Hirsutism measures and treatment

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Hirsutism measures and treatment

Measures against the impact – physical and emotional!

Since the external masculinization often has serious psychological consequences, is a serious disease that must be treated. The scars, the constant rejection by the environment, should be underestimated in any case. So, particularly mothers, who discover their daughters a Hirsutimus to draw as early as possible to a physician to allow your child to have a normal physical and social development.

First of all, the most sustainable removal of unwanted body hair. For which method the individual patient chooses depends on the type of skin, existing acne, and – unfortunately – the purse.

Advice and help to find Concerned in the case of trained beauticians and skin doctor. Waxing is somewhat painful, but lasts longer than simple Shaving. Are considered can the hairs are soft and thin, easy to bleaching. Particularly thorough methods such as Laser Epilation or the Destroy of the hair root with a small electric shock (electro-epilation). These treatments can perform skin doctors or even well-run beauty salons.

Treatment from the inside

To address the Problem from the Inside, is suitable, for example, the Anti-Baby-pill. Products that contain both Estrogen as well as progestin, to reduce hives, the production of testosterone in the eggs. In addition, the effect of Estrogen, the male hormone is bound in the body, so ineffective.Progestin accelerates the excretion of testosterone. Particularly geeingete agents for use in combination with Estrogen will apply:

  • Desogestrel,
  • Gestodene,
  • Norgestimate and
  • Cyproterone acetate.

Three out of four patients respond well to this treatment. Unfortunately, Anti-Baby-have also side effects pills. Especially women over age 35 who smoke also should consider the intake of these preparations thoroughly.

As an Alternative, also preparations are offered, which the activity of the ovaries chokes. This type of medication can be used together with an estrogen Supplement similarly good success rates, such as the Anti-Baby-pill. It is also a hormone and is also comparatively expensive. Unfortunately, there are women whose Problem with the unwanted hair can not be to drugs. Only the hair removal, and a lot of patience to remain with himself.

Sports and healthy nutrition as an important pillar of the therapy

Anja, the Problem is Yes, the PCOS was received by your doctor to reduce your excess weight through Diet and exercise. A nutritionist helped her over 20 kilos. Every day Anya goes now on for about half an hour of walking, a gentle endurance sport that does not burden the joints and helps to direct the metabolism to return to normal.

Anja could even dispense medicines: unwanted hair does not have extended more and her cycle used to be irregular and painful, is now on a regular basis. Your mustache could fight Anja with the help of electro-epilation. “I finally feel like a woman,” she says. For their suffering comrades, she has a piece of advice: “look for a doctor who takes you seriously.” After all, three-quarters of all women with hirsutism can be helped.

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