Dumbbell workouts: The 10 best Exercises

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Dumbbell workouts: The 10 best Exercises With this dumbbell workout targeted to your body! Through the Exercises with the Weights, the arms can be moved in the first place, especially biceps and triceps will strengthen. But also other parts of the body such as the shoulders, the back, the chest and the abdominal muscles can benefit. We have compiled for you the ten best dumbbell Exercises! Important tips for weight training Make sure when Exercising that you choose no to heavy Weights. For women dumbbells between one and three are, for men between the ages of three and seven kilograms suitable. Perform each Exercise 15-30 times. You have completed all the Exercises, you can have a second and a third round to follow. Insert between Exercises take a break of…
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Acid-Base Balance

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Acid-Base Balance Power mad is really funny? Not always the old well-known Proverbs in a literal sense, correct. Certainly a heart-tale bite into a lemon, our facial features as slip away, that at least is funny. Nevertheless, we must often experience the negative sides of an acid load, sometimes even painful. Acid load increases Nutritional and way of life result in our civilized world to a greater acid load. Of course, our body is Amazing, in order to maintain the balance between acids and bases upright: everywhere in your body buffers that neutralize Excess acids and are deposited or in the best case, eliminated. We do not feel the effects of the acid load initially usually even when these buffers are already overloaded and unnoticed from the acid Intermediate storage…
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Love goes through the stomach

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Love goes through the stomach Butterfly in the air, butterflies in the stomach. If the power of the sun radiation is stronger, brightens the mind, the hormonal balance in the momentum and the luck will feel revived: spring feelings! The Lust for life and Love with food increase? Casanova swore by oysters, caviar, and raw eggs, in the Asian region, on certain animal extracts-and in this country there are party service providers, the erotic Buffets in the program are natural aphrodisiacs – have sets: named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love in ancient times – in spite of a synthetic competition. Lust or frustration? Many of the natural pleasure-boosting food thanks to their reputation simply your appearance – just think of asparagus and figs. Other although they are not…
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Two phases of the method of Montignac

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Two phases of the method of Montignac The Montignac method is divided into two phases. In Phase one should first of all be reduced in weight. Only food allowed to be taken with a low Glycemic Index. Potatoes, rice and pasta are taboo. "Good" carbohydrates with a Glycemic Index between 35 and 50 should not be with fat, for fats and proteins alone, no restrictions. Fruit is allowed, only on strong coffee and alcohol should be avoided. Michel Montignac eat without the Stress and pressure of time on calls. Method Montignac: Slimming and relaxation In addition to the Decrease, a recovery of the Insulin-producing pancreas is to be achieved. This is overused, according to Michel Montignac, in the case of many people, especially in the industrialized countries. The length of…
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Fat eat without complaints

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Fat eat without complaints Fat is not fat. Whether plant or animal origin, saturated or unsaturated, long-chain, medium-chain or short-chain – the type of Fat also affects our health. Here you can find out what kind of fat is in what foods and what you can eat without a guilty Conscience. MCT-fats in digestive problems Dietary fats can be a possible cause for symptoms such as flatulence, tendency to diarrhoea, upper abdominal discomfort or fat shiny chairs. A number of diseases related to the Maldigestion and Malabsorption, require the use of special dietary fats called MCTS (medium-chain triglycerides, engl.: middle/medium chain triglycerides). Maldigestion means a bad digestion of food, Malabsorption, poor absorption of Food components by the mucosal cells of the small intestine. For people with diseases of the pancreas,…
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Back-Formation Of Gymnastic Exercises

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Back-Formation Of Gymnastic Exercises After birth, most women concentrate fully on your Baby. After a few weeks, when the body has recovered a bit, should be fresh start new mothers, however slowly, with the involution gymnastics. This often takes place in the course under the guidance of a midwife. Postnatal exercises-Exercises for home you can urns but also just very comfortable night here. You may at any time make a break, no child care, and some Exercises can help your Baby even. Important: All Exercises in which the rectus abdominis muscles are trained intensely (e.g. Sit-ups), shortly after the birth to be avoided. Depending on how strong your injury are pain, if your child was born naturally or by caesarean, and how much sports have you driven before the birth,…
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White Tea

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White Tea White tea is one of the most valuable teas in the world. Because for the production of a kg of tea, up to 30,000 young buds of the Tea plant are needed. White tea comes originally from the Chinese province of Fujian, where it has a long Tradition. Already at that time, white tea was said to have healing and health-promoting powers. White tea is made from the same Plant as green and black tea also. White tea differs, however, by his gentle processing of the other two teas. In addition to caffeine, white tea contains many other ingredients that do not occur in such concentrations in other teas. The polyphenols, as antioxidants, the free radicals in the body cells to bind and strengthen the immune system. What…
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Maltodextrin – popular among sports enthusiasts

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Maltodextrin – popular among sports enthusiasts What is Maltodextrin? In the case of Maltodextrin is a carbohydrate mixture, which is extracted mainly from corn starch. In the carbohydrate mixture of monomers (simple sugars) and dimers (two-fold sugar), but also Oligomers (shorter chain polysaccharides) and Polimere (long-chain polysaccharides) are included. Depending on the proportion of the various sugar there are different forms of Maltodextrin, namely, Maltodextrin, 6, 12, or 19. Depending on the type of 100 grams of Maltodextrin contain about 400 calories. Use of Maltodextrin Maltodextrin is mainly used in food production. Here it comes in a variety of ways to use: it is used for example as a thickener for baby food and confectionery, meat and sausage as well as ready-made soups. In addition, Maltodextrin is also used as…
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Ovarian cysts – cysts on ovary

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Ovarian cysts - cysts on ovary About seven percent of women have discovered one or more cysts in the ovary, usually happen at the ultrasound. Fortunately, these liquid-filled cavities are rarely cause for concern, they often disappear even by itself. Ovarian age occur singly or in greater number, on one or both ovaries can cysts in every stage of life. They do not grow by growths of cells, but by the accumulation of tissue fluid. They are the most common benign tumors of the ovary. How are ovarian cysts? The vast majority of cysts develops from the normal hormonal function of the ovary. You are therefore known as functional cysts. They occur predominantly in women in a sexual maturity, and very often during puberty and the Menopause, so in times…
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Screen Work – Tips

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Screen Work - Tips Screen regulation - obligations of the employer Who works every day, more than three hours on the Monitor, has a so-called workstation. In the case of employees, the employer is obliged under the labour protection act to provide you with a regular occupational medical examination. The screen regulation gives employees a comprehensive right to a healthy workplace: low-Radiation screens, as well as ergonomic office furniture, easy-to-use Software, and sufficient lighting. Employees at VDU workplaces are also entitled to an appropriate eye and eyesight. You should, in writing, to be offered and take place during working hours. The cost of the employer. This applies to those employees who "usually use equipment as a significant part of their normal work Screen". The vocational cooperative principle for occupational medical…
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Apricot – Healthy All-Rounder

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Apricot - Healthy All-Rounder Apricot, peach and Nectarine. They are all sweet, fruity, and mostly covered with a fine down, which is why you can lose so much Similarity. But actually, it is quite simple: The apricot is the small yellow under the sweet fruit and apricot none other than the Austrian term for apricots. During peach and Nectarine are often very juicy, the pulp of the apricot is rather mealy-eating soft and also lightweight. And The apricot also tastes dried is excellent, and so is suitable all year round as a healthy Snack. Apricot: calories save and prevent disease The apricot not only tastes sinfully sweet, but also an all-round talent for health. It contains very much Provitamin A (carotene), vitamins B1, B2 and C and minerals such as…
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Tips for the ideal ice cream

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Tips for the ideal ice cream Tips for the ideal ice cream Ice cream is not by the way of snacking, but also as a Dessert schedule. Otherwise, unnecessary calories to come together quickly. In the ice cream parlor, only two instead of three balls to order. On cream, Praline, chocolate sauce, nuts or chocolate pieces, sugar pearls, etc., prefer to do without these Extras provide additional calories. In Fertigeis the packaging or the announcements panel gives information about which ice cream Flavor is or how high the sugar, fat and energy content. Ice cream and Sorbet are lower in calories than cream or creamy ice cream. Water ice and Sorbets contain little or no fat and are naturally Light variants. A Sorbet can be produced at home easily: Pureed…
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Vitamins of the B complex

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Vitamins of the B complex Without the B vitamins the nerves, skin, hair, and the blood could no longer carry on with their normal tasks properly. Deficiencies must be compensated for. Here you can learn more about Vitamin B1 (thiamine), Vitamin b (Riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin), and Pantothenic acid, and Biotin. Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) Vitamin B1 has important functions in many enzymes that regulate the utilization of carbohydrates. In the case of deficiency of this Vitamin the body can not convert the carbohydrates to glucose (grape sugar). Our brain is dependent on glucose to function maintaining. Thiamine also plays a crucial role in the Transmission of signals in the nerves. Since the body can store the Vitamin in a small quantity, it must be…
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Iodine supply is still in need of many efforts

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Iodine supply is still in need of many efforts Germany is an iodine deficiency area, even if the iodine supply in recent years has improved significantly. Thyroid diseases as a result of iodine deficiency in our food are, therefore, still a health Problem of the first rank. You bring millions of people to severe physical suffering and place a burden on in addition, the health care system annually, with about one billion euros. To eliminate the goal of the world health organization (WHO) and the appropriate statement of commitment from 1990 by the then Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker to the WHO, iodine deficiency by the year 2000, was not fulfilled in Germany. In this respect, the need for action is for the Federal government is still required. According to…
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Boreout Strategies

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Boreout Strategies Boreout costs money "If an employee suffers from monotony, he tries to hide this in front of his employer, Verde, or deflect it, then that is wasted money," says Renate Rau, Professor of work and organizational psychology in Marburg. And this costs money: The total economic damage in Germany is estimated to be over 250 billion Euro, an estimate of the Philippe Rothlin and Peter R. Werder from regular Gallup-studies infer that you quantify in diagnosis Boreout. For the two Swiss business consultants Boreout is found mainly in office jobs - a phenomenon of the entire services company. In many office jobs, you can control his workload, thanks to the digitalisation of offices. "We assume that at least 15 percent of workers in the service sector are affected…
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Sex diseases on the rise

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Sex diseases on the rise Sex is fun and healthy. However, sometimes, the rude awakening follows the sexual intercourse. Then, when pathogens in a new host search. Success you have, however, only in the case of unprotected intercourse. The history of the STDs is probably as old as mankind. We don't always know which way you were transferred, they were often interpreted as a just divine punishment for the all-too-human vices. Ignorance allows for the dissemination of Until today, not or only coyly is not talked about sexually transmitted diseases often, what is surprising in the case of a topic that has to do with sexuality and illness, or even death. However, it is only ignorance that allows sexual diseases are a scourge of humanity. In recent years, an increase…
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What to do in case of bone fractures?

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What to do in case of bone fractures? Children are very active, get hurt easily and break, sometimes even a bone. When it comes to fractions, have compared to adults but there is one advantage: Because in children, the fractures grow together, due to the still very active bone metabolism and better blood circulation more rapidly, and usually without complications. In addition, in the case of small children, the bone can break without the periosteum is destroyed. You call this violation of green wood fracture. Because green wood is juicy and pliable, not breaking apart when pressed Together. For the violation of the is advantageous, because the bone tissue surrounds the fracture, and the bone at the fracture site better can heal. How can you recognize a broken bone? It…
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Snoring in children

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Snoring in children International studies show that 21 to 37 percent of children suffer from sleep disorders, and about 9 percent of all infants and children snoring. According to estimates, every fifth child suffers from snore sleep apnea (1). In rare cases, the nocturnal breathing disturbance can be demanding for small children, even so much strength when you Breathe, it comes to developmental delays. More than half of all children between one and four years of snoring occasionally, but every night. With age, the number of children increases, the regular snoring Of 6 per cent in the Year up to 13 percent of four-year-old. Little boys snoring more often than girls. Warning Sign Of Snoring Snoring is a warning sign of disturbed sleep. Children who are not rested, can't concentrate…
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Do you drink enough?

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Do you drink enough? Around 20,000 persons sought, within a year, the answer to this question and let the trinkberater.de the Forum drinking water online advise. Now the data has been evaluated. The results: 80 percent of all participants would like to drink more. People who regularly drink small amounts throughout the day, make it to drink of the day in the middle of almost a litre more than people who only drink once a day much. Interestingly, The situation seems to have an influence on the drinking behaviour. Who lives in a partnership or family, forget the Drink, rather than Singles. Setting realistic goals Strict resolutions rarely lead to success. This also applies to the improvement of the drinking behavior. With intentions such as "Starting tomorrow, I will drink…
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A healthy diet in different stages of life

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A healthy diet in different stages of life Every phase of life of the people is shaped by structural changes in the body and resulting different needs. This applies in particular also for the food. The On and in our body As long as we live On in the body and removal processes. Until about 35. Age outweigh the build-up processes. Bone mass, muscle and fat tissue. The Foundation stone is laid for the body substance, the composition of which will remain of importance. With increasing age, the removal processes occur more and more in the foreground. As a result, in the course of life to a wide range of changes in the body. As the water content decreases in the body by 60-70% in the infant age to 45-50%…
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Homeopathy for PMS and menstrual pain

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Homeopathy for PMS and menstrual pain Homeopathy and menstrual pain – right? Pain before and during period is known to almost every woman. However, while some merely a light in the abdomen feel, are the days for others, a veritable ordeal. Spasmodic abdominal pain, migraines, circulatory problems and mood swings accompany in many women the menstrual period. In order to alleviate these symptoms, swallowing Affected tablets often Pain or even hormones. But there is a gentler way to make the period more bearable: Properly used, can homeopathy PMS symptoms reduce significantly. It is merely to define the complaints and then the right Globules. Homeopathy: application and area of use Homeopathic remedies operate on the principle of Similarity. You treat the like with the Like and so in a Healthy the…
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Simple and good home

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Simple and good home Simple and good home A Fete in the own four walls has its advantages: it is cheaper and it saves the organization to drive many children from point A to point B – of course, the ingenuity is allowed to go out and still over hit the pot. Very popular themed parties, where everything is in the characters of fairies, pirates or aliens. As well trim remove fixed with the flea market boxes from the attic, full of fantasy and made-up children's faces and handmade Hats from likes to play games. For soothing moments in between, the so-called Kim-games that train the senses. Guess who is blindfolded at the sound of someone biting into a carrot? Anyone who recognizes the soap smell? Barefoot paths are the…
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Acidification How is Acidosis? What are the causes of an overly acidic stomach? More acidic metabolic waste is produced in the body as a neutralized and excreted, so it comes to a long-term chronic Acidification of the organism. The acid-base balance leads to imbalance, and the organism can only work sub-optimally. The body relies on mechanisms, this imbalance. For example, the body stores excess acids first in the connective tissue to loosen and only then to challenge, and to excrete, if the blood has enough basic Compounds. Main Reason: Incorrect Diet In the case of a prolonged lack of alkaline mineral and a at the same time more existing acid load Repository salts of these in-between camps. This can result in pain, Motion and function of limitations of individual cells…
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Men’s health – men are not ill, are you?

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Men's health - men are not ill, are you? Note: XY is harmful to your health! Meanwhile, empirical studies show that men smoke too much, drink too much, the wrong feed, and much less to health promotion and screening programmes than women. A study by the Institute for Public Health at the University of Bremen comes to the conclusion that between the ages of 30 and 65 years, the mortality rate in men is twice as high as in women, mainly due to: Accidents Suicides Diseases of the circulation Diseases of the digestive organs Herein, the higher risk appetite of men in dealing with their health and riskier working conditions reflect. "The reasons for this behavior accepted behavior to lie to a not inconsiderable part in Gender stereotypes and the…
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Methods of prevention

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Methods of prevention The prevention to many women, in the meantime, as a self-evident way to plan your life and to balance their career goals with the desire to have a family in line. A wide range of different methods provides individually tailored contraception, but on the other hand, women often faced a difficult choice. Assistance, in the jungle of the numerous, often new ways to cope and get, out there the woman doctor. Mode of action of the prevention Banal said prevention means is a means to prevent pregnancy, so a "contraception". Therefore, the foreign word is contraception (against conception). The possibilities are so diverse that it makes sense for the various methods of classification. First of all, between prevention for men and for women. Men can currently prevent…
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Skillful children are safer

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Skillful children are safer Accidents cause of death no. 1 in the case of children and young people. More than half of all fatal accidents occur in leisure time, during sports, at home or in school. A report has now shown that on the one hand, high physical activity is associated with a risk of Accidents, on the other hand, however, motor experiences are fundamental to the prevention of accidents. This means that the movement experienced, the child, the less the accident it is at risk. The only Problem: the children do lots of sports, can tend to be routine situations and to underestimate it and crash. Clumsy children run more risk of being killed in everyday situations. Sports accidents: often in the case of "light exercise" To some extent,…
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Mycoplasma infections

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Mycoplasma infections Mycoplasmas are tiny bacteria that cause in humans a number of disorders of the urogenital tract and the respiratory tract. A part of them lives peacefully on the genital mucous membranes, without us noticing it. Sometimes Mycoplasma from, however, diseases - Mycoplasma infections. Mycoplasma Mycoplasmas are the smallest and simplest known organisms, which reproduce themselves. Unlike the other bacteria you have, instead of a cell wall, only a thin membrane. The class, listen to you, and is therefore also referred to as Mollicutes ("Weichhäuter"). They are dependent on host organisms. Their tiny size, simplicity, and lack of cell wall, and thus the deformability of set-up optimally for your parasitic existence, and allow them to closely to the membranes of the host cells pin, or, if necessary, by sliding…
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Back-friendly workplace for children? Wrong!

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Back-friendly workplace for children? Wrong! You'd save the health of your child? Hardly. However, the work of an adult, several Thousand euros, while, for example, for a "children's work" (= a Desk and a chair) in schools a maximum of 250 euros will be invested. Accordingly, the equipment in the schools is not back friendly. Also home rare to find jobs that meet the ergonomic requirements. And, although kids today sit more than ever before: about nine hours a day. Alarming Figures This neglect comes in an old-age phase, in which sensitive growth processes, and the spine for damage, is especially vulnerable. So it is not surprising that 48 % of all 11 - to 14-year-olds suffer from posture disorders, as well as 44 % of all fourth graders occasionally,…
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Diet for colostomy

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Diet for colostomy In Germany, an estimated 100 000 people live with a colostomy (Stoma or colostomy). The creation of a Stoma is unavoidable, you must adjust the Affected in a completely new Situation. Ask for the daily use of the artificial output. Particularly, diet plays a big role in that. No Ostomy Diet As time passes after the surgery, varies depending on the age and of individual reaction, condition, and type of surgery. A great importance have the underlying disease of the Intestine in which the artificial output. After the acute healing phase, the General principle is: There is no special stoma diet! People with artificial output should be just as Healthy a varied, wholesome, mixed diet. For this purpose, a lot of fruits and vegetables, whole grain products,…
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Easily through menopause

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Easily through menopause The are the menopause? – The questions many women, when they sleep, suddenly, worse than before, more sweating or if the period is irregular. Already from the middle of 30 of the hormone begins to change the balance in the body of the woman slowly. The first noticeable effect of these changes occur in the rule, but only between the 40. 45. Since the age of. Typical Symptoms The menopause is not a set with a Bang, but slowly and gradually. Declining Hormone levels first noticed by the fact that the monthly cycle is irregular - the distance between the cycles can be longer or shorter, the thickness of bleeding can go up or down. Typical symptoms in this first hormonal change phase of the sleep problems.…
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