What are micronutrients?

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What are micronutrients? Nutrients are, in General, all of the human body for normal development and maintenance of health materials needed. In addition, the term refers to two groups of different dietary components: firstly, there are the macro nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins (proteins) and lipids (fats). These macro nutrients can be processed in the cell, but only used if the food contains additional nutrients, the nutrients so-called micro -,. What nutrients is micro? To nutrients the include micro-vitamins (vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K), minerals (such as calcium or Magnesium), trace elements (e.g. iron, zinc, selenium, and manganese), phytonutrients (carotenoids, flavonoids), essential fatty acids (fish oils) and amino acids – substances that are life-important for the body and, among other things, protecting against free Radicals. Micro-nutrients, in…
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Love goes through the stomach

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Love goes through the stomach Butterfly in the air, butterflies in the stomach. If the power of the sun radiation is stronger, brightens the mind, the hormonal balance in the momentum and the luck will feel revived: spring feelings! The Lust for life and Love with food increase? Casanova swore by oysters, caviar, and raw eggs, in the Asian region, on certain animal extracts-and in this country there are party service providers, the erotic Buffets in the program are natural aphrodisiacs – have sets: named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love in ancient times – in spite of a synthetic competition. Lust or frustration? Many of the natural pleasure-boosting food thanks to their reputation simply your appearance – just think of asparagus and figs. Other although they are not…
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Systemic family constellations – how does it work?

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Systemic family constellations - how does it work? Aggressiveness, self-sacrifice, alcoholism, fear of intimacy, fear of relationships, etc., can be the result of entanglements in the family system, of which the Affected have no idea. The Systemic family constellation is an amazingly simple and fascinating tool to avoid these issues and resolve them. What happens in a family constellation? 6 - 10 strangers and an accomplished leader meet in a protected space. The first stand explained his problem, he wants to take a closer look. This selects the participants, the representatives of his country of origin or the present family (parents, children, grandparents, husband/wife, etc.). This he then placed in the room. Thereafter, the "image". Who is who faces or turned away, who's in the corner or in the center.…
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Ayurvedic nutrition: food as medicine

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Ayurvedic nutrition: food as medicine Food and health are connected in Ayurvedic medicine inextricably. Aim of Ayurvedic diet is to reach an inner balance, or to get this. Ayurveda is the oldest known medicine to mankind and means from the Sanskrit, the Knowledge of long life" (ayus - long life, veda - Knowledge) is translated as". The approximately 3,500-year-old, in writing, to traditional Ayurvedic principles originating in India. You have already influenced Hippocrates, who advocated for a holistic treatment of the people. In contrast to Western systems, Ayurveda is a way of life: It wants to not only heal diseases, but attempts to give a comprehensive answer to the question of the goal of life, and to bring humans in harmony with nature. Vata, Pitta, Kapha: the 3 forces that…
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Erectile dysfunction – information and facts

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Erectile dysfunction - information and facts Erectile dysfunction: data and facts Definition In the case of erectile dysfunction (Erectile dysfunction, ED) can not be achieved an erection and/or not to be able to have a satisfactory sexual intercourse. The Severity of erectile dysfunction is variable: it ranges from the occasional difficulties to achieve an erection, up to the complete erection loss. According to the medical Definition, one speaks of erectile dysfunction, if this is about a minimum of three months. At least 70% of the Attempts, sexual intercourse, and are unsuccessful. Not rarely In Germany alone, around five million men are affected, according to the estimates of erectile dysfunction. An estimated one in five men suffers in the course of the life of erectile dysfunction. Worldwide, there are approximately 190…
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Calories at the Christmas market

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Calories at the Christmas market The Christmas season with all its temptations: Fragrant roasted almonds, fresh lard, pastries, and hot steaming mulled wine. Christmas visits with friends and colleagues lift the mood in the dark Season and increase the anticipation of the Feast. However, most of the specialties at the Christmas market contain a lot of sugar and fat and Feasting without regret, unfortunately. So not every bite ends up on the hips, there are many tips on how the worst of sins can handle. Christmas calories at a Glance At the Christmas market on the palate vying pleasures not only to the favor of the customer, but also the first place on the calories table: The 200 gram heavy, with a colorful candy font of decorated gingerbread heart is…
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Ketchup When you remove the lid of a Ketchup bottle, rises to one of the seductive smell of tomatoes and vinegar quickly in the nose. But be careful – in the red sauce, not just tomatoes, but also a lot of sugar, flavor enhancers, and often flavoring agents, thickening agents and preservatives are stuck. Therefore, the question of whether Ketchup is unhealthy or healthy. Ketchup is healthy? Ketchup is only about 70 percent of tomatoes, not Ketchup contains only a lot of tomatoes, and the healthy colour lycopene, but also a high percentage of sugar. For this reason, a good Ketchup should have a that is low in Sugar because too much sugar damages the teeth and fattening. In a single bottle of Ketchup can be - depending on the…
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Unfulfilled desire to have children – between hope and despair

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Unfulfilled desire to have children - between hope and despair The desire for children is for many couples a fundamental part of their relationship. Many men and women see their relationship until a child completes; typically, you will be confirmed by your environment also. Most people do not have to worry about it, you can realize your desire may be. However, an estimated 15 to 20 percent of all couples in Germany can get no children. The search for the causes of their infertility remains for many a Few unsuccessful: While the medicine has numerous reasons for infertility in men and women, about a third of couples no reason. Even if the cause can be determined and treated, the pairs of a physically and emotionally grueling journey from one doctor…
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Erectile dysfunction treat

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Erectile dysfunction treat Patients suffering from disorders of potency, can now find a customized treatment regimen. The choice of the treatment depends, of course, of the often very different causes of the disorder. The spectrum of treatment ranges from drugs using erectile AIDS (vacuum pump) and vascular surgery to the Implantation of penile prostheses. In all cases, however, psychological counseling is worthwhile, even if the causes may be purely organic in nature. Self-help – but professional Thus, erectile dysfunction after possibility does not arise in the first place, it should be recognized risk factors such as alcohol, Smoking, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis or Diabetes in a timely manner and treated. Therefore, it is useful, the appropriate precautions for the events and to maintain a healthy diet and physical exercise. The…
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Beetroot for high blood pressure

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Beetroot for high blood pressure Beetroot (Red beet, Red beet) is consumed for several centuries. However, there is no wild form: The Romans made in Europe, the beet, from which the beetroot was bred and refined. Many of you expressed, especially by their color. Beetroot contains many valuable ingredients, which can have a positive impact on our health. Beetroot: ingredients such as iron As a slightly tangy garnish the herring salad or raw with other vegetables, you can often find little attention. The sooner that beetroot juice had the color of a blood-forming function. However, it is not the red dye Betanin, the power of the root vegetable so valuable: It is, rather, the beetroot, the ingredients contained Vitamin B, folic acid and the trace element iron, which are involved…
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Overweight and obesity

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Overweight and obesity When a person suffers Overweight? What are the symptoms of excess weight and what other methods are there to measure this? We provide you with the most common methods such as, for example, the Body Mass Index. Ideal, Normal and ideal weight Normal and ideal weight is based on the Broca-Index (BI), named after the French physician P. Broca. It is easy to calculate. Unplug from your body size in cm to the number of 100 and maintain your normal weight in kg. The Broca normal weight, less 10 per cent, the so-called ideal weight. Specifically, large or small, people can not be evaluated with this Index, as applicable. Therefore, there is often talk of a feel-good weight. This is an individual weight range of ± 10…
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Sexuality in menopause

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Sexuality in menopause For Most, it begins slowly: the love nights of early nights are in the middle age and woke up with screaming children and times with too little sleep after too much work. Who's looking from there to the front, it looks hair loss, hormonal disorders and decline in passion before his mind's eye. Not a nice idea - and also not necessary. However, sexuality in the menopause is for men and women is often still a taboo subject. Since in the sixties, the menopause of the women were considered to be a rather pathological to Happen, the search began for an appropriate therapy. Find, the researchers were should be compensated in the case of hormone replacement therapy, with the help of the natural estrogen deficiency. The goal…
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What can you do against jealousy

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What can you do against jealousy Surely every man was once jealous of. For some occasional jealousy is part of a partnership even. With control call, and scenes of Jealousy, you will however, quickly his relationship on the game. We show what you can do to get his jealousy in the handle. What is jealousy? Jealousy is a mixture of several feelings. In the foreground is a nagging fear of losing Affection or attention of an important reference person to someone else. It does not usually matter, there is the jealousy of a realistic reason or not. In addition to the fear of loss goes hand in hand with jealousy, often with anger, sadness, distrust, feelings of inferiority, and sometimes Aggression. Acute triggers for jealousy In relationships is not a…
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Burnout in the workplace to prevent

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Burnout in the workplace to prevent The phone rings constantly, the boss urgently needed documents, and in the meantime the colleagues with questions – come raging Chaos. And at the end of the day, the half is remained. The fun in the Job is lost. Now only a consistent strategy helps. Temporal priorities You will set time priorities according to the principle of 60:40. That is to say: 60 percent of the time will be scheduled for the actual work, 20 percent for unexpected activities and a further 20 per cent for spontaneous actions. Take into account you to turn your personal performance. Unpleasant or difficult tasks should you schedule after the lunch break, but in the morning, if you are fit and full of Power. The Eisenhower Principle The…
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Concentration exercises in the workplace

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Concentration exercises in the workplace Whether in the office, in school or at home - in the everyday life of modern people, it comes almost everywhere in similar situations: The list of pending and tasks to be processed is getting longer and longer, while the concentration and performance seems the same extent lose weight. It is easier to concentrate on the growing sense of helplessness and impotence in the face of the tasks than on individual tasks. But what it is not helps, the job done by itself! You can learn to deal with the Stress, without sacrificing your enjoyment of life, your performance and your concentration. Concentration exercises A harmonious environment, fresh air, balanced diet and enough sleep are good prerequisites for this. But often that is not enough.…
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Why is organic more expensive

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Why is organic more expensive In Europe the Germans for food for the least money. You are interested in animals appropriate to the species kept and the environment is protected, no longer want to pay for organically produced food anyway. The are in fact not cheap. According to the magazine Oeko-Test charge is between 40 and 50 percent. In the case of meat, the thing can be even more expensive, because of the surcharge may be up to 100 percent. It is interesting that "organic households" in the total spend but so much money for food as households who buy conventionally produced food. This is mainly because of the "Biokäufern" overall, less meat and sweets are consumed, and the share of alcoholic beverages and tobacco is low. The question of…
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Veins exercises – Exercises in a Lying position

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Veins exercises - Exercises in a Lying position Exercises in a Lying position Exercise 3 The supine position. You put your feet on a wall, the knee angle slightly more than 90°. Now pull the tips of the toes of a foot, strong and press the heel of the other foot firmly against the wall. After about 10 seconds, you can relieve the Shin muscles, both of the tips of the toes against the wall, and then the Exercise with the other foot repeat.   Exercise 4 You are about a leg's length from the wall and roll a Ball (a pimple ball is) with the feet alternately in this up and down. Be sure to use the liquid breathing.   Exercise 5 Same starting position as Exercise 3. Breathe…
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Man can make you ill

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Man can make you ill Money plays a role The disposable income and marital status also play an important role for men's health. According to a study by the University of Cologne is a direct relationship between poverty and health, and between social class and life expectancy for Germany. After that, men have with a gross income of less than 1,500 euros, has a life expectancy of 71 years. Men with a gross income of over 4,500 euros a life expectancy of 80 years. The work environment is another area in which men have more health shocks than women. Men need to be more go to your physical limits and you are more likely to work under the noise, dirt, dust, heat, and Stress. At the same time many men…
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Vaginal discharge, often uncomfortable, and rarely dangerous

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Vaginal discharge, often uncomfortable, and rarely dangerous Vaginal discharge is part of normal cleaning process of the female body: With the sheaths of dead cells, blood, pathogens and sperm are transported in secretions to the outside. Nevertheless, vaginal discharge for many women is becoming a Problem. One to two years before puberty, he accompanied the woman to the menopause – the a more, the other almost unnoticed. Efflux as a protective mechanism Fluor genitalis, such as the vaginal secretions also technical language is called, is part of a defensive process to the vagina and to protect, ultimately, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries (ascending) infections – finally, the genital organs are healthy women of childbearing age are always potentially pathological exposed to germs from the outside. Device the milieu of the…
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Active with Baby

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Active with Baby Babies need affection, food and attention. But where are the own needs remain? Often gebacke mothers may not find it easy to abandon former pleasures, and you're wondering when it's finally time to leave the apartment, without overwhelming the Baby. The answer is to be Active with Baby. No one, the young family to prevent the children to get out the car and go for a walk in the nature. This helps the Baby to learn his environment, and the young family can relax in the fresh air. Still active it goes, if it closes to small groups, where young families like-Minded people and future playmates for the young. Important for the Baby is that it gets its Routine, sufficient sleep and enough food. Also, it should…
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Melons Also, if water-melons bring up to 15 kg, and melons up to 4 kg on the scale, your consumption is not in excess pounds on the belly or hips is noticeable. Because melons have a water content of about 90 percent and provide hardly any calories. 100 grams of melon have a calorific value of about 32 to 35 kilocalories. For comparison: the Same amount of bananas contains more than the Double. While watermelons are not a lot of vitamins that there can be substances in the case of melons, the content of Vitamin C, Beta-carotene and minerals such as Calcium and potassium. To count the sugar melons, more than 500 varieties, which are broadly divided into three groups: honeydew melons are those with a smooth shell. They are…
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Study: crisis between the lecture hall and cafeteria

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Study: crisis between the lecture hall and cafeteria Loose student life, Party without end? Of due! Who wants a good Job, must quickly come through the program, you should have at least a year, lived abroad, super grades and more internships. Consequences of performance pressure: self-doubt, Stress, and fears for the future are on the agenda and depression are, in the meantime, eat as often as fades Mensa. According to the 17. Social survey of the Deutsches Studentenwerk* nearly one in every six students psychological problems. Professional help especially women get themselves in this Situation: Each took Fifth, according to the study counselling. Also, a survey of the westfälische Wilhelms-University in Münster, confirms this trend. Of 3,800 students surveyed, 22 percent said that mental health problems affect your studies. Basically,…
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Memory training

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Memory training Happens to you again and again that you want to retrieve Information from their memory, and ... there is nothing in the memory? You know that there once was something, but, as in a messy room the searched article is just not finding? Your eyes glide with a searching glance in the supermarket, on the shelves, not because they are Certain in search of something, but just because you know There is something I wanted to buy was still? If you such things very often cause grief, you don't need a serious brain disease that she is looking for a home: Perhaps the right approach, the right Exercise with your memory is missing. The brain needs Exercise The right way to deal with the nerve-cell clusters in our…
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Water melons

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Water melons Due to its refreshing taste, watermelon on hot summer days, is extremely popular. Through the thick, green peel, it is not however always easy to whether the melon is ripe or not. That's why a small tip: it rings when you Tap on the shell a dull, the sound full of sound, the watermelon is ripe. The flesh of the fruit has a juicy, pink-red tone. In the fridge, cut the water melons have a couple of days – they are best with a cling film covered. Calories and ingredients Watermelons consist of about 95 percent water and are, therefore, a particularly low-calorie fruit: 100 grams to only 24 calories. Nevertheless, the water-melon of many valuable ingredients, it is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and iron. In…
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Moldy bread and now?

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Moldy bread and now? Mouldy fruit mouldy yogurt for these products, the decision to Throw away has fallen quickly. But this is also true for moldy bread? The a hesitate or two of bread at the first sign of mold, throw away, and cut out the affected part of the body generously. Others take the smallest of the green-bluish tinge to the occasion to throw the entire bread in the garbage bin. Throw away or cut – that is the question. In addition, there is also the possibility to buy bread, which was made by various methods, more durable. Preservation and pasteurization of bread Certain breads (e.g., rye breads, sliced breads, pre-packaged pre-baked loaves of bread) must be preserved to protect against mold, with sorbic acid, propionic acid or salts…
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Tips against hot flushes in the menopause

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Tips against hot flushes in the menopause What to do about hot flashes? What helps? During menopause, the hormones of the woman: she switches from sexual maturity to the Senium (old age). Here, the body makes less and less estrogen, which many women. Typical symptoms of menopause are hot flashes, sweating, and dizziness. To prevent this, is most commonly used hormone therapy. For acute hot flushes and circulation problems are also a couple of simple tips and remedies from nature but help. 1. More in sports Walking, Cycling, walking, Hiking: This stabilizes blood pressure and strengthens the heart, circulation, blood vessels and muscles and also keeps the temperature regulator in the brain in balance. 2. More hot-cold showers The bathtub bend, with cold water on the outside of the right…
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Gender-specific medicine – The small difference and its consequences

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Gender-specific medicine - The small difference and its consequences That men and women differ fundamentally, is actually well-known. In medicine, gender be treated specific diseases: Brustkebs and pregnancy a gynecologist, diseases of the prostate by a urologist. In the meantime, has set itself but the realization that women are actually in many diseases ill in a different way than men and that just in medicine, new treatment approaches are needed. A call for differentiated treatment methods Even if the term "established position" in the world of work, it's okay, he found a long time no input in the medicine. Only on the 4. World conference on women in Beijing in 1995 was characterized by the term "Gender Mainstreaming" a new political alignment of the promotion of women. Since then, women…
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Nutrition in Crohn’s disease

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Nutrition in Crohn's disease About 320 000 people in Germany suffer from the chronic inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis. In these diseases the immune system attacks the digestive tract and creates inflammation in the stomach and intestines. Both Crohn's disease as well as ulcerative colitis run in batches and are not yet curable. Nutrition in IBD in a Central role In addition to the disease-related symptoms such as abdominal pain and diarrhea, many patients struggle with malnutrition and under weight. This is the result of a General loss of appetite, which is one of the symptoms of the disease, on the other hand many patients are also intolerances, and eat a relatively one-sided, to avoid diarrhea and vomiting. A balanced, prudent diet, however, especially in the…
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Vasectomy: sterilization of a man

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Vasectomy: sterilization of a man The family planning is completed, the partners are looking for a reliable method of contraception. As a, you must not think, while one is dedicated to the most beautiful thing in the world. Time for sterilization? The perfect method of contraception does not exist, therefore the individual's needs and life circumstances must be taken into account. For couples older than 30, have already had children, or safe, to want no more, is a surgical procedure for sterilization is an effective and very safe Alternative to all other methods. However, this step to permanent infertility is almost always irreversible - not to regret it later, should be the Partner, ensure that your setting get not change. In Germany, subjected to currently, approximately 1.5 million women a…
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Simple back exercises for everyday life

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Simple back exercises for everyday life To prevent back pain and alleviate existing complaints in a Mix of stretching, strengthening and coordination exercises is useful. Stretching exercises To get started, and warm-up easy stretching exercises are well-suited. They relax the muscles and keep them flexible. Exercise 1: Stretching the shoulders They cover with one Hand the wrist of the other Hand and pull the Arm over the head to the opposite side. Hold the tension for about 10 seconds and repeat the Exercise with the other Arm. Exercise 2: Stretch the upper arm muscles Stretch one Arm straight up and bend the elbow as far as possible behind your head. Then with the other Hand, the elbow in the direction of the opposite shoulder. Voltage for about 10 seconds and…
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