Healthy or unhealthy?

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Healthy or unhealthy?

A glass of wine, a Cup of coffee or a piece of chocolate, lots of food, the consumed quantity is decisive for whether the food is healthy for us or unhealthy. We present you with seven foods in more detail and will tell you what amounts are healthy, and when the food has more of a negative impact on our body.


A scarce half a gallon a day or 160 gallons per year – so drinks a lot of coffee each German, on average, per year. In the morning, a hot Cup of coffee in our circulation going and the day in the coffee contained caffeine, helps us to bridge small power low. You should not overdo it with the coffee consumer, however, because caffeine is consumed in large amounts, the active ingredient may have side effects. These include Tremors, palpitations and high blood pressure.

On the other hand, studies suggest that can have coffee also has a positive effect on our health: coffee may protect the heart and the risk for gallstones lower. As a General recommendation, you should not drink more than four cups of regular coffee.