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Healthy grilling


Hardly an invitation to eat in the summer can be tempting to formulate than with the note “We’re having a barbecue”. To what since the discovery of fire to the culinary delights of humanity, pleasure without remorse is, however, only if you follow some important rules, above all, not let fat drip onto the coals.

Concern Smoke

Let’s start with the bad news: The Steak is on the Grill, hot, fat drips onto the glowing charcoal. It hisses, the smoke rises and reaches the surface of the meat. Chemicals, and dangerous, such as benzopyrene, are included in the smoke. 5.8 to 8 micro grams per Kilo of meat. So, the Bonn-based consumer service aid, warns corresponds to the Smoke of 600 cigarettes.

Carcinogenic substances avoid

Many a self-proclaimed BBQ expert is dripping beer on meat and sausage, in order to get a good flavor and a very crispy crust, and this crust is the cancer of the plug-causing substances. It smokes, it is particularly fierce, so that even the neighbors with the smoke get their Dose of chemicals.

What is a smell when grilling so well, is in reality a chemical reaction, which has been in animal experiments to be carcinogenic. In addition to the Benzpyrenen polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHS), which form when organic materials such as wood, paper and Oil burn incompletely. As carcinogens, the nitrosamines, produced during the grilling of cured meats such as kassler or Wiener sausage from the salt brine contained in the nitrite.

On a charcoal grill with tin foil

Slowly it is time for the good news: Since the Benzpyrene and PAHS should are focus as well, in grilled vegetables as in meat generally, an aluminum foil on the grate. If one avoids the development of Smoke and the rust with aluminum foil covering, or the food in a special bowl made of Aluminium you can grill safely – and also gets in Trouble with the neighbors. Cured meat should not be grilled.

Around 80 percent of all grills in Germany are charcoal grills. In any case, should be burned in these devices, only charcoal or charcoal briquettes, such as wood, paper or pine cones. This works best by the glow of the charcoal, if it is piled up in a pyramid in the fire box of the grill. In between, the grill lighters, the go well with a long match ignite. Numerous accidents – around 4000 a year (source: The safe house, Munich, Germany) – to pass by the way, due to improper Lighting up with methylated spirit or even petrol. Up to three-Meter-high jet of flame created an explosion, because the fuel to evaporate and a vapor-air mixture forms.

The glow is correct, if it is covered by a fine white layer of ash, which can last for between 30 and 60 minutes. Meanwhile, there are also devices in which the grate is perpendicular and so no fat drip onto the coals. Alternatively, and smoke-free grilling gas grills or electric powered Grills.

The right fat

Popular and tasty marinades in the meat or vegetable is inserted. Lean meats, poultry meat, for example, is fast dry, and therefore, the best one hands it like to with fat. But not every really healthy salad oil is suitable. Corn oil, for example, is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, is not conducive to the high grill temperatures it is oxidized, in the process, a strong fume will be created. The Same is true for Butter and Margarine. Peanut or olive oil, or Mischöle, however, the high temperatures and hold.

Marinated meat and vegetables

For a delicious Marinade based on olive oil, you need fresh herbs such as Oregano, thyme and Basil, pepper, salt and mustard and a crushed clove of garlic. We marinated the meat and leaves it in front of the grill to drain well. The food should not be ice cold out of the fridge to the Grill. In this Marinade, you can take both meat and vegetables such as Zucchini, peppers, eggplant, etc., and even sheep cheese. Meat and vegetables and cheese can be put alternately on skewers and then grilling.

Stuffed vegetables from the Grill

Vegetables can be a tasty filling, such as peppers, tomatoes or cucumbers. Wash the vegetables, cut them in half and hollow out.

  • 250 grams of minced Beef or Pork
  • 1 Bunch Of Parsley
  • 1 Bunch Of Basil
  • 1 TBSP of grated cheese
  • 1 rolls
  • 2 TABLESPOONS of cooked rice
  • Pepper, Paprika, Salt
  • the 2 peppers and two tomatoes
  • 1 cucumber

The bun to soak it in milk, squeeze out the herbs, and the scraped vegetables, mix in the cucumber to fill. Minced meat with salt, pepper and Paprika, Basil and tomato flesh and mix into the Tomatoes to fill half. The cut-off lid of the tomato back on. Rest of the minced meat with the rice and spices and mix into the peppers fill. Individually stuffed vegetables in oiled tin foil pack and place them on the Grill. The peppers will need about 25 minutes, the rest of the vegetables about 15 minutes to Cook. Variants are possible!