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Healthy tip eating: bread baking


How much bread in the last few years, it has become really expensive. Therefore, the purchase of a bread-baking machine is worth. Jerk, twitch has fresh bread and it saves a lot of money. Lid on, ingredients, the baking program. About three hours later the bread is done – for the price of a few cents. So easy, the bread does bake with the baking machine. In the trade, many different models are offered. The prices are between 50 and 200 euros.

You should pay attention when buying:

  • Standard equipment anti-stick coated, removable baking pan and kneading hook. Measuring Cup and spoon. Degree of Browning of the crust is not adjustable.
  • Different, the size of the baking dish: it varies from 500 grams up to 1,500 grams.
  • Also, the number of baking programs varies. A minimum of six programs, and a program duration of 1 hour 30 minutes to 3 hours are good.
  • Some devices have one, the other two dough hooks. For heavy doughs (whole grain) or larger loaves of bread (up to 2 pounds), two dough hooks better.
  • Helpful for easy to bake overnight, a timer (up to 13 hours): complete in the evening, the baking machines, the timer setting and in the morning the fresh bread and enjoy!
  • A good dough is in addition to and Knetprogramm. Thus, yeast can be dough made for a cake or a Pizza easily.

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