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Cheese Whether on bread, as appetizers with the wine or Baked, cheese is very popular with the Germans. The cheese consumption has increased steadily in the last decade. In 2014, every German consumed an average 24,19 kilograms of cheese. Cheese is a very valuable part of the daily diet because it contains protein, fat, carbohydrates and Calcium, many vitamins. Whether you like your cheese in the Aroma, subtle and mild, or it maybe really hearty prefer, does not matter. Here are the senses of taste and smell are solely decisive. All Cheese? Cheese, a distinction is made according to various criteria. Milchart: In our Region, cheese made primarily from cow's milk. Increasingly popular specialties from sheep, goat and Buffalo milk. So Mozzarella is becoming more and more popular. Originally, it…
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Kiwi furry, round, healthy

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Kiwi furry, round, healthy They are both small, somewhat ovate, and have a brownish, hairy Appearance. Thus, the Kiwi fruit and the bird Kiwi, not only the same name, but also similar in some ways. In contrast to bird, the Kiwi fruit is a popular food. With twice as much Vitamin C as an Orange, and at the same time hardly any calories the Kiwi is great for weight loss. But also as a healthy Snack, the sour fruit is a popular refreshment. Kiwi – Calories, Vitamins, Nutrients Already with a large Kiwi of the daily requirement of an adult of Vitamin C can be met: 80 to 120 mg of Vitamin stuck in 100 grams of Kiwi. Add to this the E - and B-vitamins and the minerals Magnesium,…
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Quinine-containing drinks are not for Pregnant women!

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Quinine-containing drinks are not for Pregnant women! Tonic water or Bitter Lemon drinks will carry the note "contains quinine". The reason for this is the least the consumer will know: Even if the enjoyment of quinine-containing beverages for the majority of the population is not a problem, it can be the consumption of larger quantities of individuals a health concern. "In particular, Pregnant women should, as a precaution, avoid the consumption", says BfR President Professor Dr. Dr. Andreas Hensel. Also people advised against by the doctor because of a particular disease or a Hypersensitivity to Cinchona alkaloids of quinine, should avoid quinine-containing beverages. To provide better Information to consumers about possible risks, the BfR (Federal Institute for risk assessment) recommends to extend the previous identification of targeted information for Pregnant…
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Mushroom time – the professional collector lives healthier

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Mushroom time - the professional collector lives healthier Favourable weather shoot the mushrooms provided now in field and forest from the ground. They belong neither to the plants nor to animals. Mushrooms surrounds since time immemorial, something Mysterious. Some promote health, others are known to be the opposite, and again, other than drug abuse. "Herb women", monks and shamans knew these secrets, and in Chinese medicine, the mushrooms still have their place. Extremely low in calories In addition to its incomparable taste dining offer mushrooms, tangible advantages: they are extremely low in calories because they contain almost no fat. In addition to about 90 percent water, they consist of little protein and carbohydrates, as well as between 2 (mushroom) and 16 percent (truffle) dietary fibre: The cell walls of fungi…
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Asparagus By the end of April until the traditional Finale on the 24th. June, the Midsummer's day, take the popular, but unfortunately much too short asparagus season. The healthy asparagus were rods used to be only in monasteries and Apothecary gardens as a true cure-all grown and later as a Royal vegetable-the Rich and Powerful are served, the vitamin - and mineral-rich sprouts in every supermarket today. The asparagus belongs to the group of the Lily family and was used by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans as a medicinal plant to stimulate the metabolism and support the liver, lung and kidney function. The word "officinalis", from the Latin name of asparagus "Asparagus officinalis", the translated meaning as much as: "a medicine" or "remedies". Only from the 16. In the…
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Bad marks for beverages with added benefits

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Bad marks for beverages with added benefits Drinks with angepriesenem additional benefit of not hold what they promise. In some cases, the alleged Messiahs turn out to be even potentially harmful to health. This was the result of a nationwide market analysis of the consumer's Central of the so-called functional beverages that promise due to the enrichment of various active pharmaceutical ingredients is a Plus to health, vitality, or Power. The drinks give the impression that you would only have to access in order to be healthy, eternally young and vital. In some cases, exactly the opposite may occur. In the framework of the investigation of the consumer centers 238 ACE drinks, Energy Drinks, sports drinks, probiotic milk drinks, Breakfast drinks, vitamin drinks, Wellness drinks, and water were purchased in…
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Hummus – Healthy from the chickpea

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Hummus – Healthy from the chickpea Hummus is an Oriental Paste made of pureed chickpeas, some spices, and Tahini, a Mus from sesame seeds. Especially in the Turkish and the Arab region, Hummus is a well-established food that is there to stay. Also in Germany, with Hummus as a spread or Snack is gaining more and more popularity. Therefore, Hummus is already in many stores. But making Hummus is very fast, so that the healthy and tasty Paste is already after five minutes of preparation, ready-to-eat. The origin of Hummus Hummus originates from the Middle East and is an integral part of the food culture. The chickpea puree is eaten in Turkey and the Arab region for centuries and is even on the daily menu. For a long time Hummus…
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Black tea, green tea

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Black tea, green tea Nearly three million tons of tea are produced worldwide every year. The Germans are still a beginner in tea drinking. According to the statistics of the German tea Association, the German citizens have in the past year, only 18 tons of drunk, which is equivalent to 25 litres per head. Europe's most prolific tea drinkers, the Irish, come on 300. Only the East Frisians create 260 litres and are still in front of the as a tea lover, well-known English 224 litres. Your competitors of coffee can't reach the leaves in Germany, although the water that goes past the tea drinkers, but in the Cup: He takes time for his favorite drink, brew the leaves in accordance with the recommendation, selects his dishes carefully and enjoy.…
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Diet for gout

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Diet for gout Gout, one of the today's diseases of affluence, is associated with an unbalanced, more meat-containing diet, and alcohol consumption. Gout in addition to other diseases of the forms of rheumatism. A healthy diet can affect the course of gout positively and symptoms of this rheumatic disease even reduce. Effect of uric acid on gout The consequences of gout are not insignificant. Therefore, early preventive measures should be in the area of nutrition – taken. Causes of gout increased levels of uric acid are mainly. Especially food of animal origin encourage the production of uric acid in the body, what generally leads to increased uric acid levels. The elimination of uric acid via the kidney, and is inhibited by consumption of alcohol. Excessive consumption of alcohol, beer in…
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Without a hangover on the slopes

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Without a hangover on the slopes In addition to the active Actuation in the winter skiing, long evenings, loud music, Dancing as well as alcohol consumption when it comes to Après Ski for many winter sports enthusiasts are a special Highlight, in huts, cafes or night clubs to round off the daily skiing in a cheerful round. Mulled wine, Jagertee and hot cocoa with a shot of, as well as beer and various spirits welcome Heater in the immediate connection to the sports of Ski and fun at the Alpine sports in the mountains. The "hangover" prevention What helps to get fit through the day and to avoid an undesirable "hangover" on the following day of skiing, or to relieve? Thus, the skiing remains a pleasure, we have compiled some…
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Licorice The snail coiled cords, coated rods, or lozenges-shaped hard licorice, no Matter what the Form - characteristic for licorice the black color, for which the juice of the licorice Bush is responsible for (but it has helped today artificially). That licorice also has medical effects, is less well known. For the production of liquorice with the juice from the root of the licorice shrub is used, which originates from Asia and the Mediterranean. The Plant belongs to the family of the butterfly flowers family (Fabaceae). The woody Perennial is about 1 to 1.5 meters tall and owes its name to the sweet taste of your roots. The bark of the root contains Glycyrrhizin, a glycoside that gives the licorice taste and a 50-fold stronger sweetening power than cane sugar.…
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Peppers: rich in Vitamin C

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Peppers: rich in Vitamin C When shopping for peppers, mostly spoiled for choice as the healthy vegetables, it is available in many different versions: Whether it's red, orange, yellow or green – the colors, the selection is large. To this end, various forms are: While sweet peppers are rather thick and round, spice, paprika, a longer and narrower shape. Also in the flavor, the different pepper varieties differ from each other: Of mild to hot peppers in various shades. Of the different varieties of the sweet Peppers, however, have in common: bell peppers are healthy, have lots of vitamins and few calories. Peppers: Healthy and delicious The different colors of the peppers reflect the degree of maturity of the vegetables: In the immature state, all bell peppers are green, with…
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Weight Watchers Christmas Cookies – Syrup-And-Walnut-Cookies

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Weight Watchers Christmas Cookies - Syrup-And-Walnut-Cookies Syrup-Walnut-Cookies Baking cookies is part of the advent and Christmas season as well as visits to the Christmas market, or Decorating a Christmas tree. After Christmas, eating the many cookies, however, mostly ugly noticeable when the pants pinches or the shell no longer fits properly. Because in many of the Christmas too much Butter or sugar cookies. Here are some recipes for cookies that you can enjoy without a guilty Conscience. Ingredients for 45 pieces 100 g light sugar syrup 50 g sugar 100 g of walnuts 8 TABLESPOONS vegetable oil 300 g flour 1/2 level TSP baking powder 4 teaspoons gingerbread spice 3-4 TABLESPOONS of sea buckthorn fruit sauce (with honey, reform, house) 100 g dark chocolate POINTS® value: 2 per piece Preparation…
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Chinese cuisine – health is through the stomach

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Chinese cuisine - health is through the stomach Holistic nutrition is an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Food is for the Chinese to Win the life energy, called Qi, is important for health and well-being elementary. Health complaints try the Chinese in the first place, by a different life style, in particular, by a change in Diet,. You are what you eat From the Chinese point of view, there is no clear separation between Medicinal and food products. Foods are regarded in China as mild therapeutics. Everything Edible has a so-called Qi power, which defines how and where the food influences the people. Such a diet can affect a disorder of the Qi in the human organism and the harmony in the body to disrupt or restore. The…
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Food for the defense

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Food for the defense Food for the defense The antimicrobial properties of garlic were known already to Aristotle, and Hippocrates. In the 2. World war II used garlic as a germ abtötendes means (antiseptic) against gangrene. Garlic is probably the food plant with the strongest anti-microbial effect. This effect is based on the contained sulfur-containing Compounds. Garlic juice inhibits in a test tube (in vitro) even at a high dilution (1:125.000) the growth of staphylococci, streptococci, Vibrios, bacilli, fungi, and yeasts. The highest concentrations of such antimicrobial substances have been detected in garlic, but they are also present in onions, leeks, shallots and chives in abundance. Defenses through food strengthen These foods will strengthen your immune in addition: Types of cabbage such as red cabbage or cabbage contain mustard oils…
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Diet for eczema

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Diet for eczema The constant itching in Neuromdermitis (also atopic Dermatitis, or endogenous eczema) is unnerving, however, can achieve to be Concerned, even actively contribute to an improvement of the symptoms without medication. A combined therapy in atopic dermatitis, which takes into account both psychological aspects (i.e., helps the patient to relax and stress, promotes the disease), as well as a lifestyle change, can help. The food takes up, in addition to the skin care an important role in the development of atopic dermatitis, as well as in therapy. Prevention is better than cure Particularly parents, who are themselves sufferers of neurodermatitis, respectively, for Allergy sufferers or parents who already have a child with allergies should take preventive measures against atopic dermatitis (endogenous eczema). The most important contribution to the…
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Champagne Champagne is the epitome of foaming wine. The precious Geränk comes from a Region in France. Learn more about the unique, sparkling beverage, which not only crowned heads of state, Poets, writers, Gourmets and night owls. The origin of champagne Champagne is always taken from France. His area of origin, "Champagne", is located about 150 km North-East of Paris. Reims, the coronation city of French kings, is the official capital of the Champagne region. Here, as well as in Epernay, the (Cretaceous) basement of many champagne houses are located. The vineyards of the Champagne region is limited by a law of 1927 to 34,000 ha. The amount of production is about 240 million bottles (1/1 = 0,75 l) per year. Only about 35% of the champagne to be marketed…
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An Overview of some of the best tea

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An Overview of some of the best tea Already in the middle ages, tea was not only a popular drink, but was due to its curative effect in the medicine. Traditional teas like black, green or white tea is always in addition to coffee, the preferred beverage of mankind. But also new Teetrends, for example, Matcha or Yerba Mate tea, your way, in the domestic cups and enjoying ever-increasing popularity. We provide you with the best teas and their health Benefits. Classic and traditional teas There are numerous types and varieties of tea, and accordingly, many different methods for making. The extraction from the original Tea plant (for the first time in China, and later in India) is the oldest Form. The four classic types of tea depending on the…
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Celery Although celery is already since the middle ages in Europe, the Umbelliferae on his great discovery. In celery, is a variant of the real celery is really a gourmet destination. The light green rods are ideal for salads and colorful vegetable plates, as an accompaniment to meat dishes and for soups. You with your fine-spicy Aroma to many dishes until the last whistle. Celery, Bleaching-, stem - or stalk of celery called, has long, stems fleshy leaf and a small root tuber. Be consumed but only the stalks. If you are fresh, you have a pale-white to yellowish-light green color. When Bending, they break immediately. Celery sticks, which is superimposed by bending. The delicate rods need to be washed before consumption. More robust, thick stems are peeled better. Celery…
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Germans are jodbewusst

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Germans are jodbewusst The German health with a view to the supply of iodine to be particularly aware of: About 84 percent of the households use for the prevention of iodine deficiency thyroid-related diseases are already iodized salt. The preferred handle to iodized salt, the percentage of iodized salt or iodized salt with fluoride on the entire budget package salt sales. He passed last year, for the first time, the 80 per cent mark, as a survey among the salt producers. Iodized salt has prevailed That iodized salt is accepted by consumers on a broad level, also show the results of a recent global Nielsen study. This should be determined, what are the foods with specific health benefits consumers consciously select and buy on a regular basis. Also in iodized…
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Rice – low-calorie snacks

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Rice – low-calorie snacks "May burn your rice!" is a Chinese new year wish. He shows that, especially in the Asian region, the grain of rice, an enormous importance. In Asia around 80 per cent of the total food rice, therefore, the words for food and rice in many Asian languages, even identical. However, while China each year about 90 kg of rice per capita are consumed in Germany is only a little over three kilograms. Here, rice is an extremely healthy food, Since it contains many complex carbohydrates, making rice for a long tired of, but still has only a few calories. Rice: carbohydrates saturated Together with wheat, rye, oats, barley, Maize and sorghum, rice is one of the seven most important cereals. Rice is harvested from the rice…
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Cancer – vegetables and fruit protect it best

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Cancer - vegetables and fruit protect it best The diet influenced the development of cancer - this is today undisputed. Approximately one-third of all cancer cases are related to eating habits. Of course, other factors such as cancer-causing substances from the environment (for example, Smoking), heredity, or infection play a role. Scientists could now clearly make cancer-causing food ingredients (Carcinogens) such as Benzpyrene in Grilled or black-smoked, as well as aflatoxins in moldy food. In addition, cancer-promoting factors (promoters) were determined, for example, alcohol and cancer protective factors (anti-promoters) such as, for example, Vitamin C. However, no person eats alone of Grilled or Vitamin C. The DGE has therefore examined the question of whether there is a food or diet that can protect disease before the most cancer. These include…
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Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol)

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Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol) Vitamin D is a fat-soluble Vitamin that can be synthesized by our body under the influence of sunlight itself. Nevertheless, recent studies indicate that more and more people have too little Vitamin D in the blood. A Vitamin D deficiency, however, can have disastrous consequences: Since Vitamin D is significantly involved in the regulation of calcium balance, can occur due to a lack of instability of the bone structure. However, only a Vitamin D deficiency, but an Overdose not have a negative impact on our body. Vitamin D regulates the Calcium balance Vitamin D is a collective term that includes multiple Connections. Of this Vitamin are particularly D2, found in plants and fungi, and Vitamin D3, which is included only in animal foods, for us, people of…
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Formula diets

Body cleansing, Feng Shui, Morning exercises, Smoking
Formula diets In the meantime, the year is a few weeks old. But the good intentions are implemented? Many of the less alcohol is in addition to the stop Smoking and, not least, the desire to lose weight, the list. There are different ways to futterten rolls of fat to get rid of. One of them is the Slim down with ready-made drinks or powders, Formula diets are industrially produced. With low-fat milk, or water, the powder is stirred to a drink or a soup, and now there are many different flavors. During the diet phase, these mixtures are used to replace one or more meals of the day. A few calories, but a sufficient amount of the important minerals and vitamins to prevent a nutrient deficiency. Powder drinks also…
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HCG diet: “miracle”diet of the Stars

Getting rid of snoring, Nutrition basics, Places for the rest
HCG diet: "miracle"diet of the Stars Hollywood is not only famous for his films, but also for the radical fashion of the Stars appearances. One of the latest Trends of the VIPs of the HCG diet. This was developed a few decades ago and is particularly under drama mothers great popularity – after all, this can be allegedly thanks to the HCG diet plan just a few weeks after the birth with supermodel dimensions in front of the camera. But also men, the HCG diet promises quick, easy weight loss without side effects and yo-Yo effect. This promoted the success also has its price: HCG-diet-costs vary greatly, however, you should refrain from cheap offered on the Internet. In addition to the monetary impact, but note also the possible health side…
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Healthy tip eating: bread baking

Healthy foods, Healthy herbs, Meditation, Obesity
Healthy tip eating: bread baking How much bread in the last few years, it has become really expensive. Therefore, the purchase of a bread-baking machine is worth. Jerk, twitch has fresh bread and it saves a lot of money. Lid on, ingredients, the baking program. About three hours later the bread is done – for the price of a few cents. So easy, the bread does bake with the baking machine. In the trade, many different models are offered. The prices are between 50 and 200 euros. You should pay attention when buying: Standard equipment anti-stick coated, removable baking pan and kneading hook. Measuring Cup and spoon. Degree of Browning of the crust is not adjustable. Different, the size of the baking dish: it varies from 500 grams up to…
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Asparagus: Healthy and low in calories

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Asparagus: Healthy and low in calories The real Fans know, of course, when it goes off in about and long for the time. The other features, if there are suddenly again at each corner of the white (or green) rods. Most of it is in the second half of April as far as - basically, the asparagus depends on the harvest but of the weather and the soil temperature. When it is over, says an old Franconian farmer's rule: "cherries red, asparagus dead". Traditionally, the 24. June (Johanni) the last day. Then the harvest is completed, to allow the plants sufficient recovery time to the next harvest year. Asparagus: Healthy and low in calories Even if asparagus is enjoyed because of its incomparable flavor, the Gourmet bar, also diets have…
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Orthorexia It's not just the "how Much" of your food, like the anorexic, but to the right quality. And this is true, can be time spent hours of the day with Rumination about the content of the food taken. What is seen by some Doctors, rather than whim, by others as a precursor of a lean, or as obsessive compulsive disorder, identified; some see it even as a stand-alone disease. Orthorexia nervosa It was discovered the "new disease", in 1997, of the alternative physician Steven Bratman. He derived the name from the long-known clinical picture of eating disorder anorexia. These are available in two forms, which, however, both the employment and the amount of food is common: Whether in the Form of Puberty anorexia (Anorexia nervosa), the food intake is…
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Kaki: So healthy, exotic fruit is

Help yourself, Jogging, Obesity
Kaki: So healthy, exotic fruit is Persimmons orange, such as tomatoes are great fruits that come originally from Asia. You have in Germany, mainly in the Winter season – mostly in the period from October to December. Persimmons are in the Winter-a perfect healthy Snack. They contain many valuable ingredients – especially recommended due to their high Vitamin A content. Here you can read more about the healthy effect of exotic fruit and learn how to eat persimmons the right one. Kaki: Healthy Ingredients Ripe persimmons taste deliciously sweet and are reminiscent of a blend of apricot and tomato. Immature fruits are tart. This is because they contain a relatively large number of tannins – to be more precise tannins. The riper the fruit is, the lower your levels of…
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The female organism and diet

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The female organism and diet A healthy diet is the basic requirement for physical and mental well-being, as well as for the efficiency of our organism. Most people are aware of it. Nevertheless, the reality often looks different: The today's way of life has not only given us a wide range of food and drinks, but also a faulty diet habits. In addition, media, advertising, family, friends, and, not least, the education that's determine to grab what food we can. The desire, especially of younger women to gain a low "weight" or maintain, usually leads to an unhealthy diet. Hazardous to health under the supply with certain nutrients is a common consequence. In addition, this behavior is also a breeding ground for the development of eating disorders. What is a…
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