Honey melons

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Honey melons


Their bright yellow color, the honeydew melon in the supermarket is easy to recognize. If the sweet fruit is ripe or not, it is more difficult to account for: A sweet smell of the melon, as well as a pressure to indicate a slight decline in shell on a ripe melon.

Calories and ingredients

Honeydew melons are just like water melons, for the most part from water. Nevertheless, they bring it in the cut on more calories, because melons have a higher fruit sugar content. Average of 100 grams contains 50 calories. In spite of the slightly higher fruit sugar content, melons are honey but still healthy: For, in them, especially large amounts of Provitamin A, which is important for growth and eyesight, besides Vitamin C and Vitamin B. By 150 grams of honey melon of the daily requirement of Vitamin A is already fully covered.

Recipe: honey melon with Parma ham

You halve a honeydew melon and remove the seeds. Cut the melon flesh into something greater pieces and fix them with a toothpick a piece of Parma ham on melon. Alternatively, you can wrap the melon with the prosciutto.