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Hot summer – cool Living


First of all, you are anxiously awaited, and then, if possible, locked: summer and sun don’t need to be dosed in the living area in order for you to be a burden. From how much the degree is perceived the heat as uncomfortable is individually different and depends strongly on the respective activity, humidity and air movement (Wind).

5 tips to beat the heat in the house

In General, room temperatures in the range of 20 to 22 degrees and a humidity of 50 – 60% are perceived as pleasant. In order to maintain this ideal condition, even in the summer, you must built the house and the apartment are properly cooled. The latter means, above all, to let the heat in the house. The following five tips:

  • At night air, at best in the second half of the night, because it is one of the most cooling. As a regular threading!
  • During the day the Windows and doors are, however, rigorously closed.
  • Necessarily prevent the sun’s rays fall on the window glass! Windows are chat from the outside (blinds, awnings, outdoor blinds).
  • Long hours of cooking in the summer, avoid in the evening if possible pre-cook, then cool Night in the kitchen.
  • A fan provides relief, if the air is stuffy.

In General, the temperature difference between the Indoor, the following applies: The smaller and the outside temperature, the lower the risk of colds and circulatory problems.

Climate devices: unhealthy power hogs

Air conditioners should only be used in extreme cases. You guessed recently more and more in the cross fire of the criticism. On the one hand, because of their huge energy costs (summer Blackouts go at your expense). On the other hand, due to its negative health effects. More and more people complain in air-conditioned rooms on infections of the respiratory tract and General malaise.

The former is due to the fact that air conditioners lower the humidity of the air. The upper respiratory tract and nose membranes dry, you get a sore throat, and infection is more prone. If the system is not serviced regularly, tossing them bacteria and viruses in the air, thus increasing the risk of infection increases. Some people are allergic or have constantly irritated the skin, eyes and mucous membranes, suffer from headaches, fatigue and concentration problems.

This is also due to the unfavorable ionization of the air through the air-conditioning (Surplus of positively charged particles, which our well-being disturb). Before buying a air-conditioning unit you should examine all the other measures. Otherwise, in place of a radiator only salted power rooms bills and sick people.


“What is against the cold, against the heat well“ – The old adage also applies to the apartment. At the time of construction of a house, you should think of the future, hot summer!