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Healthy Living from A to Z – part 2

Mites, ozone, mercury, or molds – these and other pollutants can affect the quality of living and, therefore, the health considerably.


Through Breathing and sweating, but also bathing, showering, or cooking, we produce steam. A Four-person household produces per day, about 10 liters! The water is invisible in the home as water vapor. With a Hygrometer, the relative humidity of the room you can check. You should be between 30 and 65 percent. When the moisture settles on the cold walls, threatening to mold. Here are just a regular Airing helps, several times a day. Ventilation ensures that not only the temperature balance, but, above all, particulate matter, pollutants and moisture are removed from the apartment.

Ventilation of the spaces

Every human being consumes oxygen and gives off carbon dioxide, water vapor and heat to the environment. Several people in a room to keep the air is consumed very quickly. Stale air reduces the concentration, triggers headaches, leads to allergies. Air transports pollutants and carries moisture to the outside. Dry, cool fresh air can re-absorb the resulting moisture. At best 3-4 Times a day, cross-ventilation: One window and one to open, for 1-5 minutes.

Night storage heater

Devices to built in 1976 to contain, in many cases, asbestos-containing components. In intact devices, a health’s own risk through the operation, as the core stone carrier and the insulation – used to be asbestos – containing materials were manufactured normally do not have any connection to the ventilation channel. In the case of uncertainty: serial number, year of manufacture and type designation and the manufacturer’s demands.


Ozone is a compound consisting of three oxygen atoms (“ordinary” molecular oxygen – O2 – is zweiatomig). The chemical formula is O3. Ozone is formed not only in the hot summer. By electric discharge can also be used in laser printers and copiers and ozone is formed. It irritates mucous membranes and impairs the efficiency. Good ventilation; appliances in poorly ventilated niches.

Cleaning agents

Not the chemical Mace, whip out scrub helps in many cases and are environmentally – and health-friendly. If it should be necessary, caution: Never mix different cleaning agents at the same time to use or mix. The active ingredients of the cleaning agents can react very violently with each other, or even fatal substances can occur. On the label of many everyday cleaning supplies you will find the danger symbols and safety instructions. You want to the user to the possible dangers of the notes, which may result in the Use of the product. Cleaning agents-children to keep safe!


The most common do-it-yourselfers injure themselves with sharp or pointed objects (44%); every fifth accident-you collide with objects (21%). On rank three of the fall accident follows with 17 percent.

Tips: sturdy shoes, rings, Stripping, hair tie, and gloves. Where dust and chips fly: wear protective eyewear. A dust mask protects against dust from wood, paint, plaster, cement. Important: safety measures in handling machines as well as processing information of the materials and perform all Work in peace.


The spores of the molds are a common cause of allergenic reactions in the interior (e.g., apartment). Mold fungi thrive on all the organic substances in the house. To do this, wood and walls as well as plastics. Fungi need a specific climate to thrive. She prefers to have it warm and moist. Wall, ceiling, Windows that are wet part, sat around and swishing the end of fungal spores. Structural defects, condensation and a wrong way of living behavior, such as incorrect Heating and Ventilation cause of a mold can be infestation.

Mold removal: mold must be removed. Never scrape off, as a result, the spores through the entire room would be spinning. Often air, heat dams, bridges, and contaminated materials exchange. In the case of low infestations, the Rubbing of the surface with 80-percent alcohol or rubbing alcohol, because alcohol deprives the fungus of the moisture. In the case of a larger infestation is always a knowledgeable specialist should be consulted.


Plasticizers can emerge not only from carpets but also from Wallpaper. Recommended Wallpapers are made of cellulose base, blank, single layer and without coating. Natural is not always healthy: Wallpaper made of natural fibers such as wool, Jute, Sisal, cotton laminated with polyethylene; this deteriorates the vapor permeability of the wall. Problematic for Allergy sufferers: natural fibers, a lot of dust settles.


The blue angels, the most well-known eco-label, eco-friendly and low-emission products. You will also no or only a reduced adverse health effect when used properly.

Volatile Organic Compounds – VOC

VOC stands for “volatile organic compounds” – they are found in every apartment. VOCs are different substances of natural and synthetic base, the outgassing at room temperature from furniture, products or interior decoration. So, for example, paints, adhesives, carpets, vinyl Wallpaper, but also the scent of lemon as a natural constituent of some types of wood. In contrast, in the case of the SVOC for semi-volatile organic substances which outgas over a longer period of time.

Whether or not the individual Compounds a health risk, can often only be found to be hard – especially since a number of such substances is in the individual rooms. For renovations or new purchases of furniture offers, therefore, on pollutant and low-emission products.


The quality of drinking water in Germany is in General exceptionally good. A factor of the however, even today, the quality of the water affects the pipe system to individual houses. In the case of pipe systems made of lead-use with caution, because lead is highly toxic. Water only once as long as let it run until it flows evenly cool and clear from the tap.

Room colors

It is good to choose low-emission paints and colors. Low-emission wall paints are declared with the “Blue angel”, so you give in and after the processing with little or no health – hazardous substances such as, for example, is hardly easy-or semi-volatile organic Compounds to the air in the room. Suitable for people with allergies to the preservative-free indoor paint, based on dispersion.

Casein paints are aqueous emulsion paints, containing milk protein (Casein) as a binder. The natural color is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, easy to dispose of, is even compostable. Painting works best in the summer months so the paint can dry thoroughly. After the Swipe is always good ventilation and the room once you leave.

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