungry - often. Blame the lack of Insulin, which prevents proper utilization of food. Diabetic cats tend to fall due to the lack of appetite and vomiting. Some of the disease is also due to an altered gait, which is on a flatter Fußung to back of the hindquarters. Because the body's cells can only be leads to little or no energy is drawn from the entire body in the Philippines: A dull coat, but also damage to…
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Erectile dysfunction – information and facts

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Erectile dysfunction - information and facts Erectile dysfunction: data and facts Definition In the case of erectile dysfunction (Erectile dysfunction, ED) can not be achieved an erection and/or not to be able to have a satisfactory sexual intercourse. The Severity of erectile dysfunction is variable: it ranges from the occasional difficulties to achieve an erection, up to the complete erection loss. According to the medical Definition, one speaks of erectile dysfunction, if this is about a minimum of three months. At least 70% of the Attempts, sexual intercourse, and are unsuccessful. Not rarely In Germany alone, around five million men are affected, according to the estimates of erectile dysfunction. An estimated one in five men suffers in the course of the life of erectile dysfunction. Worldwide, there are approximately 190…
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Diet for pregnancy diabetes

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Diet for pregnancy diabetes Pregnancy diabetes, gestational diabetes, is how it says the name already, Diabetes that occurs only in pregnancy. He usually disappears with the birth of the child. Nevertheless, it must be taken into account and can be managed by conscious and healthy diet. Often a change of diet is even sufficient to fix Diabetes during pregnancy. Gestational diabetes prevention For every expectant mother and, above all, every child a healthy balanced diet is the basic requirement. Obesity and an unhealthy unbalanced diet are the most common causes for gestational diabetes. Therefore, these factors should be excluded, if possible, in advance. As movement, sporting activities, and the healthy, well-balanced and tailored diet play the crucial role. In pregnancy sporting activities are sometimes only possible to a limited extent.…
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Easily through menopause

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Easily through menopause The are the menopause? – The questions many women, when they sleep, suddenly, worse than before, more sweating or if the period is irregular. Already from the middle of 30 of the hormone begins to change the balance in the body of the woman slowly. The first noticeable effect of these changes occur in the rule, but only between the 40. 45. Since the age of. Typical Symptoms The menopause is not a set with a Bang, but slowly and gradually. Declining Hormone levels first noticed by the fact that the monthly cycle is irregular - the distance between the cycles can be longer or shorter, the thickness of bleeding can go up or down. Typical symptoms in this first hormonal change phase of the sleep problems.…
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Apples: Delicious and healthy

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Apples: Delicious and healthy Over 30 vitamins and trace elements, 100 to 180 milligrams of potassium and many other valuable minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, Magnesium or iron carries an average sized Apple in and under his shell. He consists of 85 percent water and has only about 60 calories. He is good for teeth and intestines, grape and fruit sugars provide quick energy. The 20,000 varieties of Apple worldwide The statisticians know it once again: 17 kilos of fruit, which led to as the Golden Apple of discord the Trojan war, eats every German, every year. Eleven liters of Apple juice gutters annually due to German throats. Worldwide there are 20.000 varieties of apples, but only a fraction, about 1,000, are growing in Germany. And only four common varieties…
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Smoothies – health-self-made

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Smoothies – health-self-made Five servings of fruit and vegetables – this is the recommendation for a healthy, balanced diet. At the same time, but it is also a challenge. Smoothies offer a healthy Alternative. They can be bought either in the supermarket or prepared but simple and healthy home. All you need is fresh fruit and vegetables, to taste yogurt or buttermilk, olive oil, sugar, and a blender. Every fruit and vegetable that you can eat it raw. Their creamy consistency to get the Smoothies with ice cubes, yogurt or buttermilk. Power and vitamins Ginger is known for its invigorating and digestion-promoting effect and exceptional taste experiences. To do this, press a small piece of peeled ginger through a garlic press and mash this together with the juice of three…
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Side effects of the pill

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Side effects of the pill Most of the combination pills are well tolerated and have little side effects. Especially in the first three months of taking may, however, occur symptoms such as headache, breast tenderness, spotting, and Nausea. Some women also report an increased appetite and weight gain, and mood swings. In addition, it is also possible that by taking the pill, the female Libido is lowered. Serious side effects are rare In rare cases, it can occur through the ingestion of the pill to more serious side effects. The Occurrence of thrombosis, which can lead in the worst case, to a life-threatening embolism. Usually it comes to such side effects only in combination with certain risk factors. To Obesity these include, among others, Smoking, Diabetes, hypertension, and diseases of…
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