The mother’s day comes to Europe

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The mother's day comes to Europe The jump to Europe The idea was quickly - especially in the case of the manufacturers and distributors of flowers, chocolates and greeting cards. At the beginning of the 20s, the salvation army brought the idea across the pond to Europe. Also in Germany the commercial potential was quickly recognized: the flower industry distributed free bouquets and charged a short time later, the "Association for people's health" with the Marketing. In the journal of the Federation of German florist in 1926, the read this: "This working group will manage, hopefully, to interest wide circles of this is to gain the Church and the school, and to bring the government to do so, the mother's day on the second Sunday in may as the official…
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Phimosis – when the foreskin is too tight

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Phimosis – when the foreskin is too tight Phimosis is the term for a narrowing of the foreskin on the Penis, which makes it not over the glans slide back. In babies and young children, phimosis is a normal condition – most of the time, the foreskin detaches in the kindergarten age alone. Even in adults, such a constriction of the Foreskin may occur. Cause scarring, as a result of inflammation or injury to the Penis is usually. In children, phimosis can be treated by an ointment and gentle Stretching of the foreskin. A circumcision surgery is usually only necessary if complications occur such as recurrent inflammation. What is a phimosis? A phimosis refers to a foreskin narrowing, through which the foreskin can not (absolute phimosis), or only incomplete or…
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Astronaut food could save cancer patients life

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Astronaut food could save cancer patients life The cancer cachexia called cancer-related wasting and Malnutrition have a significant impact on the chances of Survival and quality of life that could already be in 1932, found. Against this Background, the German Institute for nutritional medicine and dietetics (D. I. E. T.) in Bad Aachen calls today, the increased use of astronauts, food, and energy - and protein-rich disease, Birgit Junghans, diploma in nutritional science expert of the Aachen Institute of food already in the early stage of a cancer. Cancer patients should not lose weight, says Institute spokesman Sven-David Müller, because before the Tumor of the Patient is starved to death. 20 percent of deaths in cancer patients are not alone due to Malnutrition Cancer is a consuming disease, which increases…
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Football world Cup: Without alcohol is better on the Ball

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Football world Cup: Without alcohol is better on the Ball Shortly before the decisive game, the tension rises - and, in many cases, the consumption of alcohol. It was in a sociable round in front of the TV or on the way to the football stadium, alcohol is often consumed to celebrate a special event. Around 116 litres of beer, 20 litres of wine and 5.8 liters of spirits in the country in average per capita consumption. This alcohol is not necessarily a mood maker! This is particularly true for children and young people. They react to even small amounts of Alcohol is very sensitive. Certain alcoholic beverages such as brandy or alcopops may not be used by children and adolescents consumed other drinks, such as beer and wine from…
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Nutrition and respiration in the Mazdaznan doctrine

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Nutrition and respiration in the Mazdaznan doctrine A little, but right and varied vegetarian food, but not eating's sake - this is the principle of the Mazdaznan diet. The aim of the rather ascetic food intake, it is to be a perfect man. Simple breathing exercises are the spiritual food responsible. Nutrition is a process of creation, "The man is not on earth, in order to collect everything, what to discard, forest, Meadow, field, or garden, in his stomach in a kind of food storage, also not to be a type of churchyard or cemetery for dead animals. Rather, he should prove that here on earth the Power of the spirit over matter." So Chapter 1 of the Mazdaznan diet customer begins. Two important aspects, namely, animal food, and the…
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What can you do against jealousy

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What can you do against jealousy Surely every man was once jealous of. For some occasional jealousy is part of a partnership even. With control call, and scenes of Jealousy, you will however, quickly his relationship on the game. We show what you can do to get his jealousy in the handle. What is jealousy? Jealousy is a mixture of several feelings. In the foreground is a nagging fear of losing Affection or attention of an important reference person to someone else. It does not usually matter, there is the jealousy of a realistic reason or not. In addition to the fear of loss goes hand in hand with jealousy, often with anger, sadness, distrust, feelings of inferiority, and sometimes Aggression. Acute triggers for jealousy In relationships is not a…
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Spring cleaning – Fall through the spring cleaning

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Spring cleaning - Fall through the spring cleaning When the spring sun is shining through the dirty window panes on dusty bookshelves, can interfere with the positive feelings of spring. The remedy: scrub brush, MOP, window, leather & co. and a song on the lips. Before you rush whistling into the hustle of the woolen mice, you should heed the following tips. So you avoid to be one of the 5.4 million Germans every year, is in the own four walls crash. You wear appropriate clothing: long Sleeves, loose Apron strings, ties to hoods, etc. To you it remains easy to hang. Pay attention to good footwear is The ideal house Shoe has a sole with a good profile, is flat and surrounds the foot. By ran, Slippers or high-heeled…
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Healthy Carnival

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Healthy Carnival In the foolish days of all the head and often also in their own diet in many cities. The increased consumption of alcohol is particularly pronounced in the carnival. But not only alcohol can damage in carnival the body, special, especially to eat with above-average fat content, such as Kreppel, doughnuts, sausages, and fries. But even in the great days, with a few tips and Trick to fit through the carnival. How to eat in the foolish time, healthy and a hangover the day after, in order to prevent more on the topic of healthy eating in the carnival. General information on the topic Contact Allergy to makeup by Carnival The revelers are on the loose! Fantasy full Makeup or colorful curls splendor give the carnival a Carnival…
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Obesity Fat parents, fat children – Doctors are sounding the Alarm. The number of people with Obesity continues to rise. Tips for diet and weight loss seem to have little effect. What can you do? Obesity (obesity, Obesity, obesity), the higher a mass phenomenon especially in the developed countries, The number of people with Obesity to many Kilos on the Dare, particularly in the child age at an alarming speed. Obesity limits the quality of life and shortened life expectancy. Obesity is a risk factor for many diseases, for example, for high blood pressure (hypertension). From Overweight to obesity According to the world health organization (WHO), the number of people with Obesity in the past 20 years, tripled. Slightly Overweight, has little negative impact on health. However, it is already…
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Diseases of the prostate

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Diseases of the prostate Beyond the 50. Year of life occur in men, the prostate and disorders more and more frequently. To name the primary benign prostate hyperplasia, prostate inflammation and prostate cancer. Prostatitis, i.e. inflammation of the prostate gland, is today in Germany only rarely. In particular, patients with weakened affected immune system, that is to say, in particular, the Sick and the Old. In the case of benign prostatic hyperplasia it is literally translated to a benign enlargement of the prostate. Due to the anatomical proximity of the life-long, ever-growing prostate to the urethra, it comes at some point to a Urinary obstruction and discomfort associated with it. In direct contrast to the "benign" enlargement of the prostate, malignant prostate cancer. This cancer is after the age of…
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Fremdel phase On the safe side

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Fremdel phase On the safe side Well-known suddenly, with suspicion, or rejected, can comfort only mom and dad. What is the role of the fear of strangers, and how best to deal with it. Sabine's grandmother leans over her grandchild, the peacefully on the carpet playing. But as soon as she comes closer, the rest over. Sabine's eyes look frightened, the face contorts, the mouth of a shame penetrates full of screaming. Only the hurrying mother can reassure the child again, as Sabine on her Arm. Conscious Perception Sabine is now 8 months old and has referred to their fremdel phase, also as an eight-month anxiety, expressive started. From now on, you will be on a lot of things, which is not to say mom or dad, with reluctance and…
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Depression also meet children and young people

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Depression also meet children and young people Even if there is no sole explanation for all behavior disorders in children and adolescents: Behind aggression, as well as behind other abnormalities or physical symptoms, you can plug in a Depression. The "Berlin Alliance against Depression", especially in view of the sometimes simplified discussion of violence in schools. Depression in children is often detected late Overall, the topic of depression in children and youth is a neglected old part criminally. This also has to do with the appearances differ from those in depressed adults usually and that both parents and Doctors come to rarely on the idea that the child could be suffering from Depression. "The result is a lot of late specialized treatment is often," explained Dr. Meryam Schouler-Ocak, head of…
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Acid-base balance – What is happening in the body?

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Acid-base balance - What is happening in the body? The human organism requires energy The body's own cells can gain energy from food. This energy is necessary to run, speak, think, grow, regenerate, digest or excrete. Ultimately, all organs and muscles must be supplied with energy so that you can work the way they should. Energy is produced in the cellular metabolism of the food we eat. In particular, fats, carbohydrates and proteins play a role. The oxygen we breathe, is in the production of energy is also of crucial importance. Oxygen is sufficiently present, can be obtained from the same amount of food that is 18 times more energy than in the case of lack of oxygen. Metabolic waste products are acidic Metabolic end products are substances which cannot…
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Spiral: contraception without hormones

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Spiral: contraception without hormones The spiral, also intrauterine device, is in addition to pill and condom is one of the world's most commonly used contraceptives. The 2.5 to 3.5 cm spiral is inserted into the uterus of the woman. While the first models of the intrauterine device had the Form of a spiral and, thus, the name-giving role, today's copper spiral, mostly t-shaped, is made of plastic and has a copper wire wrapped shank. Sometimes gold is incorporated in the platelet, the spiral is better on the ultrasound detect it. The prevention of the spiral is considered to be very safe and can remain in good tolerability of five years in the body. Spiral: effect and function Exactly how the spiral works, it is not until the Detail is known,…
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Tips for more variety in the break

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Tips for more variety in the break Smoke heads in the math classroom, stale air after 45 minutes in full class room and then finally a break! Typical school yard games are a great way to recharge your batteries. Unfortunately, a lot of classics are forgotten. A lot of Kids whip out in the big break instead of a skipping rope rather your cell phone is on and in the next hour, unfocused and fidgety. Trendy, Packed, parents can make their offspring old break hits, however, tasty. Because they promote movement, coordination and team spirit and also make the cool Kids fun. From rope Rope Skipping is jump Rope coordination and stamina to jump. What many people don't know Who vibrates at a young age regularly the rope, helps to…
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Between advertising and health

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Between advertising and health Special offers and new products to entice you out of the packs, the various promises lights. But what is the deal with the food? Usually do not get stuck behind expensive advertising, and the arts name for more than well-known products. Because it says, look closely, advises the DAK. Behind sound full terms on the ingredient lists of sugar is hiding mostly plain. Sucrose, Fructose, Maltodextrin or corn syrup are types of sugar. Even the supposedly healthy granola bars can turn out to be as fast as the candy. Foods that have no information about their composition, should remain the same on the shelf. "The greatest danger for the consumer is that in most of the products is not easy to understand what they consist of,"…
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Work in the Flow? Forget time and space!

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Work in the Flow? Forget time and space! The concept of Flow comes from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, describes the feeling of total Absorption in an activity. The Flow experience is the experience of absolute well-being, resulting in a challenging activity, similar to that in children, the forgotten in the Play of time and space. What is a Flow? Flow, therefore, is something of the ideal state of action. Usually people do something and think of other things. When you Act in the Flow, all energy is focused on the activity at that Moment. In this sense refer to people who experience it as a Float or to Flow (Flow), than you would from an energy flows through. We humans do a lot of things that causes us to subjectively nothing. This…
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Strengthen the back

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Strengthen the back The number of people suffering from back problems or poor posture, is steadily rising. Around 80% of the Germans have had pain in your life once back, 30% even suffer from chronic pain. Dramatically, the Situation is now also in children and adolescents. 44% of fourth graders are already complaining of pain on the occasional back. These Figures give food for thought. The reasons for this development are to be found in the modern service society. Sitting most of the time, or people in a rigid Position and move too little. This applies not only to the job Situation, e.g. by constant Sitting at a Desk or in front of the Computer, but also leisure, for example, when driving a car or long hours of television. Be…
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To fat too much, too slow?

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To fat too much, too slow? To fat and too much - so the main are still errors in the German eating habits. Problematic is especially that more calories are consumed than the today's common sedentary everyday life would be necessary. A sluggish way of life is now for most people, a reality. Computer jobs with sedentary activities, facilitate not only in offices, but in the warehouse working and in production on many machines work. This has consequences: Numerous walking paths, stairs, or heavy physical Work. Who spends his leisure time in addition, inert on the Sofa and all the errands with the car is done, runs the risk to become thick. Risk Factor Overweight In Germany, over 65% of men and about 55% of women are Overweight (BMI >25…
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Noise protection for children: avoid hearing damage

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Noise protection for children: avoid hearing damage Hearing loss – General prevention Since 2009, are already carried out in babies in the first weeks of life, routine hearing tests – so most of the congenital hearing problems can be detected early. To do something against acquired hearing impairment, kindergartens, schools and also Doctors will inform on the Background of the variety of harmful influences are increasingly on the health of hearing. Harmful sources of noise should be limited by legal regulations to a tolerable Level, for example by a sound level limits in Nightclubs and concerts as well as MP3-players & co. The EU standard for children's toys should be covered: sets for children's toys with max. 125 dB in the free field and at a distance of 50 centimeters,…
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Erectile Dysfunction – Causes

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Erectile Dysfunction - Causes With a good two-thirds a majority of the erectile dysfunction is due to physical causes. Nevertheless, the Psyche almost always plays an important role as one of the causes: Even if it is not the primary trigger, it can be a vicious circle in which the fear of failure impotence and, in turn, the Fears of the next failure fed strengthen. Common causes of impotence In the first place, of the causes of erectile dysfunction blood circulation disorders in the context of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and atherosclerosis, followed by the sugar disease. Splicing factors for these causes of lipid metabolism disorders, Smoking, Obesity and lack of exercise. Other physical causes of impotence operations, especially in the case of prostate cancer and bladder cancer, injury,…
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So grilling is not an upset stomach

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So grilling is not an upset stomach Finally the BBQ season starts again: sausages, chops or Steak to taste from the Grill just simply better than from the pan. But it is probably also the pinch of summer, which gives the candy the right seasoning. Since people with sensitive stomachs or a propensity to heartburn pay attention to the Fat or burned ("it tastes right") or a glass of beer, more or less. The next Morning, the remorse - or after the next report on cancer-causing substances quickly in the food. Especially people with irritable stomach sensitive to fatty meats with full-bodied Cocktail or mayonaise-based sauces. The Whole is accompanied by plenty of alcohol, fast-heartburn or stomach pain, because fat and alcohol locker are considered to be classic Acid. As…
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To be slim at any cost – way out of the vicious circle

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To be slim at any cost – way out of the vicious circle You are also restrained eaters? How is your eating? Ask yourself the following questions: Their thoughts are constantly the subject of weight and diet? You know the calorie content of all foods? You roll over, the power of a court once it is on the table? Suppress often your feeling of Hunger? Let you ever been aware of one or the other meal? Set the before each meal strictly, the quantities that you want to eat? Prohibit food, of which they think that they contain very many calories? You should answer these questions with Yes, you should try necessarily, to be a little looser with the theme of food. Our self-test on the topic of eating disorder…
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5 things that make a Baby happy

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5 things that make a Baby happy A happy, content and balanced Baby is The wish for all parents. Of course, each child brings with the birth of your own personality and individual character traits. But as different as the Little ones are also so easy, it is also to give you a good Start in life. The five most important tips for new parents: 1. Close gives the Baby a sense of security For nine months the Baby Mama's warmth, feel her heartbeat and hear quite a lot of security experience. It's no wonder that the Little ones feel at ease when you back to give you that comfort feeling. When you Wear it in a sling, the loving baby massage or in the daily cuddle hour: babies are…
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Advent and Christmas – tips, so that only the candles are burning

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Advent and Christmas - tips, so that only the candles are burning Each year, about 5,000 children are injured by burns and scalds is difficult - many of them in the Christmas season. Spent-Christmas decorations, Christmas trees have caught fire, or defective light chains can be the cause for such accidents. If a few rules are observed, many so-called Christmas fire avoid. Security arrangements for the advent time Candles make the most of the children's eyes to the advent and Christmas lights. However, burning candles pose a great danger. We have compiled a number of tips together that Christmas fires are avoided and children can be protected from burns. So every mother and father can reduce the risk of a fire hazard in the advent and Christmas season to great…
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Wild garlic

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Wild garlic Wild garlic is used as an aromatic culinary herb in the past few years, a growing popularity. The fresh herb is for quark with Herbs, in soups and sauces or in a salad. Due to this popularity, it attracts more and more people into the forest to gather the hearty leek plant. What is wild garlic? The relative of garlic, onion and chives with the star-shaped white flowers was for the Romans, Germanic tribes and Celts as a spice and medicinal plant. Wild garlic has a number of names – in technical terms, Allium ursinum, at the mouth of the forest, garlic, wild garlic, Gypsy roots and Hundsknofel. Why is he named after the bear (Ursinum)? Probably because brown bears eat him after the winter sleep, in order…
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Concentration exercises in the workplace

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Concentration exercises in the workplace Whether in the office, in school or at home - in the everyday life of modern people, it comes almost everywhere in similar situations: The list of pending and tasks to be processed is getting longer and longer, while the concentration and performance seems the same extent lose weight. It is easier to concentrate on the growing sense of helplessness and impotence in the face of the tasks than on individual tasks. But what it is not helps, the job done by itself! You can learn to deal with the Stress, without sacrificing your enjoyment of life, your performance and your concentration. Concentration exercises A harmonious environment, fresh air, balanced diet and enough sleep are good prerequisites for this. But often that is not enough.…
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Bullying in the workplace

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Bullying in the workplace You get in the last time appointments very late or only by chance. Your boss criticized recently not only under four eyes, but also at the Team Meeting. You remain always on the unpopular task of sitting. Coincidences or signs of bullying? We will give you answers to questions around the topic of "bullying in the profession," and to explain the background. Conflict or bullying? The pressure in the workplace today is as big as ever before: the uncertainty of the future, fear of unemployment; the constant competition, solid performance and time pressure, the need to constantly new processes, tasks, hierarchies, and locations. To change the bid amount, flexible always the center of life and to establish new social networks. No wonder, then, that such a…
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Family growth often leads to jealousy

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Family growth often leads to jealousy Most children wish for a sibling. But if the Baby is there, must share the Greater the attention of the parents all of a sudden. Especially first-born feel, then reset. "Children are jealous when a sister or a brother comes to the world, is quite normal," says Karin Schreiner-Kürten, a psychologist at the AOK-Bundesverband. "A good preparation and targeted donation from the parents to help the Elderly then, with the new Situation." If a sibling is there, need Older a lot of attention With the birth of a Geschwisterchens a lot of changes in a child's life: It should be noted that not everything revolves around it. The more important it is for parents to announce their first-born offspring in a timely manner. As…
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Fruit & vegetable store correctly

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Fruit & vegetable store correctly Fruits and vegetables are for a balanced and healthy diet is essential. Both provide us with important nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fiber. Due to an incorrect storage of fruits and vegetables can spoil quickly, however. In addition, vitamins are particularly sensitive to temperature and sensitive to light. Fruit or vegetables are stored incorrectly, will lose most of the vitamins contained. We will show you how you store your fruits and vegetables are best, so that it remains fresh for a long time, and full of healthy ingredients. Keep fruits and vegetables properly Various fruit and vegetable places, not all to the same way store. Depending on the origin and ingredients of the food especially at the right temperature and humidity have an important…
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