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Hormone deficiency – cause and symptoms

Other causes of hormone deficiency

Hypogonadism the male hormone deficiency is, in the jargon. Specifically, the term refers to the function of the hormonal activity of the testes. The causes can be both of the testes themselves (primary hypogonadism) and disorders of the pituitary gland or the parent structures in the brain (secondary hypogonadism). General symptoms are lack of sexual desire (Libido), muscle wasting, increase in body fat content, Depression, blood poverty (anemia) and bone loss (osteoporosis).

Also young people can be affected when they come due to a lack of hormone production in the puberty. Such as Kallmann syndrome, described disturbance occurs rather rarely.

In the case of the so-called precocious Puberty tarda puberty sets in with some delay, sometimes only with the 20. Years of age,. In both cases, the patients receive testosterone, what is working well and the puberty is triggered.

Also in a further disturbance in the of male hormones, Klinefelter’s syndrome, a congenital Defect, a chromosomal disorder. The genotype of the affected male has two X chromosomes instead of, as in the normal case, only one of. Klinefelter syndrome occurs in about one out of 500 men. Almost always the production of testosterone enough, the the age of puberty. Libido and potency are up to 25. Age is almost normal, but then rapidly, it comes to the typical consequences of testosterone deficiency.

How to make a hormone defect

In order to measure the Testosterone levels, a simple blood test. The normal value of testosterone in an adult man is international to have been on 12 to 35 nanomol/l set (12 nanomol/l correspond to 3.5 nanograms/ml). Values lower than 10 nanomol/l are considered pathological and should be treated.

In addition, certain globulins (proteins), which bind in the liver, the testosterone and thus biologically inactive. The doctor, either a urologist or endocrinologist measures, also adrenal cortex hormones, in particular the so-called De-hydro-epi-Androsterone (DHEA), and Androsterone sulfate.

Finally, it is also necessary to determine the height of the so-called “Prostatic specific antigen” (PSA – a protein), and in intervals. An excessive value indicates a prostate Tumor. In such a case, a hormone treatment is not possible, because Testosterone can promote the growth of existing cancer cells in the prostate.

In addition, the physician can determine the concentration of Estrogens produced during the conversion of the testosterone. Because men, too, a lack of these female hormones leads to increased fragility of bones, osteoporosis.

Natural testosterone against hormone deficiency

The disturbed hormone levels can be normalized by the administration of testosterone. There are various possibilities, the lack of, or only in insufficient amount of hormone produced the body. The natural testosterone is administered, as it is the testis itself produces normally. It is not an “artificial hormone”.

Side effects of artificial testosterone

Bodybuilders on the other hand, to imposing muscle packages, take artificial testosterone even if you hormone levels is in order. These anabolic steroids are usually a synthetic derivative of testosterone with numerous dangerous side effects:

  • Acne (mostly on the back),
  • Shortness of breath, increased sweat production, constant Hunger,
  • Listlessness, high blood pressure, increased pressure in the eye,
  • Blood Value Changes, Depression, Outbreaks Of Violence,
  • female breast formation in men, hair loss, heart growth,
  • Headaches, fatigue, mood swings or
  • Infertility (Testicular Athrophie), Water Retention.

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