Mushrooms: fun with risk

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Mushrooms: fun with risk A mystery, almost a little magical and, above all, taste are the mushrooms. Still, if you were self-collected. But beware: all Too often they are confused with poison mushrooms, sometimes with a fatal outcome. A few important things to keep in mind so that the enjoyment is not a risk to health. Mushroom poisonings in history Among historians, the presumption, even of the Roman Emperor Claudius had been a mushroom lover and would have paid for his passion with death. If really his wife or political opponents have enriched the last meal with the extract of Green tuber leaves, fungus, everything was just an unfortunate mix-up, or the death cause was quite different: the fact is that even today, mushroom poisoning occur, although rarely, and hardly…
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Help your digestion on the jumps

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Help your digestion on the jumps Regular digestion is a Foundation for our well-being. However, for each third going to the toilet is a Problem. A constipation is not just annoying. Völlegefühle, abdominal pain, bloating and fatigue can cause a General malaise. And, the longer the constipation lasts. What is normal? When and how often you need to use the bathroom, is individually different. Each has its own rhythm. Many feel that if you have once a day every day chair. But medically speaking, this is not a Must. First, if you have less than two to three times a week bowel movements, constipation. The main cause of digestive problems is our unhealthy lifestyle. One-Sided Diet: Our food contains too little fiber. It makes the bowel lazy,because fiber promotes bowel…
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Vitamin B12 – small dose, big effect

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Vitamin B12 – small dose, big effect Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) is a water-soluble Vitamin that can be exactly like other vitamins the body is not self - made, but about food, such as herring or liver. Vitamin B12 is especially important for our nervous system, but also has a protective effect on our cardiovascular System. A deficiency of Vitamin B12 occurs in Europe only rarely, and only Vegans who take no animal food, have an increased risk. As Vitamin B12 acts Our body needs only small amounts of Vitamin B12, but the Vitamin is involved in many important processes in the organism. It takes, among other things, influence on the cell growth, and cell division and is required for the formation of red blood cells. In addition, Vitamin B12 is…
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Healthy increase

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Healthy increase Tips for fast weight loss there is as the Sand of the sea. At the same time, Doctors complain about the health risks of Overweight and super markets tempt you with Light products. But that is only one side of the coin. There are also many people who are underweight, weighing too little. So little that you don't feel good in your body and in the worst case, your health is at risk. Then it's time to Grow – but in a healthy way. Problem Case, Under The Weight Causes of weight are decreases varied. In the age we take automatically, but also chronic diseases can be a drain on the body. Stress and diets the pounds also tumble. Some people are not able to grow in spite…
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Vitamin E – Good for the skin

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Vitamin E – Good for the skin Vitamin E is a collective term for fat-soluble substances that cannot be produced by the body itself. Therefore, you need to be on foods such as vegetable oils, nuts and Margarine. Is taken over a prolonged period of Vitamin E, there is a deficiency. Typical symptoms for such a Vitamin E deficiency are disorders of digestion, lack of concentration, increased susceptibility to infection, as well as the degradation of muscles. Effect of Vitamin E Vitamin E as well as Vitamin A and Vitamin C, the antioxidants, and therefore represents in our body is a major free radical scavenger. Free radicals are aggressive Compounds, the rays through chemical reactions, Smoking, Stress, or by the action of high energy, such as sunlight or x -…
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Healthy eating – what?

Healthy foods, Reference book, Yoga
Healthy eating - what? Clear answer: gains in life years and quality of life! Although "healthy" in the food industry is a Trend. A healthy diet – a healthy lifestyle in General – but many people are too time-consuming. To do this, you can say clear: all sick time to be consuming and also painful and expensive; it lowers the quality of life and shortens life! Nutrition plays in two of the three deaths, the German society for nutrition in your nutrition report 2004. In Germany, cardiovascular years diseases and malignant tumors by far the most common causes of death. By a change of diet in the Occurrence and development of these diseases can be positively influenced. Overweight A calculation for the European Union has shown that at least one…
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Sprouts: the health of the window Bank

Alcohol, Healthy herbs, Skateboarding, Vitamins
Sprouts: the health of the window Bank Rapidly germinating sprouts of lentils, Alfalfa, mung beans & Co are healthy and delicious. Especially in Winter, when to harvest on the field, in the garden or on the balcony much, it is worth Sprouting. Either you used a special germ-a Mason Jar device, or simply as sprouts glass. So that the water can drain, the consumer the Mason Jar on its head and binds it with a Cheesecloth. Sprouts pull yourself Most of the seeds, first soak overnight and then into the rearing vessel, wherein the seed should not lie one above the other, so you still have plenty of space to Develop. First, a darker place is convenient, from 2. Day the seedlings, however, should light, but no direct sunlight, be…
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Cancer and nutrition – 11 tips

Healthy herbs, Martial Arts, Sports
Cancer and nutrition - 11 tips Did you know that... ...the personal life-style and environmental factors influence the development of cancer much more than the inheritance? Specifically, this means: to develop cancer can, but need not be destiny. ... for about half of all cases of cancer with an effective Precaution could prevent? The recipe is simple: do not smoke, enough to move and eat healthy. ... a balanced, mainly vegetarian diet, not only against stomach and colon cancer, protects? It also acts as a preventive measure against other types of cancer, for example breast, lung, prostate and uterine cancer. By eating healthy, you make a valuable contribution to their personal cancer screening and can enjoy their life longer. Tip 1: eat the Balanced An important key to health, a…
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Black tea, green tea

Getting rid of snoring, Hair care, Healthy and unhealthy food
Black tea, green tea Nearly three million tons of tea are produced worldwide every year. The Germans are still a beginner in tea drinking. According to the statistics of the German tea Association, the German citizens have in the past year, only 18 tons of drunk, which is equivalent to 25 litres per head. Europe's most prolific tea drinkers, the Irish, come on 300. Only the East Frisians create 260 litres and are still in front of the as a tea lover, well-known English 224 litres. Your competitors of coffee can't reach the leaves in Germany, although the water that goes past the tea drinkers, but in the Cup: He takes time for his favorite drink, brew the leaves in accordance with the recommendation, selects his dishes carefully and enjoy.…
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Diet for gout

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Diet for gout Gout, one of the today's diseases of affluence, is associated with an unbalanced, more meat-containing diet, and alcohol consumption. Gout in addition to other diseases of the forms of rheumatism. A healthy diet can affect the course of gout positively and symptoms of this rheumatic disease even reduce. Effect of uric acid on gout The consequences of gout are not insignificant. Therefore, early preventive measures should be in the area of nutrition – taken. Causes of gout increased levels of uric acid are mainly. Especially food of animal origin encourage the production of uric acid in the body, what generally leads to increased uric acid levels. The elimination of uric acid via the kidney, and is inhibited by consumption of alcohol. Excessive consumption of alcohol, beer in…
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Without a hangover on the slopes

Healthy and unhealthy food, Martial Arts, Massage
Without a hangover on the slopes In addition to the active Actuation in the winter skiing, long evenings, loud music, Dancing as well as alcohol consumption when it comes to Après Ski for many winter sports enthusiasts are a special Highlight, in huts, cafes or night clubs to round off the daily skiing in a cheerful round. Mulled wine, Jagertee and hot cocoa with a shot of, as well as beer and various spirits welcome Heater in the immediate connection to the sports of Ski and fun at the Alpine sports in the mountains. The "hangover" prevention What helps to get fit through the day and to avoid an undesirable "hangover" on the following day of skiing, or to relieve? Thus, the skiing remains a pleasure, we have compiled some…
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Peppers: rich in Vitamin C

Getting rid of snoring, Getting rid of stress, Healthy and unhealthy food, Martial Arts
Peppers: rich in Vitamin C When shopping for peppers, mostly spoiled for choice as the healthy vegetables, it is available in many different versions: Whether it's red, orange, yellow or green – the colors, the selection is large. To this end, various forms are: While sweet peppers are rather thick and round, spice, paprika, a longer and narrower shape. Also in the flavor, the different pepper varieties differ from each other: Of mild to hot peppers in various shades. Of the different varieties of the sweet Peppers, however, have in common: bell peppers are healthy, have lots of vitamins and few calories. Peppers: Healthy and delicious The different colors of the peppers reflect the degree of maturity of the vegetables: In the immature state, all bell peppers are green, with…
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Wine grapes – vitamin-rich berries

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Wine grapes – vitamin-rich berries Every year in late summer, the local grape harvest. Wine berries are called, such as wine grapes, then processed into wine, juice or jelly. At the end of the summer, the sun are Packed-kissed fruits are full of nutrients. The sweet only vitamins and mineral substances but also carbohydrates such as sugar but very few calories, does not contain berries. Healthy ingredients of grapes Raisins, i.e. dried grapes that have a particularly high sugar concentration. Not least for this reason, wine grapes have sometimes a bad reputation as a Fattening. Why, however, they are in truth, very healthy, will be apparent when you look at the ingredients in Detail. Per 100 grams of fresh grapes contain the following vitamins and minerals: Potassium: 192 Milligrams Calcium:…
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Barley grass powder juice or capsules?

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Barley grass powder juice or capsules? Who would like to buy barley grass, must decide, which is the Form he prefers. Because barley grass is, among other things, as a powder, barley grass juice, but also in the Form of tablets or capsules, as well as fresh or in processed products available. Behind the various terms: Barley grass powder is made from barley grass, which is first carefully dried and then ground. Activated barley or germinated barley was in front of the Drying and Grinding soaked for two days in water and then sprouted for a few days. Tablets and capsules provide easy dosing and quick intake of barley grass powder without any prior preparation. Barley grass juice is obtained by juicing (pressing) of barley grass. It contains in relation…
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Food for the defense

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Food for the defense Food for the defense The antimicrobial properties of garlic were known already to Aristotle, and Hippocrates. In the 2. World war II used garlic as a germ abtötendes means (antiseptic) against gangrene. Garlic is probably the food plant with the strongest anti-microbial effect. This effect is based on the contained sulfur-containing Compounds. Garlic juice inhibits in a test tube (in vitro) even at a high dilution (1:125.000) the growth of staphylococci, streptococci, Vibrios, bacilli, fungi, and yeasts. The highest concentrations of such antimicrobial substances have been detected in garlic, but they are also present in onions, leeks, shallots and chives in abundance. Defenses through food strengthen These foods will strengthen your immune in addition: Types of cabbage such as red cabbage or cabbage contain mustard oils…
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Kiwis Kiwis are not only healthy, but also to eat and just Take in the winter months, often even a Kiwi with me to work and treat yourself to a healthy dessert. Kiwis are best to eat when you are cutting the raw fruit into two halves and then spoon. Calories and ingredients Kiwis contain almost twice as much Vitamin C as oranges – on average, it will bring 100 grams to about 70 milligrams. Thus, the daily requirement of an adult can be met by the consumption of a large Kiwi. In addition, kiwi fruit also contain even greater amounts of folic acid as well as potassium, Calcium and Magnesium. In spite of the many valuable ingredients of the kiwi fruit are very low in calories: 100 grams of…
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Drinking water helps weight loss

Diets, Healthy and unhealthy food, Healthy herbs, Micro- and macro-elements
Drinking water helps weight loss Who drinks water, uses more power. The consumption of drinking water also results in Obese, and about two-thirds of adults in Germany - an increase in energy sales. Drinking tap water can therefore help with weight loss. Drinking water contains no calories, "burns" but in addition energy. Also normal weight who want to maintain their weight, benefit from this effect of water drinking. The so-called thermogenic effect of drinking water in Overweight by a study of the Charité, Berlin. It was supported by the Forum of drinking water e. V. A Team of researchers at the Charité, Berlin, and the German Institute for nutrition research, Potsdam-Rehbrücke, investigated in nine obese, healthy subjects, the effect of the drinking of tap water on the energy metabolism. With…
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Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol)

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Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol) Vitamin D is a fat-soluble Vitamin that can be synthesized by our body under the influence of sunlight itself. Nevertheless, recent studies indicate that more and more people have too little Vitamin D in the blood. A Vitamin D deficiency, however, can have disastrous consequences: Since Vitamin D is significantly involved in the regulation of calcium balance, can occur due to a lack of instability of the bone structure. However, only a Vitamin D deficiency, but an Overdose not have a negative impact on our body. Vitamin D regulates the Calcium balance Vitamin D is a collective term that includes multiple Connections. Of this Vitamin are particularly D2, found in plants and fungi, and Vitamin D3, which is included only in animal foods, for us, people of…
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(Healthy) diet of children and young people

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(Healthy) diet of children and young people For optimal child development good nutrition is an important prerequisite. In Childhood the Foundation is laid for the body substance, the composition of which will remain of importance. Here, the child or youth's body has special demands on the diet. In comparison to her little body, children need to eat a lot more than Great. Maximum demand in 15 - to 18-Year-old The Maximum energy consumption is achieved between the 15. and 18. Years of age. During the pubertal growth spurt, the required Calcium (1200 mg/day), phosphate (1600 mg/day) and iron (boys: 12 mg/day, and girls 15 mg/day) is increasing. According to age, during the child stage instead of a way to adapt to the dietary pattern of adults. Too much of this…
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HCG diet: “miracle”diet of the Stars

Getting rid of snoring, Nutrition basics, Places for the rest
HCG diet: "miracle"diet of the Stars Hollywood is not only famous for his films, but also for the radical fashion of the Stars appearances. One of the latest Trends of the VIPs of the HCG diet. This was developed a few decades ago and is particularly under drama mothers great popularity – after all, this can be allegedly thanks to the HCG diet plan just a few weeks after the birth with supermodel dimensions in front of the camera. But also men, the HCG diet promises quick, easy weight loss without side effects and yo-Yo effect. This promoted the success also has its price: HCG-diet-costs vary greatly, however, you should refrain from cheap offered on the Internet. In addition to the monetary impact, but note also the possible health side…
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Healthy tip eating: bread baking

Healthy foods, Healthy herbs, Meditation, Obesity
Healthy tip eating: bread baking How much bread in the last few years, it has become really expensive. Therefore, the purchase of a bread-baking machine is worth. Jerk, twitch has fresh bread and it saves a lot of money. Lid on, ingredients, the baking program. About three hours later the bread is done – for the price of a few cents. So easy, the bread does bake with the baking machine. In the trade, many different models are offered. The prices are between 50 and 200 euros. You should pay attention when buying: Standard equipment anti-stick coated, removable baking pan and kneading hook. Measuring Cup and spoon. Degree of Browning of the crust is not adjustable. Different, the size of the baking dish: it varies from 500 grams up to…
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Semolina and semolina porridge

Healthy food recipes, How to get rid, Martial Arts, Personal growth
Semolina and semolina porridge Many people connect with semolina nothing but unpleasant memories of your Childhood, when you were in bed with a cold and forced, slimy semolina porridge spoons. This meal is done, however wrong – he is not only a very versatile food, but also healthy. Semolina is basically nothing more than a tiny piece of grain, produced during the Milling. Depending on which grain is used, it may be in soft wheat semolina, with the typical semolina, but semolina dumplings, semolina dumplings, and various Desserts are prepared, durum wheat semolina, which is suitable for Bulgur or Pasta and corn meal, used for the preparation of Polenta. The semolina is divided after how strong he was ground into three classes: Coarse semolina, medium semolina and fine semolina. Meal:…
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Fat burner diet: legends and truths

Hair care, Healthy and unhealthy food, Yoga
Fat burner diet: legends and truths Just continue on as before and still lose weight? The promise of the so-called "fat burners" that are supposed to bring fat without a diet and exercise program to melt. Fat burners are all the rage in the diet market. With them and other slimming products are annually made billions in sales worldwide. It gives you the slimming pill no side effect? But the truth is: Without a balanced diet and a sensible exercise program a permanent, healthy way to lose weight is not possible. Due to fat burners burn more energy Obesity has only one cause: the body is constantly more energy than it consumes, stores this Excess as fat reserve (so-called positive energy balance). To get rid of this, only one thing…
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Ideas for a finger food Party

Books on healthy eating, Feng Shui, Health
Ideas for a finger food Party Whether Cocktail Party, new year's eve or the garden party: finger food is absolutely in the Trend. Not only the guests with finger food on the small, lovingly prepared Snack that you can eat quickly in passing, without making your fingers dirty. Also, the hosts can save themselves with finger food, a lot of work. Instead of stacks and stacks of dirty dishes are merely a couple of napkins and wood remain at a finger food Party, namely, chopsticks left. But what exactly is finger food? Learn here, what's up with the small Snacks, and discover new recipes for finger food. Finger food ideas for cold buffet What finger food actually is? Basically, it's nothing new to take food with bare hands. In of…
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Body fat percentage calculate

Healthy food recipes, Skin care, Workouts
Body fat percentage calculate Hydrostatic Weighing The body fat percentage can be through a variety of methods to measure or calculate. However, all the process are not the same exactly. As the most accurate method is the hydrostatic weigh-in, static, at the body weight under water is measured and, in addition, the extruded quantity of water is noted. Since the method is very time-consuming and expensive, it is not applied but only relatively rarely. For home use or a body fat-determination in the fitness Studio are frequently used Caliper (body fat Calipers), or the body fat truck. Body fat for exact values, deliver the car depending on the model, but not always. Body fat measured with a Caliper In the case of the Calipometrie the skin fold thickness is determined…
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Organic meat – the latest Trend!

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Organic meat - the latest Trend! With the outbreak of the BSE crisis in the year 2000, the Trend to ecological animal husbandry, in particular cattle, has intensified. To get good meat today is no longer a Problem, because the nearly 21 000 (as of 2009) of the German Eco-farming farms are almost all organized in one of the recognised organic farming Association. In addition, many of the butcheries and super markets quality meat with labels to offer. Meat from species-appropriate animal husbandry and organic farming is more expensive, but the taste makes up for the loss in the wallet. What is appropriate to the species is actually called? The calves must be at least 3 months, fed with milk. The animals are fed on demand and according to their…
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Green cabbage: Many benefits, many opportunities

Feng Shui, Healthy food recipes, Massage, Weight loss tips
Green cabbage: Many benefits, many opportunities Kale is one of the nutrient richest, healthiest and versatile most vegetables. Kale belongs to the family of Brassicaceae and is a cultivar of the cabbage. Whether with meat, vegetarian dishes or raw vegetables, is very popular. Low in calories, but rich in healthy ingredients is Kale, even as a so-called Superfood. You can read here, what makes Kale so healthy. Careful preparation receives healthy ingredients Usually green cabbage with Sausage, bacon, pee, or very rich in fat, meat is cooked in the pan. Much more of its valuable ingredients, it gives but with a more gentle preparation: only lightly steamed, as a salad or fresh ingredient in the Smoothie. In this way, the almost unique combination of Vital nutrients of the green cabbage…
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Pineapple – Healthy Tropical Fruit

Bodybuilding, Hair care, Morning exercises, Weight loss tips
Pineapple – Healthy Tropical Fruit The pineapple loves full sun and high, tropical temperatures. Accordingly, exotic, sweet, and juicy ripe pineapple tastes. Apart from the delicious taste, the Tropical fruit is also a Beautiful and Slimming effect: pineapple is full of nutrients and strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure, lifts the mood and regulates the digestion. Since pineapple stimulates the fat burning, many health-conscious people on the purifying effect of a pineapple diet. Pineapple: calories and nutrients In a pineapple, not only the blazing energy of the sun, but also a lot of A-vitamins, B-vitamins and C-vitamins are stuck. Especially the high proportion of enzymes in pineapple, it is estimated, however: The healthy Tropical fruit is rich in Bromelain, Amylase, Perodixase and Invertase. There are also numerous minerals and…
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Mushrooms: Mushroom Poisoning

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Mushrooms: Mushroom Poisoning Real poisoning with poisonous or inedible mushrooms are rather rare – in four out of five cases, the enjoyed the mushrooms are not toxic, but the basic edible mushrooms have been incorrectly prepared or stored. As with other foods also can settle and then the bacteria and the fungi, thereby, ruin. This in turn leads to food poisoning, which can be awkward as a meat poisoning. Even the warm up gets the fungi often been the case, certain proteins, which can cause symptoms of decay. Rare genetic disorders in which a specific enzyme to digest the mushrooms. The reason for the poisoning, with the poison fungi Amanitin is often. This protein substance is contained, e.g., in tuberous leaves, mushrooms, and neither by cooking nor by Drying ineffective.…
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Leek (Leek)

Vitamins, Weight loss tips, Workouts
Leek (Leek) Leeks can be harvested both in summer and in the autumn compared with The summer leek of September-harvested Leek is a bit stronger in taste. Leeks can be extremely versatile, and it can be eaten both raw and boiled, fried or baked. Calories and ingredients Leek is rich in vitamins and minerals: It contains Vitamin C, Vitamin K and folic acid as well as potassium, calcium, Magnesium, manganese, and iron. Since Leeks belong to plants of the Onion, put in it a valuable secondary plant substances. Leek is not only healthy, but also good for the line: 100 grams bring, it is in fact just 26 calories. Recipe: Cheese-And-Leek-Soup Fry 500 grams of minced meat in a pot. You in the meantime, cut a kilogram of Leeks into…
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